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Chapter Forty-One: Sneak Peek! · 6:09pm Jul 3rd, 2016


“So. We’re gonna get married. You girls are becoming ‘wives’ and Lero’s becoming a ‘husband.’ What about me? What do I get to become, once we’re all married?”

“Our little scaly son.” Lyra answered.

Spike half-grinned. “So basically, things pretty much stay the same for me, personally.”

“Pretty much,” agreed Twilight. “You’ll still be part of our family, though you won’t be part of our marriage. It’s kind of an ‘adults only’ thing.”

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Chapter Forty: Sneak Peek · 1:21pm May 25th, 2016

Hi, guys! Been kept busy because we had to move to an all NEW house, practically right after settling into our OLD house. But I wanted to reward everyone for their patience, so here's a sneak peek at what Chapter 40 has to offer!

“I am more committed to finding a cure to the Swap now than I ever was before.” Twilight Sparkle told Princess Celestia.

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Ask The Swapped Ponies: Finally Updated! · 1:42am Apr 15th, 2016

It's been WAAAAY too long, but here's the newest Ask!

After you've read through it, feel free to submit more questions!

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TV Tropes: Asking Help · 5:37pm Apr 1st, 2016

My dear friends and fans, please help me bring Divided Rainbow's TV Tropes page up to date! Right after you check out the new chapter on Divided Rainbow. Thanks so much!

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Sneak Peek: Almost Done With Chapter 39 · 11:16pm Mar 27th, 2016

Dear Divided Rainbow Fans,

You've all been very patient. I'm very nearly done with the next chapter; it'll only be a week or so at most! In the meantime, I'd like to treat you all to another sneak peek of what's to come!

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Lex Divisia · 6:50pm Feb 12th, 2016


Everyone who likes Divided Rainbow ought to give this me-approved spinoff story a look!

Twilight’s eyes met his and Lero could see the warmth in her expression grow as she replied “Oh Lero... it's just so nice to see everyone together, it makes me feel like even if I can’t finish my research we’ll still have something to fall back on.”

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Sneak Peek Of Chapter 39 · 5:12pm Jan 20th, 2016

Hey, everyone! Just finished writing this scene, and just HAD to share it with all of you!

Finally, the tornado was beginning to form. Lightning Dust was almost finding the whole thing entertaining. Watching these winged sloths strain themselves flying round and round their podunk little reservoir. Knowing if she were to take flight and join their efforts, the water would be halfway to Cloudsdale.

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Yuletide Extra Sneak Peek Of Chapter 38 · 8:49pm Dec 24th, 2015

I wanted to have this chapter finished in time for Christmas. I really did. Unfortunately, there's still a few more scenes to write. This chapter's been difficult for me in a lot of ways… but I am plugging along, and I will finish it. Thank you all for your patience and have a very Merry Christmas.

Platform horseshoes.

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Sneak Peek Of Chapter 38 · 5:41pm Oct 14th, 2015

The first part's kind of a flashback to an earlier point in time. The second place takes place in the proper present. Enjoy this look into Swapped Applejack's mind!

* * *

Platform horseshoes.

Applejack closed her eyes, welcoming the urgings of her Muse. Welcoming them! Welcome was the last emotion she thought she’d be feeling towards her Muse. Especially… especially since...

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Sneak Peek Of Chapter 37 · 3:52pm Aug 4th, 2015

Hello, to all my faithful Divided Rainbow readers! The next chapter's chugging along nicely; I give you all my absolute word of honor that I'll be finishing up with it MUCH sooner than the previous one. I'm grateful to every one of you.

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