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Welcome to HiE Sifters!

Our mission is to help fictions of notable quality stand out amongst the others. Writers can put their stories through 3 different trials:
Read: A simple read through to see if the story is at least readable and even a bit enjoyable. This test awards the Silver seal.
Review: For those who think themselves decent writers. This is a more detailed judging process to ensure that grammar and spelling mistakes are uncommon at least, and the story pleasing to read. This test awards the Gold seal.
Nazi: This one is reserved for the best of the best. Seriously, the quality needed to pass this test is sizeable. Grammar and spelling mistakes are non-existant, pacing is proper, the story is great, and it may make it to the featured box if it's not already there. This test awards the rare Diamond seal.

If you want to be a writer, please join and post your story in the folder with the review level you wish to face.
If you want to be a reader, please join and shoot Sharky White a PM.
Now, for a description of the submission/review process, please visit the 'Walkthrough' thread.
To meet some of the review staff and maybe personally request someone to review your fic, please go to the 'Reviewers' thread.

Note: We are capable of handling any kind of fic if any author wants to submit one. We were created with a focus on HiE, but we're happy to help any way we can.

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They all kinda disapoofed. Sad really, but as this was a backup plan to keep HiEs alive should Knighty's april fools day "joke" not really be a joke, everybody just kinda vanished when they figured we wouldn't really be needed.

That is indeed a good question. I joined 14 weeks ago and posted my first story not long after that. I would like to ask if there are still readers in this group processing the stories submitted into the specified folders.

Ok, so who do I send my "alpha-story" (prologue and possibly first chapter) for a read through (and constructive criticism). It's mainly about whether the story-idea in itself is interesting enough and if you can actually read through it.
So technically I'm looking for an Alpha-Reader/Editor before I even consider submitting a story ...
Is that do-able?

The review thread link only showed a - admittedly adorable- picture of RD and Scootaloo

Edit: Never mind, figured it out. Still would appreciate an Editor though

:rainbowhuh:where is everyone

Good to see more quality-orientated groups, I will join in order to improve myself as well. I placed my story in the appropiate folder, enjoy your read. :ajsmug:

Word of advice though: It starts rather rushed, but gets better later on. I'll do a rewrite of these first few chapters in the future.

Excuse me, Sharky and the HiE Sifters, but I am a writer strongly considering putting my current story up for review here, as to increase its credibility. I greatly respect what the goal of this group is, and would be honored to comply and let my story hopefully be the best it can be as to do a justice to the HiE side of FiMfiction. My question is if there are some submission rules beyond just choosing which level of review someone wants? Such as, are there a number of max attempts to have a story passed here? Is there a limit on story length? Can a story submitted in one category be considered for passing a lower qualification?

For some idea of why I'm asking: I wish to put my story, The Transient's Detail, through the Nazi review process. To be honest, I am not confident enough to say that I'm sure it will pass it, in fact I think quite the opposite, but I would like the feedback that such a critical review could give me. If the story fails the submission, would it still by chance qualify for a Gold or Silver seal? Or would I be allowed to submit again after changes were made following the first review? I also question lengths because I do not wish to waste any of your reviewers' time unnecessarily, and it is quite long (As of the first "novel" being complete and posted, it is now up to 260k words).

Thank you for your time.:twilightsmile:

EDIT: I have gone ahead and added the story to the appropriate folder. I hope this causes no trouble.

306493 Sorry I found out after I posted it lol. :derpytongue2:

306487 *sigh* If you had read the thread marked: IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT, you'd know that those are the different seals we award. Silver being the lowest and Diamond being incredibly difficult to earn.

Hey Sharky whats up with the different type of folders? You know the ones that say gold, silver, diamond. Are they for different popularity levels or something?

Comment posted by Sozmioi deleted Apr 2nd, 2013
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306347 Whew, glad you replied to that one rationally because my best response was 'Don' wanna.'


website cost money.
first, you need they money to but the computer to first of all, support the amount of trafic that you are going to get.
second you need the memory to be able to hold all of the storys and such.
third you need the programing experince to beable to create the websites page and fix bugs and such.

fourth you need to beable to pay for the internet usage and such. its not as easy as you think it is.

why don't people make a website about Hie fics?:applejackunsure:


Heh, that's just how I am. You can expect a lot of shit like that from me most of the time.



Edit again:

306328 Well I wish you the best of luck.

306323well he is currently offline as far as I know so I'm still waiting for a reply

306324 ... What an animated answer! Thanks for you support!

>mfw HiE is at risk of being b&

>mfw they are indeed serious

>mfw this group

I fully support this group, everyone in it, and will stand by you in all your endeavors.

...now let's lock n' load!

*opens Spellcheck*

Ready when you are, sirs!

I love pressing enter.

¡Viva la Fimfictión!

306321 Really? What goes on about this?

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