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Just here to make stories for all you fillies and colts to read. Also love to help others with their own writing, so feel free to approach with questions of your own.

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Other than the spaces between the paragraphs still needing to be dealt with, it's a great restart Drak.

I see you are going to revise the whole thing. Good luck it's a lot of work to do.

so this is a more revised version of the story I don't pay attention enough to look at the mistakes but ill keep this just because im to lazy to look for the full version:derpytongue2:

4659807 Actually it's a complete rewrite, and a vast improvement so far.

Im glad I found this story, it was really worth the read. Keep up the good work!

I read this before on fanfiction.net, I can tell its going to be good and possibly get better.

4660424 I would definitely agree with you on that. I couldn't get past chapter four on the original story, but so far this rewrite is showing some promise.

4709886 Right!:pinkiehappy: I'm hoping to achieve the same result when I rewrite Adaptation, it's not so great.

Well now, this is a new direction. Very nice, very nice indeed.:twilightsmile:

Oh! Fascinating stuff. You do have a couple of spelling errors though, refrain not refraim, and blood not bloods. Fascinating all the same though.:raritywink:

I am REALLY liking this rewrite. Better detail, better pacing, great job!:pinkiehappy:

Ok now how can he move when he is pretty Messed up?

Well, it was only his top part that got really messed up, his legs remained relatively unharmed.

in the first story you add Princess Celestia, Vinyl Scratch and Octavia that you do not like let them out alone, but i don't blame you this is your story also there movie and season 4 is already out and there new movie called equestria girl: rainbow rock is be in fall soon maybe you can add more mare in his herd or harem i like to call like sunset shimmer or other mare i find on mlp wiki site

THAT THE REPEtCE can you i don't make seceond gateway of the eye?

Um...I'm sorry to say, but I'm not sure what you mean.

it the same story, make gateway of the eye 2 please

Don't worry, once this is finished, I plan on making a LONG series of it...or at least until I get bored with it

Spoiler: not going to get bored of this for a LONG TIME! :pinkiehappy:

Long chapter Drak, but well worth it.:twilightsmile:

4820848 Human beings can brush off serious wounds and continue to fight or move if it depends on survival. Its a survival instinct however and it cant happen if you are in no immediate danger and you injure yourself.

:trixieshiftright: Feel proud about being human yet? :moustache:

Wow Rarity was a little quirkier than usual on that one. It was fun.

I hope to see more of Trixie in the future.

That rainbow always making an impression.

well, she is after all fastest flyer in equestria

Why do I get the feeling that Drakalian will end up going to both of those migrations in the future? :twilightsmile:

5182027 Because he's a really sweet guy and it shows. :twilightsmile:

oh she will find out alright:rainbowkiss:

this is a great story so far i really like it. Now i have 2 questions first " why do luna and celestia fear him so?" second " why does drak have an aversion to looking some ponies in the eye but not other ponies i.e. fluttershy and trixie?" i really hope the answers to these questions are explained in future chapters.

Is this a rewrite of the other story?

Yes this is, though at the moment, I have hit a small snag, so it might be a while until the next chapter comes out.:pinkiesad2:

5311913 It's alright, I have 2.3k chapters on my list...

what gonna happen in next chapter?

I'm about to read this, wish me luck.

This is good.

I'm guessing the blast sent him into the future and casued amnesia.

You are planning to rewrite the whole thing, but changing the main character's ridiculously silly name and the weapons he wakes up with wasn't the very first thing you thought of? Are you planning to improve the story or are you just updating the prose? Although you're definitely doing a good job of the latter already, it won't matter much if the actual content still makes everyone think of a 14-year-olds self insert fanfic about his favourite weeaboo fightan gaem.

While not EXACTLY the kind of response that I was looking for, at least you were honest, and for that I say thank you.:twilightsmile:

That's the kind of response you ought to be looking for, though. Unless you want to repeat every mistake you made the first time around.

I apologize. I didn't mean that I disliked the comment, and I am very much happy to have heard of such a comment, regardless of it being what I wanted to hear. Please, if you find anything else worth commenting about, then don't hesitate to do so.:twilightsmile:

I know that you said that it was a lot better in your PM, but holy shit. This is incredible, compared to the first draft. Hats off to you, sir, for coming this far with your writing. :twilightsmile:

I can't help you on the paragraphs I am afraid. I can say however that just got officially very interesting.

Two to three spaces is how you do that. Same as with some typewriters. :pinkiehappy:

If I must. Oh well, thanks for letting me know.

Nice drack, will like to see some more also thanks for clearing up the fact his breathing was just shallow before the whole, if you hadn't of done that ranting would have insured

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