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Some Leech

I...I am a monument to all your sins...


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Kulpa #1 · Nov 14th, 2018 · · 10 ·

If you're reading this... Then you know what to do.

Hint: Hit the Green Thumb!

Can you do a facesitting story

I can do many things! :trollestia:

Looks like he's going to have a 'interesting' time to for the rest of the school year

It be “nice”at all the students wanted a piece of him at least the new main six Having a three-way with the boys

Take note of the ending...


O I know Hell maybe the teachers might even get a bit jealous:rainbowwild:

Kulpa #8 · Nov 14th, 2018 · · 1 ·

Can you do that one trick with your tongue though? xD 😂😂😂

Years of practice and selling your soul to an eldritch abomination!


What does a soul go for nowadays? I’ve been looking to sell mine for a while now. 😂

Sequel, please!

“Can Yona have next?” she whispered, in the human’s ear.

Oh boi HERE WE GO!!

“Can Yona have next?” she whispered, in the human’s ear.


sequel please


Shake the Magic 8 Ball hard enough and you might just get lucky! :trollestia:

Yesssss, that was delightful. It makes me wonder: if Silverstream got a turn, would she want to take it as a hippogriff or as a sea pony?

Gawd damn it Leech! STAAAAAAAHP!!!!

You keep corrupting characters for me and I won’t be able to hold on to any semblance of innocence I have in this show!

no u :trollestia:

But seriously, do what I do.
I just compartmentalize the stuff in my head. Like, there's the canon stuff, wholesome and pure, and the other stuff.
Points to my user description...

submitting to the human's divine rod and heavenly rutting

he pounded into her, while pulling her body to himself

the man ruthlessly jackhammered away

sending a torrent of his cum deep into the student's womb

:applejackunsure:While I did cringe at the attempt at writing a sex scene, the constant descriptions of Anon = a man did make me laugh. Was that the "comedy" part of the fic or did I miss something?

The "comedy", and I use the word loosely, is the awkward pasta party!

Please let there be a sequel to this with Yona?

Given the reception of this one, I wouldn't be surprised if I crank out a follow up story with Yona!

Be sure to stay tuned! :raritywink:

I will. It’s a really good short clopfic; if that was what you were going for with this story.

>a good, short clop fic

That's kinda what I excel at! :twilightsmile:

Windy0 #27 · Nov 15th, 2018 · · 1 ·

How about your next one has Ocellus, Silverstream, Smolder, and Yona, all together with an Anon. But please, no Futa on male.

Can you see why kids love cinnamon toast crunch?

Kinks Include: male on female

That sounds great but lets have anon engage each of them solo before the big orgy. Plus lets add a bit of drama have twilight catch him in the act when he has his orgy leading to her having to tell the student 6's caregivers leading to him having to travel to each of their respective homes and pass some trial of sort to prove he cares and will protect them or face being turned into a female or worse gelded

I still dont understand why people love yona so much. A thing that I wanted to point some time is that every clopfic creator has his own style of writing.

Added this to my Best Clopfics folder.

But what if Silverstream, Yona, and Smolder wanted some one-on-one "tutoring" with Anon? :fluttershbad:

This got a laugh and then a awww from me. I'm faving this and giving it a like. Great job leech.:pinkiehappy:

sequels, please?

They can be in the follow up oneshots.

This is now one of my favorite anon x changeling fics x3

“Can Yona have next?” she whispered, in the human’s ear.


I'm interested on how silverstream's turn would go


Can't tell if comedy or if it's actually becoming a thing. 'Maledom' is apparently a fetish now.

This was a delightful read. I would love a sequel. :pinkiesmile:

This was really nice, although I found the 'the man' a bit grating. Also too many substitutes for 'said' that felt forced.
You get a plus for avoiding the typical porn cringe words (ecstasy, wild passion, dirty but unintentionally comical dialogue, creatively awful descriptions of genitalia in action...).

Cute, a little funny and with an unexpected degree of hotness while avoiding the really bad pitfalls.
Solid 7/10, despite my dislike of 'Anon' in general.
Thank you. Would read sequel. :twilightsmile:

Yes yes yes! Have Anon move through all the females of the student six

Well, I mean Femdom is a thing, so... /shrug


Femdom is a fetish because the kink is - in part - role reversal. There's also a particular worship-feminine-appeal aspect typically involved with it that separates it from just being a domination kink, which is gender-neutral and can be anyone domming anyone. Man-on-top/woman-on-top (not forgetting bottom doms out there, just generalizing) has always just been a part of the main domination/submission kink, with femdom occupying its own separate space and being more specific, thus rating the extra categorization.

Maybe it makes sense to other people but I can't see why, personally. Seems nonsensical against my experiences.


I wouldn't even consider this femdom. If I did, I would have added it to the kinks.
For me, sure, she's a bit forward, but Anon's the one mostly in control! :trollestia:

Regardless, I hope y'all enjoyed it!

this short was way better than i guessed it would be.

i want Silverstream for my self.


Oh yes, definitely not. Sorry for the tangent.

Though it feels pretty clear the little bug knew exactly what she was doing!

I'm curious to hear who people would want in the next one, considering how spectacularly this one blew up.

I might make a blog post about it later.
The spontaneous Silver Stream?
A yearning Yona?
Or perhaps a smitten Smolder?

Only time will tell!!! :trollestia:

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