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I...I am a monument to all your sins...

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After reading, I have only one thought in my head:

Wait, what? It’s not even Wednesday! And yet you still publish another long, well-written, amazingly hot story when we aren’t prepared. You sick, devious wretch!

This ain't that big - for context, I have a 28k and a 30k+ story in my queue.

I misread that as "catholic cumshot" at first. I wasn't sure what to make of that term.

Awww. Was kinda hoping to a follow up of Adamantine Adolescent and A Matronly Mishap

His tents panted

Should that be pants tented?

Fun fuck fic! I always enjoy one of the haughty high-nosers getting dicked down a few notches.

His tents panted

Fucking kek

Pretty hot, ngl.

Good shit.

Man, I swear there aren't enough good Spoiled Rich clopfics going around!

Thank you for helping alleviate this problem with this well-crafted piece!

Excellent read!


I wish I knew what he wrote while drunk. Lol

Liked it! I want a sequel! More mares sending in letters

Well, it was basically semi-coherent whining about how he's single, has low standards, and isn't going to question if an advantageous mare invites him to their place to scratch an itch


I love the idea of this guy stumbling ass first into a escort service via Word of Mouth and a barely remembered newspaper ad.

“one Heck of a Cathartic Cumshot.” I learned a new word today.

Imagine liking ponies
-post made by Griffin Gang

I hope this gets a sequel

Seconded. 100% agreed. Need to see her taken down a few dozen more pegs. Stuff all her holes till she can hold no more.

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