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Time for my favourite game: aimlessly scrolling down the story and highlighting a random sentence.

“Don’t stare at it!” Dash groused, flicking the hoodie away.

Very good!! I liked htis a lot!! Looking forward to more!!

Pretty good but somehow it feels to tame for a really wild ride :applejackunsure:
Still nice fun little adventure :raritywink:

Anypony else expecting somepony to walk in on them? Anypony? No? Just me?
Still, this was enjoyable 😉

That cover art though. The purple strand of hair seems like tentacle snaking around her on the first and second look. >.<

Twas cute, Dash is a good birb hors.derpicdn.net/img/2021/4/6/2587996/full.png

snug, satany canal
The w h a t now



I meant to say "Satiny"
Satany works too, although that's a far more hedonistic option

Ha, that it is!

Nice big pony x human story. If Pinkie Pie sat on him, she might of hurt him very badly. Probably would need magic to heal his broken bones.

She's aware of her weight.
Though she's heavy, she wouldn't put her whole weight on you

Still, be fun. I have a thing about big ponies hurting humans by sitting on them and healing them up afterward. Rough snu snu.

Well this was downright adorable! +1!

When I looked at the cover art (without reading the title of the story ofc), I first mistook Rainbow Dash as converted into a chicken.

Heh, very nice!

one of the most adorable stories I ever read:heart:

Actually, the idea occurred to me as well. In my imagination, the school is empty for some reason, perhap a holiday season.

When you write raunch it's fun. When you write lust it's inspiring. When you write romance combined with all the parts cumming..Woops..coming together it's like an old school bodice ripper with class! This was a loving romp that was very hard to measure! Well done!

You are not alone. Of all the things that came to mind was the class bells going off at the "climax " and the gym doors flying open to a flood of students...just saying...

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