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IF you decide to retcon the impregnation scene at the end of the first one, just remember to actually remove it from the fic.

Hondo never thought trying to surprise his wife with a younger body would have backfired so spectacularly that he'd end up as a SHE, and not just any mare, but a copy of his own daughter Sweetie Belle!

What's worse, as this eighteen-year-old girl, she's already had sex with Sweetie's boyfriend Button Mash!

How can that happen seconds after his transformation?

I'm not sure what else to say but to read the story this is a sequel to? It's kinda spelled out in there...

I got another suggestion

Cookie gets with Roseluck

Also I see Sweetie using a futa potion...

Lots of pregnancy choices to use

I always feel bad because I'm likely disappointing people, but I have this habit of trying not to give people false hope...

So uh... yeah I don't like futa... like at all. So probably not gonna happen sadly.

Okay, I admit that I normallly don't like anthro stories, yet you somehow managed the almost impossible. Making me like an anthro story.

How the fuck did this happen????

I rather say Cookie change herself into a Hondo duplicate and have her way with Honey. This way, Hondo become his own son-in-law. But wouldn't that count as incest?

Comment posted by Prismfire Productions deleted Feb 14th, 2021

If you wanna go fully bizarre, why not have rarity become Hondo for the day or something . So she/he can get together for some incest while also giving honey a daddy for the day


Eh female to male transformations just aren't my thing. Also I just can't see Rarity wanting to look like her dad either.

Why Roseluck? That seems like a really random choice.

I was more thinking accidentally and then she just kinda roles with it. But if that's not really your thing then that's fine. Your fic after all.

Ah accidently makes sense, but yeah I'll be looking for a solution that avoids any FTM transformations. Partly because I like the idea of twin Rarity's to match my twin Sweetie's.

Of course Cookie could always end up looking like anyone or thing really. I just need something that seems fun. ^_^

Random is the reason, it would be something unique

Oh man am I excited seeing this! And then reading the description and it's implications makes me drool with anticipation, I fizzing love TF stories where the transformed (either through mental change or genuine acceptance) considers staying/does stay in their new form!! You have definitely got my hopes up for this sequel even more than the previous story did, videomaster!! Now, time to read this first chapter...

Loving this so far, and can't wait to see what happens next :twilightsmile:

“Anyway it proves that I’ve had my fair share of bizarre incidents. I mean we do live in Ponyville after all. It’s not like we haven’t seen gender bender shenanigans before. Speaking of which I should ask Applejack how Gala’s twins are doing.” She tapped a finger on her chin before waving the thought away.

Well, this town is notorious as the Equestria's weirdness magnet. Ponies in this town really have strong mental fortress.

I like the idea of her just getting with some other guy, and giving Honey a new 'dad'.

I find myself agreeing with that.

I can only hope that they don't met Applejack. There are just too many ways this could go wrong.

Aren't fanfics all just rp? I dig it.

Not sure I follow. What's wrong with Applejack?

Element of honesty. She will figure out that they are lying about Honey Belles origin and will force the truth out of them. Hopefully this will happen in a private setting.

Well, from what I recall from the show, Applejack has never been shown to be a living-lie detector in any way, and actually seems to represent Honesty in the more "Trusting others" sense, rather than just flat "Truth and Lies".

That, and I don't recall any episode where Applejack reacts particularly badly to lies or has a natural knack for sniffing them out. The only thing I can think of is that she's just a bad liar herself. It seems to be more a fandom thing that AJ is a natural counter to lies, which means it's only a problem if videomaster wants it to be. Which could be quite funny, what with the glares Applejack can give. I can just picture Honey sweating profusely under Applejack's searching eye. Still, doesn't have to be the case, and the other way could be funny too, Applejack popping into the story at some point and just falling for the story, then being all welcoming and hospitable, a bit like she was with Twilight.

Yes, yes they do. With enough time, fortunately and unfortunately, you can get used to pretty much anything...even the unexpected and crazy apparently. I suspect dear Pinkie Pie has helped with that, along with the more recent events with the Mane Six in general.

I look forward to what Sweetie Belle will say/how she'll react seeing Honey like this:ajsmug:

Also, very interesting turn of events, and I am particularly intrigued by Dinky noting it isn't Sweetie Belle by how her boobs feel. Considering the potion seems to have pretty much perfectly replicated Sweetie's body, that says to me that it isn't exactly any normal physical thing Dinky was feeling from Honey's boobies, and more something related to how the potion alters the body physically, perhaps some sort of extremely subtle, and likely near-meaningless, remnant of Hondo's body/fur that Dinky can feel due to her experience with Sweetie's and other fillies chests? Like, perhaps something not even masculine or magical in nature, but more how a pony's body feels after a certain amount of age, that still faintly exists in some way on Honey's body? One of those things that might be normal in other contexts, but here it stands out, at least to Dinky?

Yes, I know I'm crazy analytical like some mix of Twilight Sparkle and Izuku Midoriya, I know...though thankfully I am not as tightly wound, and leave it more speculative than hardline:raritywink:

Yeah, Dinky's thing with boobs is sorta a Pinkie Pie sense thing. In the fact it makes no sense. XD

Actually, I've seen two other cloppy fanfictions that that part reminds me of to be honest: This Lovely Aria by Slam-Manian, and Hard To Explain by ScousePone. The former because it also involves a character who has a rather oddly technical interest and "feel" (Tee-hee) for boobs, and the latter because it involves Sweetie Belle groping Scootaloo from behind, a bit like Dinky does to Honey Belle here:pinkiesmile: So yeah, it isn't quite as isolated as it might seem. Strange, perhaps, but not totally unheard of.

Anyway, I eagerly await the next chapter, you magnificent bastard!:ajsmug:

Oh I'm sure I'm not the only one to come up with it. I'm just saying for my story it's more of a "It's not suppose to make sense" kinda deal. :P

True, but I can roll with it well enough that it isn't much of a thing to me personally, and I can understand it well enough. Very good to see it though, especially where Dinky actually realizes just from feeling Honey's boobs that it isn't Sweetie Belle, then apologizes. I detail my thoughts on that in the comment that started this. To sum it up, it's pretty standard in my book, but also a very welcome and delightful tidbit in the story, and again, I look forward to more of whatever you've got in the next chapters!

I just have an unbreakable urge to hypothesize and comprehend the unusual things I run into, in real life and in fiction. It's my JAM!!:pinkiehappy:

Very nice story I really like where the story goes . I have an idea if you're looking for inspiration: Honey should take the place of sweetie bell one day when sweetie bell gets sick again. Honey says yes ... then let the chaos begin!

After an admittingly wonderful breakfast, they had set out to meet Rarity

Admittedly, not admittingly . . . . wait. That's actually a word?! Okay, I learned something today. Thank you!

And thank you for pointing out the spelling mistake!

What happened with Rarity and Winona?

They swapped bodies at somepoint, but to find out more, you'll have to wrestle it out of Rarity.

Well i hope we get to hear the story someday

"an… unique manner" you don't add the 'n' to 'a' in this case because 'unique' starts with a 'y' sound

Nice i kept hoping for a sequel, awesome story so far keep it up.

The only thing I can think to add in regards to who Cookie hooks up with is don't break their marriage and maybe retcon button knocking up Honey, and maybe instead have either have Cookie take the potion to mess with Hondo by turning herself into a Button Double or have Hondo get back to normal for them to finally have their romantic night only Hondo becomes 20-year-old Cookie and Vice versa.

I only suggest this since breaking their marriage seems like an unneeded and quite heavy action when it seems to me the easiest solution is to have Cookie knock up her husband.

But still, It is your story just wanted to get my two cents in and cant wait to see where it goes.

I don't like the idea of Hondo and Cookie splitting up how about them got ng back and forth of one of them being a girl and the other a male like Cookie turning into Spike Then back into younger versions of themselves

This was a fun and interesting chapter but
10692656 yes place don't split them up that's just sad.

“Hey Honey.” Sweetie said weakly, giving a small cough. While she raised her hand to her face as she did so, Hondo noticed a strange green glow around her mouth. She knew that spell. It was a magic mask. Perfect for keeping germs from infecting those around her. Guess she wasn’t quite over the flu yet.

Hey, how topical!

I honestly think that they should just stop treating him like Hondo. He should be treated more like Sweetie's twin, and less like her dad. Also, I think a solution to the public not recognizing her could be solved through a simple memory spell, if that was really a problem.

A memory spell that affects the entire town? Twilight ain't going to let that happen. Also have to take into account if anypony is out of town that day. They're going to come home to wondering why people they know keep talking about this "Honey Belle" They've never heard of before.

It's just one of those times that using more magic to fix it, likely is a very bad idea.

Good point. But I still think she should be more accepting of her new life. Or at least more forced to act like it.

Problem is that goes down a slope I want to avoid.

If I basically have her brainwashed to be Honey, a lot of readers will likely not take kindly to that, and in the end just feels like it's being too mean to Honey.

Honey needs to figure this out for herself. We can't force her. We have to see what she in the end decides, and that means letting her break free of this if she so desires. The option to just end this has to be there for her. It's why I don't want to focus on her possibly being pregnant, because that leads to no way out, and I don't want that in Honey's journey.

All good points, I see what you mean.

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