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Two things:

First: Your comment is all kinds of wrong. John Money didn't invent the concept or phrase "gender fluidity". Nor did he invent the fact that gender is a social construct or the completely different fact that 'gender identity' (ie, the mental sex of a person) can be discordant with anatomical sex (or, for that matter, that anatomical sex can be discordant with genetic sex), any more than Isaac Newton invented gravity; they are obvious facts of nature that someone else would have eventually formally discovered. He and his fellow 50s psychologists such as Robert Stoller, who co-coined the term "gender identity", were more interested in eradicating transgender and intersex people in the name of gender conformity and specifically saw 'gender identity' as a regrettable obstacle.
Money was greatly influential in the systematic practice of "correcting" the genitals of intersex people, for whom the only relevance of gender identity was the risk of assignment to the wrong sex (not that they generally agonised over which sex to assign to: It was seen as too difficult to construct a penis, so they assigned most patients to female, as happened with Reimer)
Stoller, in contrast, noted that most transgender children are firmly transgender by, in his words, "five or six or seven", and was an advocate of early-childhood conversion therapy in the vain hope that they could arrest the discordant gender identity before it formed.

Second: Even if you had been correct about human sex and gender, the entire subject is wildly irrelevant to the chapter, and saying that it takes "suspension of disbelief" to accept that a race of sexless shapeshifters might have different ideas about gender than 1950s WASPs is just idiotic and hubristic. It would actually take more suspension of disbelief to assume that changelings think about gender in exactly the same way as not just humans but one specific human society.
Imagine if you were watching a nature documentary about lions, and when the lionesses successfully hunted a wildebeest someone burst into the room and shouted "This is so unrealistic! Everyone knows women don't hunt! They stay at home and care for children!". Would you consider that an appropriate criticism of the documentary?


The comment you are praising is not "bravery". It is an idiotic drive-by attempt to demonise transgender people and LGBT people by weaponising the proclivities of a pioneer of the medical mutilation of intersex people (whose experiment's actual results demonstrate the validity of transgender experience), stapled to the thinnest pretence of relevance.


I am following you because I support the bravery and the general conclusions in this comment. Not sure about the details, and I don't have the time now and, due to some psychological challenges may never have the emotional energy to watch the video.

Thanks for the watch

Comment posted by 23 KM To Nerdiness deleted Feb 19th, 2022
Comment posted by 23 KM To Nerdiness deleted Feb 19th, 2022
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