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This is...interesting so far. I look forward to reading what else you put into this. Keep up the great writing!

2495699 Please refer to my proper documentation of calling DIBS on the title.

You literally "called it" a day before I posted my "Liquid Pride". :derpyderp2:

Though I'm pretty sure Bronystories called it "Liquid Pride" on the same day. Not sure, both of the dates are "9w 5d"

2495726 That was the date the episode aired. I remember it clearly. Shining said "It's liquid pride." And I was all like, "OH, I am SO using that out of context!"
I would have started publishing sooner, but I really want this one to be finely polished. I have a bad track record lately with poor technical writing. Which, once my current project(s) is finished, I plan to go back and punch up.

I know this name "Shakespearicles", I am sure I have read a story I enjoyed, just can't remember what one.

"Oh, Twilight, I've told you, you'll get you magic soon. Every unicorn does!" She smiled.

Small error :D

Great story! I love the comedy!
However it felt like the scene when twilight failed the test was lacking in the drama.

Comment posted by FlutterLight deleted Apr 29th, 2013

Epic Meal/Pie Time
Harry Potter
Friendship is Witchcraft

Got a good laugh out of me XD

Is it just me, or does Shining kinda come off as a little douchy/dumb. Just a tad.

post more of this story


Oh god, the FiW references in this are delicious!

"But Cadence, what if, one day, you get taken by a shape-shifting changeling? How will I know it's the real you?" She asked.

That noise you hear? That's a young Chrysalis. Screaming Bloody Murder in impotent raeg. Miss-spelled because RAEG.

Well, I think we know how Shining got his Cutie mark now, ne?

First Friendship is Witchcraft references,, then a Harry Potter reference with Cadance's teacher being like Snape? AWESOME!:pinkiehappy:

2496017 Go back and read ALL THE THINGS!
2496438 Thanks for the catch. I'll punch up that scene a bit as well. I welcome all constructive criticism.
2497327 You mean like he is in the show? It's intentional so his character can develop later into a not-douche.
2497336 I intend to.

Ponified Snape pure gold.:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:
Keep the good chapters coming

Twilight's mind was held hostage to all of time and space flowing through her.

And then, she heard the sound of drums...

Eh. Too many blatant references, too many references to canon events down the line, and kids written so as to be more annoying than endearing.
It's not technically flawed, but I can't say this appeals to me. I bid adieu.

2498951 Hmm, yeah, I'll nix that changeling bit. The kids are intentionally written to be obnoxious so that they can grow into fully realized characters later. To paraphrase, "Perfect ponies are perfectly boring. Flawed ponies have depth."

Comment posted by FlutterLight deleted Apr 29th, 2013

Fuck ._____________.

Poor Shining Armour, and to think, his whole entire problem could have been fixed if ponies wore pants.

I'm sorry, but it must be said.

Baby don't hurt me, don't hurt me, no more!

2499484 THERE IT IS!
Took longer than I thought it would though. You get +10 interwebs.

The carny working the booth definitely looked shady. He had a straw boater hat with a blue band. His shirt had matching blue and white pin stripes. His pale yellow fur contrasted sharply with his bright red and white striped mane and tail. He had an equally red mustache.

i see a Flim Flam brothers reference :pinkiehappy: and a Big Mac too.

She bent down to collect them, affording Shining a brief glimpse up her skirt. She re-secured her bag and went on her way. Her felt the beginnings of a familiar stirring in his loins.

"... masturbation..." He grinned.

:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh: i was laughing my ass off at this part, so much win

now to read the second chapter i hope that will shed more light on the actual plot of this story, but this was a phenomenal prologue-ish chapter

is an "EPIC MEAL TIME" callback i see?

awsome story :raritystarry:

I always picture that Griffon with a Sassy manehatten accent.

2498537 Christ, no wonder he went insane. I've been doing this for 25 minutes now and I already feel like kicking a baby.

Even with all the referential humor and the goofy title pun, this is much more serious than I was expecting. I am not disappointed.

Also, Ferrous Wheel is definitely an earth pony cartwright who doesn't quite fit in her life. She's always got her head in the clouds. :trixieshiftright:

I thought about just setting this story aside the first time I saw it.
Then, I saw it in the 'popular stories' part of the main page.
Then, I saw it up in the higher parts of the featured box.

What have I missed.
This is brilliant.

2499740 INORITE? The weird thing is, ever since its explanation in 'The End of Time', I accidentally got it as a personal tic, whenever I'm bored or frustrated at work, I tap my fingers on my desk in the same way.
2499769 *Almost missed.
2499758 Thank you. I like to think this fic walks that razors edge. But it takes a lot of work. Work very much rewarded. I have renewed vigor to redouble my efforts.

2499776 That one was so subtle, I actually had almost forgotten about it myself. Kudos to you for spotting it.

ooh I like this game.

A beautiful ivory mare with a pastel pink mane and tail passed by him. Shining, feeling sly, used his magic to surreptitiously undo the clasp on her saddlebag. It fell to the ground, spilling her books. She bent down to collect them, affording Shining a brief glimpse up her skirt. She re-secured her bag and went on her way. Her felt the beginnings of a familiar stirring in his loins.
"... masturbation..." He grinned.


i swear my facepalm was heard all over my neighborhood

*Reads first chapter*


2498951 I agree, there's so many references that it becomes kind of cringeworthy, that's not intentional writing (bad characters as you say) it is just a nagging thing that negatively affects the story.

2499586 yep^^ that part was awesome^^ my fav part though was this

"I can't wait to see what else you can do too." Her mother whispered, a tear of joy forming at the corner of her eye.


"YEEEAAAAHHH! Twilie's gonna get her magic ON! Like a PRAWN that YAWNS on the LAWN at DAAAAWN!" Shining screamed the trite lyrics into the static-filled microphone, clashing with the ear-bleeding feedback of the speakers, and the blaring guitar riff. "WHOOO!"

I laughed for three minutes straight after that^^

Nice Dune reference there.

2497327 Don't you mean 'a teenage boy'?

2500001 Agreed. The Harry Potter one was so glued on that I had to skip the whole part after I guessed where it was going. The Big Mac was cute and unobtrusive. Now Trixie? I'm worried where this is going.

That said, I am very interested in the exploits of Little Shiny and the overactive libido of our Captain of the Guard.

Loved the Harry Potter reference there.

2500248 Got me wanting to watch Sorcerer's Stone again. :twilightsmile:

"What'chu you want beardy?"
"Hay bacon strips."

Gad fakin dammit, I laughed a good 3 minutes or so at this one :rainbowlaugh: because I see what you fakin did there

"You can still be a cute quartet of boyish sound."

oh you and your love of references:raritywink:

good story so far, can't wait for the next chapter :eeyup:

Turn to page 394.......

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