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I feel like these stories should be given to a loving home

And so we have here, another dead account. RIP.

So it would appear the author has abandoned the site. Disappointing.

Celestia Damn it, the author better log on and finish that story or I will find out where he lives and, um, do something horrible to him.:flutterrage:

Hey there, Still around? i just found your Royal Indiscretions story, and was greatly enjoying it. Hope to see more!

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Season Finale · 7:16pm Feb 16th, 2013

Oh, woe is me! The terrible episode scared my poor brain, leaving me gasping for air as I regurgitated my dinner onto my keyboard.


It was not that horrible. Apart from the show dynamic, which might be corrected in the opening to the next season mind you, it did not really screw anything up. And look at this.

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