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I write about Rari-Twi, Twi-Luna, Twi-Lestia, and combinations of these. On a long hiatus. Thanks for reading!

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[author's note]
May or may not be continued, but feel free to check out the other stories in this pretty random series - the links are in the description. Thanks for reading! :twilightsheepish:


Next time you post a story without letting me take one last look I am going to.... :twilightangry2:

Published only a couple minutes ago and already +1Like/Dislikes:rainbowhuh:

(I, on the other hand, shall read this once I awake from my nocturnal slumber:twilightsheepish:)

I just can't get enough of these stories. You don't have to continue it if you don't want to, but I like these :twilightsheepish:

Quality erotica.

Twilunestia stories get all of my yes. I'm hoping you'll write more of this, but its up to you.


in b4 that escalated quickly pic

This was quite... exciting, mrrr. Well done!

That was a strange clopfic...

Twilight chose to focus on Celestia for the time being, using her magic to push Celestia down on her back.
“Twilight, w-what are you doing?” Celestia looked up into Twilight’s smirking face before Twilight pounced on her, a magical construct already formed and positioned close to her groin.


awesome, i love this series!

CELESTIA: “Twilight, w-what are you doing?”
TWILIGHT: "I'm about to r-rape you."
CELESTIA: :rainbowhuh:
TWILIGHT: :pinkiehappy:

this thing, you call it Twilunestia correct?
i need more of it.

Between this and Alicorn Sized Bed I think we're good on sex scenes for a while. What I'd like to see more of is the Romance in this romance. What do the three of them do on a date that doesn't end up in the bedroom. Also, the intrigue of a hidden relationship is fun for a while but is downright unhealthy in the long run, they're going to have to break the news to Twilight's friends and family sooner or later.

Twilunestia you say?


I imagine Twilight's family fining out first, if one counts Spike as family at least. In my mind, he's the most likely to know what's going on with Twilight after being close to her for so long. He or her friends, but most likely him first seeing as they live together, share a bedroom, and so on, etc. But that's just me.

do continue this masterful piece of work. not enough twilunestia in this world.

I can clop to this :twilightblush:

I dont wanna cliche but Twilunestia ? I need more :twilightblush:

Oh my....that was glorious!:derpytongue2:

Twilunestia is not my cup of tea, but this is quite good. :twilightsmile:


That's going to be interesting for Spike to process as by most interpretations of his relationship to Twilight and Celestia its basically his mom and her sister banging his other mom/older sister.

Night makes way for Twilight,
Twilight 'comes' before the dawn,
Forever blessed the Twilight is;
for it 'comes' before the Sun and Moon.

Dammit quillsaga! A Moonlit Balcony now!

* soundproof spell goes down * oh oh oooooh
* l walk in with her food *
hey twilight l made you brec... HOLY SHIT :pinkiegasp: lololololol :rainbowlaugh:

As Big Mac might say: :eeyup:
Oh, hi Big Macintosh. Did you enjoy the story?
I thought you would. Have fun!
Okay, that's enough with the eeyup.
Big Mac!
Big Mac! Stahp!
:facehoof: I give.

At least he's using syllables. If he were from northern Sweden he would simply use a quick inhale as a response.

Sweden? Nice.
Not this again!
Not again!
Is there anything I can do to make you stop?
Get a date with Fluttershy for you?
Okay! As soon as possible okay?
Are you going to stop now?
Thank you.
STAHP! I already agreed on your terms! Now STAHP!
:raritycry: Please stop. :fluttercry:

Reminds me of a song by Ludacris.
"I came (I came) I saw (I saw) I hit 'im right there in the jaw (In the jaw)..."
Good song too. Now I'll be going crazy trying to remember the song name...

Yeah, I know. I have to. We all want to know how that works out.
Will you please stop doing that?
Thank you. Thank you!
Please, no more. Just don't say anything else.

A lot of featured Everyone/Teen story authors are rudebucks
A lot of featured Mature story authors are nice/polite
I don't get it

Please...stop...it hurts.

Please Big Mac! Please stop! (That's what she said. -_-)
Don't make me get Pinkamena!
Not yet! Next time he says something.
Don't give me those eyes, please don't. Pinkie Pie promise that you can get him the next time he says something.
:pinkiegasp: :pinkiehappy:

Same here Pinkie, same here.

:1517197everypony ready?
:trollestia: in 3...2....1


Mah, doesn't bother me anymore but I made a Pinkie Pie promise...
CALM DOWN! NO! DON'T KILL HIM!...too late. Oh well, shouldn't have done it.

1517466 damn it pinkie im already dead!
didnt you see my profile picture?!?!
better luck next time pinks!


I know. Why did you just have sex with him Pinkie? You know that's what he wanted, right?
Anyway, it never bothered me. But now you aren't going to sleep with Fluttershy. And to think, I was just about to call her when you crossed the line. Well, I called her, but not for you! Me and her JUST finished so HAHA! Dashie want's to say something
Here's what Fluttershy looked like while we were in bed.
She can't really move right now, she's still frozen from the pure beauty of what she just experienced.

Duh! I sleep with her all the time!
Celestia's a whore though, she'll sleep with ANY pony.

She only preforms at the top of her game for ME. If you think that any pony can do better than Luna (cuz I've slept with all of the mares) then bring her by me. I know for a fact there are none better than Luna.

Meh. Ever have all of the mane 6 + Derpy + Vinyl Scratch + Octavia + Photo Finish + Mrs. Cake + Cadence + Luna + Celestia + Trixie at the same time? I've been with a large group than that, I'm just giving the names of the ones you'd know about the most.

They are all good to sleep with, but Luna is the best for me. The way she let's me see the universe in her mane is just so....grrr! I love it!

She does more than just that, but I'm not telling! Oh, and spoiler alert, tonight I'll be gazing at stars while music is playing if you know what I mean. *wink wink wink*


Got to agree with you. I think I would be excited to see a slice of life story of the three of them as a couple and the personal and political effects it has. I would read that like the Dickens. :pinkiehappy:

I admit that was a good story I have been waiting to read that soon thankz for the orgy idea of the sisters and twilight. have fun reading mine:twilightsmile:

I know :fluttershyouch:
Yeah, but it is alright though :twilightsheepish: I'm just glad I could finish it and not let it go to scraps :pinkiehappy:
Hehe thanks! Nice to know you're still enjoying the stories :pinkiehappy:
Thank you for the kind words!
Twilunestia - ikr~
Heeeeeeeeeeeey I have not seen you for a while and I should be reading but I haven't omg :raritystarry:!!!

Dang, these comments sure are.. well, random. Anyways! I enjoyed this story a lot, as well as the earlier ones. :twilightsmile:
However, CLIFFHANGERS! :raritydespair:
Please, oh pretty please, write moar! :moustache::moustache:

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