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[no title] · 4:24pm May 28th, 2013

Hey, Guys.

I'm working hard on requests and stuff, while also mildly focusing on my own story idea. Let's deal with the requests first.

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I can try, but I'm severely backed up right now, haha. So it might be quite a long time, sorry. I'm already in hell keeping up!

hey dude can you make a Fleur de Lis and Futa Celestia fic.

OMG, your story was one of the best I ever read! Once your done with other requests would you do something like umm Pinkie/Flutter? I'd like to see what you could do with Pinkie being all crazy like usual, while Flutter is like more self-preserved? :fluttershbad:

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List of requests still being worked on. (Remember to comment or PM requests to me)

-A Work In Progress (First chapter is already out, but this is a multi-chapter fic so it will stay here until it is complete.) for Brony19

-Rainbow Dash X Soarin fic for Faust Fan Five

-Genderbent Celestia X Discord fic for The Princess Rarity

- Human Girl X Fluttershy for Yumberduddle

- Twilestia fic for Karrakaz

- TwiDash fic for youonlyliveonce

- Maid X Mistress or Master fic for Fixinit

-TwilightxOctavia fic for Awscole

-FlutterDash fic for bronies unite

-Splight fic for castlemaid

-One hell of a request...Not sure what to classify it as. Some type of orgy fic for Johnqaz1337

-A still undetermined fic for Diosko.

Well...I'm going to be busy for a while.