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Chapter Forty-One: Sneak Peek! · 6:09pm Jul 3rd, 2016


“So. We’re gonna get married. You girls are becoming ‘wives’ and Lero’s becoming a ‘husband.’ What about me? What do I get to become, once we’re all married?”

“Our little scaly son.” Lyra answered.

Spike half-grinned. “So basically, things pretty much stay the same for me, personally.”

“Pretty much,” agreed Twilight. “You’ll still be part of our family, though you won’t be part of our marriage. It’s kind of an ‘adults only’ thing.”

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RIP in peace, Mike.

I know this is the most annoying question an artist has to deal with, but is there any chance on continuing the two year old story?


To think; if Mr. Larsen had made Rarity focus on speed instead of the weather… what a different story I'd have written, huh? Frankly, after all's said and done, I'm glad he went the way he did.

You might find this interesting. From an interview with M A Larsen over at EqD:

I’ll ask the opposite question now- did anything make it into the final cut that you just regret deep down in your soul? If so, given the choice, would you erase it from history?

I get blamed for a whole lot of stuff I didn't actually do (and I get credit for some stuff I also didn't do), but I will take 100% responsibility for the fact that Rarity is controlling the weather in "Magical Mystery Cure."

I completely and utterly botched it on the fact that Rainbow Dash got her cutie mark for speed and not weather. I think I got so enamored with all of the puns, like "weather patterns," that I glossed right over it before I realized I had it wrong. There was another line that was cut where angry, sunburned ponies come up to her and she says, "What? Too last season?" which is another weather/fashion pun that I liked a lot. But, yeah, that was a pretty bad mistake on my part.


And the wings were not my idea so you can stop making those jokes now.


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