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One of the best Shining/Velvet fics I've read. I applaud you, sister.

I haven't read this yet, but I like these two. Auto fave. :twilightsmile:

I keep forgetting people in the fandom still have reservations about fictional incest. :applejackconfused: :eeyup:


Well at least you are one of the few that isn't squeamish about it and actually have the balls to write it, ma'am. That gives me a +1 and I haven't even seen it yet.

Never understood why I enjoy this pairing. But this fic has reminded me why. Marvelous work love.
P.S. Happy anniversary! May the last 4 years lead to many more!

6862129 Never my intent! I swear by the Burning Hells. I may be evil, but I am first and foremost a gentleman.

room description around here; maybe his bedsheets

I think you or your editor one missed this.

and I just feel my hole throat close up for a few seconds.

That should be "whole".


Could not hear anything else when I saw that

Fabulous work miss cloperella, this pairing never seemed to cross my mind (filthy as it is) but the idea is certainly interesting and the story was an enjoyable read. I look forward to keeping up with your work in the future. ^^

I'm hoping to do some more oedipus-centric stuff in the future, since it's an especially big kink of mine. It's just really hard to find a good MILF character to do a story on, that isn't Buttons Mom, since everyone in the world has already done one with her at this point.

Went to his profile page (the cover art guy) couldnt find it.

That's because he's changed his account from a deactivated one. You can find it on derpibooru

Not offhand, but if you know how to search for tags, then it shouldn't be hard to find

This was okay, but the part when Velvet was scolding Shinning was kind of weird to me. It just didn't seem to flow at all with what was going on. Instead of her yelling and scolding Shining for being hungry, I think she should have been more playful with it. Like keep it flirty and teasing while she goes into concerned mother mode and tells him that he needs to eat something before they can continue. Her reaction just seemed way to over blown and took me out of the moment. I know what you trying to go for, but I just think it could have been executed better.

I suppose that's a fair point. I really wanted to convey that Velvet still felt the need to exert her authority over him and be strict for what she thought was his own good, but I guess it does come off as a little harsh. I should have given a little more thought for something else to peeve her, because that was still something I felt like I wanted to incorporate no matter what.

Yeah, I could tell that's what you were going for, but for me at least, it just seemed like it was a little much. I think you could have still conveyed that she had authority over him without her having her yell so much. I mean, she could still scold him, but I think it would’ve flowed better―and even be kind of hot―if she kept it flirty and playful in the end. Other than that, this was pretty nice. Shining x Velvet is always a pleasure to read about.

That was fantastic! I adored the idea of them keeping up the Mother/Son dynamic even during a bout of passionate lovemaking. Heartwarming and deliciously kinky in equal measures.

Nicely done!

I don't accept any incest relating to anything in the MLP universe.

6864640 YES!
Pound Cake x Cup Cake

Spoiler: I'm doing a Carrot Cake x Pumpkin Cake for Father's Day this year.
Shhh! It's a surprise!

Cup Cake's a cutie. I'll definitely keep it in mind.
I think if I were to do it, I'd probably have both twins involved though. :twilightsmile:

Ya it's a big kink for me to. Hmm well this may be a little stretch but celestia could be seen as a mother figure for everyone in equestria. While as far as I am aware she is not a mother exactly in cannon but I think she could qualify as a milf in a pinch for a lot of pairings.

6865982 Well if you like that idea, may I interest you in THIS?

Velvet pretended not to see Shining roll her eyes yet again

Should be "his"

Nice to see some family bonding~

At this point in the story, Shining hasn't met Cadance. But I'd like to believe she'd be down for it. In one of my fav fics, Complicated Relations, she's rather into Shining doing it with his sister.

Thanks for pointing that out


I'll admit: On the cover, this just looks yet another shameless, shallow Anthro fap.

Good thing I know you better than that, Clop.

So I read it. And I liked it. Especially for the last few paragraphs; I can't recall another instance where a pair of breasts were treated non-sexually, let alone so tenderly. I'm already quite a fan of after-care scenes.

That being said, I think I know where most of the downvotes came from. Besides a sudden and unexpected kink or two, as well as Shining's... er, neotenous behaviour, I'm also a bit put out that we've been thrust (heh) right into their relationship, with only a few crumbs of context sprinkled throughout the story. I would've loved to see their relationship from the beginning.

But that's largely personal preference, I think. And like a few other commenters, I admire how you're willing to venture to controversial realms. Bravo, madam.

Do I need to start picking less enticing covers or something? This is the second comment I've gotten in a month regarding the smutty cover image (though this one is leagues more tactful than the last one). I always thought the idea of the cover image was to entice people. :applejackconfused:
The reason I made Shining act a little juvenile was because I wanted that to be a side that he reawakens when he's with mom. Since we all have to grow up and live our own lives, I wanted to give him a chance to be a kid again and rely on mommy for a brief time. It sucks that people might not enjoy that, but I don't think I'd enjoy writing this kink if I left it out.
I can see the appeal in doing a beginning-relationship story, it just didn't really grab me at the time. There's so many "ohhhh my goooosh, I'm in love with my (family member), ohhhhhh" stories out there already, I kind of wanted to do a story where I skip all of that drama. And the only way I can think of having a blossoming relationship without all that drama is if they begin right after he's started puberty, and we all know how the admins feel about humanoid characters not being EXPLICITLY 18. :ajbemused:
In any case, I'm already brainstorming ideas for another milf-incest story with some other characters, and that time I actually will have it be a multi-chapter discovery-drama thing. Thanks for the constructive feedback at any rate.


I would've loved to see their relationship from the beginning.

Have you read this?

Heh, I like the subtle explanations you give in this story so far (why shining wasn't present at Twilight's test, how he got his cutie mark, ect).

That's something I take particular interest in doing. I always like to convey at what point in time the story takes place, but without blatantly saying this takes place approximately four years before the events of the pilot episode or such. It's like leaving little clues for the reader to piece together to make a whole picture.

I love how you care about actually creating a relationship between the two of them. Makes it all the sweeter. :twilightsmile:

I admit, I put this off as long as I did mainly because of the Anthro aspect, but this... this is beautiful. I love your stories in how "human", at least in emotions, they feel. This is wincest decently done, and you even blended Storge and Eros very well.

No regrets. +1

Thank you. Even when I'm making shameless fetish-fuel, I pride myself on trying to turn it into something a little more than that. It's a fun challenge to go a step beyond what a lot of fetish fuel typically is. :twilightsmile:

How big is this purse?!

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