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Literally any Mare: Wh-who are you? How are you still standing?!

Anon: You see, you're not dealing with the average Anon anymore...

Oh shit!! It's (Don't look if you don't want to get spoiled.) Tempest!!

Anon my boy, woo her like nopony's business!!!!!!

Comment posted by PuzzleMaster98 deleted Feb 23rd, 2022

He’d met and subsequently bedded several royals, nearly died a handful of times, and was being hunted by a growing pantheon of creatures that either literally and/or figuratively wished to fuck him over.

Still have zebras, griffions, and yaks left to go before the bingo sheet is full. And maaayyybe if some funky magic happens the sphinx unless leech wants to poke the dark waters that is micro/macro.

The mystery deepens more with the ancient secret (a f*ckroom?) and our hero goes in from being saved right into trouble again:pinkiehappy:
Keep it up.:twilightsmile:

You just keep teasing us from finding out why equestria doesn’t know about sex. You can’t keep getting away with this but I’m staying for the long haul.

Damn you creative and humorous authors and you’re ability to make intriguing smut.

Well we're getting close to the end™

Stay tuned next month for the next thrilling episode of Dragon Ball Z Lusty Human Keeps Finding his Dick in Creatures!

Good stuff. Daring Do needs more lovin'.

On the next episode of Dick N' Ball-Z:

Celestia acts damickey so Anon and Der-Daring Done must fight!

I hope they don't molest each other too hard...

The Legendary Super Screwer

Dammit... no creampie? That's a real bummer. :(

Have not read yet, but one mistake in description:

“it seems like fortune as finally smiled upon him”

Luna coming to save Anon: "Anon! Still hanging out with little Fizzlepop in spandex I see!"
Anon when finally caught by Celestia: "It's true! She is super sand lesbian!"

Enjoying the lore building, and Anon is unraveling a lot of the world by reintroducing that which the Sisters have been locking away.

Damn! They sent Fizzlepop after him?!
That's fucked up!

Good easy on him, Fizzy!:moustache:

I was just wondering about this yesterday. From the look of things, it would seem I checked just a few minutes too early.

When you give a instant like because the first two minutes already have sold you on the story :pinkiehappy:

Tempest sure ruined everyone fun... She might have had her own fun with him...

Boy, hopefully Daring Do rescues our intrepid protagonist.

Poor Anon blueballed.

You'll find out soon enough

First time for everything!

olive-drab shirt and the pith had


“Thanks for rescuing me,” he murmured, smiling over at me.


“I’ll show you that all this stuff is true, but if you’re too chicken…” he trailed off, letting the slight hand.


using him like a talking, talking marital aid


bit more room, Darning nervously


restrained whimpers, while he pushed her to his limit

not sure if this should be her or if him works

Realizing he still had a way to go until he was finished


and of course, this has been one freakingly awesome ride
cant wait for more


Fucking christ
Not sure how all these slipped through the cracks
I was stone sober when I wrote this, I swear

If you Made one big send off for anons harem with all the girls he banged coming up and beating him the fuck up it would make my day

He's gonna lay TEMPEST!!

He couldn’t give a shit less about limbering up or trying to de-stress, not when there was even a remote chance that they were about to get a visit from a roided-out, randy reptile or a perverted, promiscuous parasite.

Next time, on "Fun with Alliteration.."

Prepare for unforeseen consequences...

I’m thinking she’s at least a millennia old — Since that’s singular, you should use millennium.

With you'r avatar that comment becomes priceless♡ :rainbowlaugh:


"Wait, what? How'd that get in there? Terribly sorry, 'bout that ma'am, I don't know how this keeps happening. I'll just-"

"Oh, it's no bother, really. I don't mind."

"Well, okay then. Nice to meet you."

"And you!"

*They casually go about their business, imitating a six-legged horse.*


No! He was so close!.... In more ways than one. 😈

Love the reference :D

“Hope I’m not interrupting, but I’ve got some pressing business with Anon,” a decidedly cold, feminine voice called out.

"You are in fact interrupting, either fuck off or fuck in"

Comment posted by Xowatle deleted June 16th
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