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>written by Naughty_Ranko

Great. Another story that I have to make time for. I hope you're happy, Ranko.

To everypony's surprise, Applejack and Spike got married!

Doesn't that raise a bit of a pedopliliac vibe? Eh, whatever, I love Spike, and he's in it, so I like it.


Oh hai.

“Can I call you Saucy?”
“No, Diane. Ya can't.”

Bwaaahahaha :rainbowlaugh:

Oh this is gonna be fun. Can't wait to see more :)



Doesn't that raise a bit of a pedopliliac vibe?

As Twilight points out, he is of marrying age. He isn't that much younger than AJ, if you get right down to it. After all Spike hatched when Twilight herself was just a little filly.

I'll be honest... the Premise don't sound that good for me. AJ and Spike are just getting married, offscreen and didn't even dated before? :ajbemused: and Big Mac and Granny seem to dislike the Marriage... Why? I don't want to accuse them being kinda racists, but unfortunally that's what I'm thinking right now.

Well, that's kinda the point. The relationship comes out of nowhere, and now everypony (including AJ and Spike) has to suddenly deal with it.

Granny is just shocked right now, and placing so much on family bonds, she simply didn't expect AJ to make a decision like that. Big Mac has his own reasons which will become more clear with the first proper chapter.

Well, they're a few years apart. I've always put Twilight at around six years old when she hatched Spike, and I consider her to be in her early to mid-twenties now. That would put Spike in his late teens, right around 18 or 19.


Well to be honest, when I first read the Synopsis I thought the two got Drunk and then married (at least not to two random Las Pagasus-Mares) Also for me personally Spike and AJ don't make that good of a Couple

“Your middle name is Sauce?” Pinkie yelled in surprise.
AJ averted her eyes. “Yeah, what of it? Ah was named after Auntie Applesauce.”
“Can I call you Saucy?”
“No, Diane. Ya can't.”

My sides!


Rarity quietly walked to her boutique , gently closed the door :raritydespair: AAAAaaaHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhHHHHHH The blast leveled Ponyville


You might find out in a future chapter that Rarity had a very different reason for walking off.:raritywink:

5599532 Now she has to make a wedding dress on such short notice! For Applejack! And a suit for Spike!

And dresses for all the bridesmaids!

(Assuming they actually have a wedding in Ponyville or "second wedding".)

Awe don't be sad rarity you had your chance now be nice. Spiiikkkeeeee :raritycry:

5599532 don't tell me Rarity has a crush on applejack. Not that that's bad, but not a surprise either, country girls know how to rope you in.

well, at least i got the ship right in the blog. will have to read later

Well Pinkie then I best grap the popcorn and get ready for that coming adventure of theirs.


this has definitely caught my interest. can't wait to see where ya take this. Loved the interaction between AJ and PP with their names LOL

For the life of me i thought this was gonna start with them being IN las Pegasus not getting off the train and saying HEY we're married.


*note to self* FML. Now I have to get moving. There's absolutely no reason that I should be falling behind on updating my stories when you're here, likely just as busy as I am, making and uploading stories of your own. Not trying to compete with anyone, but I realize how absurd it is on my end. Meh, whatever I guess :twilightblush:

For the love of god make applejack take spikes last name. Appledragon got to love it : )

Okay, this should be a fun read. I hope Spike can clear the air with Rarity. I saw the marriage could work and people have gotten married with even less to work with and still turn out great.

Yeah, but I wanted the the first interaction be with them telling the news to their loved ones, and the reaction to that. Don't worry. We'll fill in some of the blanks of that week in Las Pegasus as we go along.

Actually, I twisted my ankle something bad last Monday, and I've been out of commission since. So I'm really not that busy. About the only thing I can do is wait for it to get better and write in the meantime.


Ah, that sucks. Unfortunately it's one of those injuries that changes one's habits for the duration of healing. Hope you have a speedy recovery, although the downtime sounds pretty nice. :twilightsmile:

As for my opinion if the story:

I think it's gonna be a fun story. The disapproval of the marriage makes sense and makes it feel real, and I'd imagine that the others will have some, but not much, trouble adjusting to the sudden change. And the fact it's more centered to be a romantic comedy is definitely a big plus for me. Not that I'd ever admit it in person, but I'm a bit of a sucker for them. Especially with your sense of humor.

Now I'm off to bed. Been up for 30 hours :ajsleepy:

5601441 I am with you, Hell two of my friend got married from a bet and now have been married for 5 years! I do wonder what got up Rarity's flank. I bet it is something like 'Oh he was in love with me but now he just went to AJ first chance he got!' I want both AJ and Spike to be ..... really you had him going after you for years and never did anything about it. lol. Anyway I am with you this looks like a great read, I would crack up if they have a VERY loud first night back and we just get pan over to the other members of the Apple family awake hearing AJ make sounds and say things they never thought she could lol.

5601583 I know about the ankle thing. Mine got twisted not to long ago... I unfortunatly have to go to work whether its twisted or not.

So, wait, Big Mac has no doubts that it's even possible for a dragon and a pony to get pregnant?
And also, Big Mac is a trekkie, huh?
...Wait. That actually explains it right there.

I enjoy the idea that Rarity feels all bitchy that Spike got married, even though she toys with him more than Opal toys with her food. Seems like something she would do.

Burnin down the house. poor Granny, Poor Rarity. Poor air quality !:raritydespair::ajsmug::moustache::twilightoops: He had SEX!




...the fuck is a borther?


Oh, I love it, I love it, I love it! :yay:

BTW damn you for making me laugh til my ribs hurt

:twilightoops: It's ... uh ... Look, a moose!
*quickly edits the typo*
I don't know what you're talking about.:twilightblush:

Wonder what Winona think of her owner and Spike together?

Pony birth control pills, meet Dragon sperm. Now they may have gotten a doctor to prescribe them, but did the doc know the male was draconic? Let's see how this turns out for Apple/Spike.

yay! one of my favorite yet underused ships...:heart:
you have my interest

And the moralfags condemn this story in three...two...one...

I kid (sort of) you write very well, and the cover art's adorable! I'm faving this. :ajsmug:

Okay, so I haven't read this yet, thought i read it as a gag. But befoore I do, Spike is of legal age in this story right???

“Like how? Do I look like collect used condoms to you?”

Do I look like collect used condoms to you?"

look like collect used condoms

There's something missing here.... but what?

5603731 Pretty sure considering it's said he's matured and is a full head over most ponies, otherwise he's a bigass kid dragon.

Anyone else think that that the trip to Las Pegasus would have made a much better story?

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