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Emerald Omen

I like writing, plain and simple. I've been doing it for at least ten years, and I love sharing my work with others. Mostly clopfics here, but some other stuff too.

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GoFundMe for Current Financial Debt · 11:47am August 31st

I have a massive debt overshadowing me that I could really use help with, as with the monthly payments I must currently make, I can barely afford even the simple things to live. The GoFundMe is here, and explains a bit more. Anything helps!


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Comment posted by 22 KM To Nerdiness deleted Dec 21st, 2022

Thank you for the follow, I'm honored! It's good to have a fellow pregnancy/BBW fetishist on board!

Huh. Possibly. If I ever feel like writing MLP again I'll probably do that. Not making any promises though.

A possible sequel to Assisted Stress Relief, where the self insert has sex again with Dash, but this time Spitfire gets involved as well

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