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Welcome to Fim Fiction Interviews

We are a growing group of bronies who is fascinated by the new art, music and stories that our fandom holds. Yet find ourselves even more intrigued by the people behind them.

Throughout fimfiction our group looks for those individuals that produce true art and asks them there story.

Our interviews are not only interesting and informative but will bring these artists to your attention.

We here hope that you will follow us and stay tuned for what we find.

Brony on my friends.

Also we are working on a system for reviewing Fimfiction stories but it is still being worked on.

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How do we get interviewed?

So wait, where do we get interviewed?

Um Fim INK, do you control the website?

Hm, this seems like an interesting group. JOIN. :pinkiecrazy:

319439>>319363 well lets see Ima gona help yall.

So make me an admin please?

319371 The same way you add your stories to groups

319371 You can turn off feed updates

Comment posted by Terrifying Space Worm deleted Jul 20th, 2013

319348 i have the same issue so please post anything you want us to look over to the main folder

This is also a perfect alternative to the Read Later list.

Instead of clogging it with stories I want to read, and stories i'm not so sure about, I can just send the stories i'm not sure about here so I don't clog up.

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