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I...I am a monument to all your sins...

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Always a pleasure <3 Maybe I should try writing something to give back to all the awesome stories :P

M-male on female is a kink? W-what- and vise versa too? I can't!

edit: ohh HUMAN! that makes sense

I mean, I'm just trying to cover all my bases

I loved this one! Go Applejack! Who’s Anon gonna be rutting senseless next?

Comment posted by Bison deleted Apr 21st, 2021

It is a pity that the photo cannot be sent.
There is no url for this.
I'm too dumb for the internet.


Love the cover photo!

Quit copying me! (hehe very well done man, makes me want to go back and rewrite the chapter where AJ and Ranger McDonald make love)

Noice...can't wait for a sequel to be honest hehehe

God I loved this. Who's next to get a real ramming from the one and only Anon?

Is there anything better than sweaty farm pony pussy?

Yes; a really good book.

That sounds suspiciously like something twilight would say :twilightsheepish:

Yet another excellent smut story from some leech

Bro I just saw that image like yesterday and you already have a story with it. Man, you are fast with the quality stories.

We worked in concert for it. WeLost provided the art, I provided the story.

Perfectly balanced, as all things should be.

So this is what perfecting the language of love looks like


I mean this is what I try at the bar to pick up chicks and it's 100% successful provided you view success as having a drink chucked in your face and a bouncer throwing you out.

Fear not, this is simply what the layman refers to as "playing hard to get"

Simply trespass back onto the property and approach the same woman. She'll be so impressed by how bold you are she will ask you to commence coitus on the spot.


Well of course I'm gonna sneak back onto the property. I brought the bag of flour with me for a reason, and I'm not going home without getting to spring it.


I'd call that freshly hosed down and then hosed IN farm-raised mare. I mean, he was nice enough to soap her up and wash her down before going to it.

"It was only his sixth day working at the Apple family orchard"

"Though he’d been working for her family for months, it was the first time he’d participated in a harvest."

Something doesn't seem right here.

Working in the orchard isn't the same as working on a farm
Trust me, I'd know

Casual sex, I don't know what it is but it just does it for me. Is that even consider that a fetish?

Casual sex can be pretty great, NGL

That's kind of what I figured you meant but I wanted to be sure.

Talk about going native! My man!

Even though I read these, I skim the cloppy details.
Yeah I'm a coward to cross that line.
Just in It for the romance and intimacy.

I'm open minded but that's as far as my standards allow me. Though if I were in anons shoes in any story, I might succumb to it. Maybe.
I mean we've all looked past the fact that they're ponies. And that they seem more like people than animals.

I've read a fair share of complicated situations like that.
Which I say are on my favorites list.

Comment posted by Shogoki deleted Apr 27th, 2021

Nicely done. I enjoyed this story. :rainbowwild:

One word: sequel? :duck:

Oh great galloping goddesses! This was fun! I hope you are doing more of these with the rest of the crew.....Fluttershy next? Just saying....


Juggling all sorts of stuff right now, but we'll see what happens!

i wanna see more development on their relationship >W<, love your works

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