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“J...just promise me you’ll visit, if you don’t…” Cozy sniffed, dolefully meeting his eyes.

“I will,” he whispered, as Twilight stepped to his side.

I just felt a Feels Punch to my gut...:fluttershyouch::heart:!!! Incoming the sad Lion King Music!

Good very good let the darkness flow through you

Damn this needs a part two

Comment posted by RustDust deleted March 26th

“If you could get on the bed and close your eyes, that would be great,” the alicorn instructed, cantering to a large, wooden crate.

You get bonus points for catching that reference

After his shenanigans in the Kingdom of Yakyakistan, having demolished a yurt and caused quite the exhibitionistic bout of demolition, Anon has to face Twilight. It was bad enough that he plowed a yak though a table in front of a Prince, compelled by the infernal elixir he'd procured from Zecora, but now he has to suffer the repercussions and explain himself to his boss. Even in comparison to his past exploits, he crossed a line and there will be a price to be paid...

What does any of this have to do with Cozy Glow?

Megadeath sweating bullets

> Crime and Punishment

*reads description*

I'm sorry, he's only just NOW crossed a line?!?!

the hell!? feels in my smut?

Now I'll just wait for a second part

You mean a part three? But yes I agree! :twilightsmile::heart:

The numbers mason, what do they mean!?

Anon: E-excuse me, T-Twilight, but I believe you have m-my red Thwingline thtapler.
Twilight: Don't make me move you down to Storage Room B.

Having a conniving horse as a girlfriend wasn’t on hit to-do list,

Think hit should be his, no?

Next is the changeling bug queen herself! She is hot! She is Sexy! And she is gonna ride him like a breeding stud! If they can rehabilitate Cozy with Anon why not Chryssy? Loving this series! Keep it up and stay safe and healthy during this virus outbreak!


And Tirek! And Sombra! And Discord! Reformation for all!

Damn... the feels made me shed a little tear... just a bit.

Great, she's in the running for the heard...

And in that moment the Paladin gave out Lawful Hot Dickings.

The numbers Mason! What do they mean!?

Stepping away, allowing his semi-rigid prick to slip from Cozy’s confines, Anon peered down at the minuscule pegasus. Without his manhood plugging her cunt, a torrent of cum erupted from the mare’s snatch, pooling on the floor. Judging from the cum-drunk look on her face, noting the glazed over look in her eyes, she was well and thoroughly out of it.

Y'all need JESUS

Well ... Didnt think anyone could make BDSM sound appealing... I stand correct. Interessting way to reform someone. Than again... What could possibly be more rewarding for a villain than a mate that pushes all the right buttons and can pull one trough exquisit bliss.

My solution are the Changelings! They turn to Anon for Cozy Glow when she behaved. For Example 4 Days good behavior = 1 full day hard passion filled Anons all over her. 1 Day to recover from all that.

Than send Changelings to everyone that desire a mate and you have love/lust on mass for the hive and groom gavourments relations. Thorax Hive will trive for every singel can have a partner. Ocelus get the Foreign diplomacy leader or just make her straight up the new Queen.

Twilight is a mad-horny-genius! :pinkiehappy:
This is rather part two since there Tarterus fun was part one. A third part will probably be in the conclusion? :twilightsmile:
Stamina. Raw, undeniable potent sexual prowes. :rainbowkiss:
Punishment in the way she knows she denied herself this PRICELESS treat. Wile also making someone truly rethink there ways... :ajsmug:
Shows the unlimited skill of the Author we love and worship :raritystarry:
Nice~~~ *BRO HOOF* 》》》 /)'(\ 《《《

Anon made a exception for Galus. Pretty sure we need a full natural born female Anon for that?
D&D player rejoice! The dick of justice has risen ones more to fill evil holes to paint em white. :trollestia: Drowning there heat of malice and growing new hope inside em.

Celestia approved i wonder? Luna tested perhaps? :rainbowlaugh:

Was that bondage scene inspired by 2156334 by any chance? Seems like an exact and wonderful description of that picture.

Please let Cozy be a part of the herd and let it be a herd.

nbq #32 · March 27th · · 3 ·

Little fuck toy Cozy Glow :heart:

Twilight ran an lewd experiment?! Where was Cadance when we need her?

i bet it actually was cadence idea xD hit two birds with one stone ya know ^^

Why do they allow Foalcon on the website seriously?

Because there's a market for it, plenty of writers like to write it, lots of readers "read" it, and all in all it's the same as any other fanfic, with fictional characters in a fictional world.

I mean, there's also an argument to be made regarding how much flagrant bestiality is on the site! :trollestia:

This series better end with a pun.

“If you could get on the bed and close your eyes, that would be great ,” the alicorn instructed, cantering to a large, wooden crate.

Bestiality aside, I say that this chapter is proof that this series needs multiple endings and maybe each one could eventually become their own epilogue series.
Though these are just the suggestions of a avid World-Builder.

Next story in the series gets released next month and I hope you stick around to see it! :trollestia:

Does Twilight ever get a turn?

Heh-heh, alriiiiiiight!

MOW #45 · April 3rd · · ·

Lazily rubbing one chitinous appendage over his nipple,

Wait, what?

Shit, I meant keratinous


We are on to your chitinous ways.

So i've read the entire sequel series here. Now i must ask "Who will you choose Anon? if you choose thart is. Will it be one of the young six females, Cozy Glow, all young Six females, all young six females and Cozy Glow, or none of them?" Personall i hope he chooses all of them. I also hope Twilight helps them minus Cozy Glow for now anyway to find a way for all of the young six females to get pregnant with Anon's offspring. This was a great sequel series. I'm curious how you'll further these stories in either another sequel series or a big story to close the series on.

I had hoped Anon wouldn't have to see that mare with stunted growth again.
I really don't agree with Twilight's actions here. Still, I'm looking forward to what Gallus has in store, as well as the conclusion to this saga.

Who wouldn’t want to buck the evil little shit I know I would

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