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This was supposed to be a contender for the first ever Trixie x Jack Pot story... Suffice to say I'm a little late to the race. In any case I hope you enjoy the insanity, this was a fun way to get back into writing after a long pause due to work.


8975821 And here I was waiting until Father's Day to post my Trixie fic, like a normal person. And here you go, dropping this a week early with my story title idea! Have you no shame at all!?

This was still hot tho.
And luckily, it's not at all how mine goes.

... Well now I just feel silly, I didn't even think about father's day.
At least I know what I'm gonna read next week!

This was amazing. Fun, silly, sexy, hot, I just loved Starlight's exasperation with Trixie, while still knowing to just go 'it's Trixie, what else could I expect? Trixie just going right into little girl mode was freaking hot. Always love me some incest and impregnation clop. And then that ending, ohhhhhhhh boy this is going to be awkward...... Then again with how kinky Trixie is, that might just make it hotter for her.

Just, amazing bit of cloppy fun.


Space. The final frontier.

Arghhh... Too bad! A three way Trixie release on Father's day could have been a lot of fun.

I'm also releasing a Trixie fic on the 17th, Shake and I intend to flood the site with Trixie x Jackpot

Starlight chewed on her lips, looking at the bag with a frown. “I swear we’re forgetting something… something important…”

Condoms? Contraceptive spells? :rainbowlaugh:

“Don’t tell me… you didn’t bring any?” Jack quirked an eyebrow. He dismounted her, his cock slapping against his belly. “I’m sorry ladies, but if you were hoping to get a little souvenir out of me in eleven months, you’ll leave disappointed.”

“No… we just… forgot.” Starlight groaned, the fire in her belly only burning hotter.

Ha! Called it! (Not like it wasn't obvious from the content tags in the description... :rainbowlaugh: )

Happy you had fun reading! Gotta admit that as soon as I saw Jack Pot in the ep, I knew I had to do something with him. And that something would involve Trixie. Starlight in the mix is just icing on the cake!

Fixed, thanks mate. I blame Google Drive...

You too? Guess I can book my while Sunday for some... ahem, reading.

Talk about the MOTHER of all cliffhangers.

Any chance we can get a sequel of this hot, HOT story?

accidental incest

The best kind.

Even if Jackpot wasn't Trixie's father, I can imagine her being a big enough narcissist to have sex with anyone, mare or stallion, that looked almost or exactly like her.

That ending was perfect.

I can't seem to help myself with cliffhangers... I'm not planning on doing a follow up, but hey, if we ever see Jack Pot again I might just do another about his weird father-daughter relationship!

What about accidental incest where the participants purposefully do incest roleplay?

That's one of the things I love the most about Trixie: she can be the most self-centered pony ever, but then she has those sweet little moments (mostly around Starlight now) that show her good side. But she never loses her original character. She a butt, but she a good butt.

Hey guys, I think there might be incest in this story.

I'll be honest. This was the only chapter I read. Mostly my curiosity got the best of me and wanted to see if you were actually gonna do what it sounded like you were doing.

Most of this chapter had me thinking Trixie had just grabbed a random pony and started calling him Daddy. Then that end...

Well, that'll be an interesting discussion.

On a side note, this last chapter could probably double as a short-story on its own. It really doesn't need any context to figure out the important bits.

Nah man, I think that's just an impression.

I do like to do that: have a non-clop intro and a non-clop outro, just to give context and epilogue for people who like plot, while the main chapter is for those that only want the... action. So if they work on their own I'm doing something right!

Amazing stuff as always. Your writing is getting better too!

I came many times.

This is easily one of my favourite stories out there.

Amazing story, not much more that can be said about the content. It has everything I like, all my fetishes - incest, needy mares in heat, feral-esque breeding, impregnation, herding - rolled into one big sex-fest and a pairing I very much like as well.

There was an anatomical fallacy I picked up on though: semen isn't made in the testes, only sperm is. Semen is made in the prostate and seminal vesicles, then mixes with the sperm juuust before ejaculation. A common mistake though, it seems.

Besides that, again, nearly perfect story. easy 9/10 and 'Top faves' material. Will read again for sure.

Always a treat to see you commenting on my stories, glad you liked it so much! Also glad to help the tissue industry.

Well fuck, that means a lot, considering the awesome stories around (a lot of them written by the guys in these comments), cheers man.


There was an anatomical fallacy I picked up on though: semen isn't made in the testes, only sperm is. Semen is made in the prostate and seminal vesicles, then mixes with the sperm juuust before ejaculation.

Actually, it's not a mistake so much as a willful disregard towards reality. In my first clopfic I decided to be super anatomically accurate, and went a little overboard. Some mates gave me grief over it, now I just wing it. Here's a quote from Nuptial Flight for context:

Her balls jumped to her body, her sperm traveling into her body where her seminal fluid was stored. The resulting semen was thick as glue, and it made several visible bulges as it started to travel down her long cock.

I still think it's fine personally :pinkiecrazy:

Welcome to Equestria, where the fertility rate is always 5000%

Let's see if they disappear from this kid's life too.

You keep stories like these cumming and I will buy out the whole tissue market.

She has a wonderful, awful idea: she and Trixie are going to have a threesome with a stranger.

Glimmer is still a bit evil!

This story was amazing, hilarious and sooooo unf I think I got pregnant just by reading it.

That's more or less what she did. Until it stopped being roleplay.

I still think putting that joke at the start would've been great.

Ahhhhh damn Armadillo...

Such a good fic! Just read it. We have very similar styles! I worry that our Jackxie plots are fairly close! No Glimmy in mine though, that was a great touch!

It's too bad your fic won't help us conquer the site with Jackxie on Sunday!


I think I got pregnant just by reading it.

... That's hot...

Without the song the reference was a little hard to get, but the main reason I didn't use it was because of the "too old" part. Considering they go after Jack who's getting on with his years, seemed out of place.

I never celebrated father's day so I have to admit I had no idea I jumped the gun like a mofo. Having three Trixie x Jack stories on the same day (at least) would have been fun, I have to admit.

And yeah, we do both focus on similar themes: breeding thoughts, detailed cumshots, sensory heavy descriptions... All the good stuff! I remember when I first read one of your fics on Derpibooru's comments, I knew I had found a kindred spirit in smut. Your Apogee series is just legendary... cept for the part where they use contraceptives. That's just mean, muh blue balls man :raritycry:

Though for real, since the subject is the same (Trixie bonks Jack Pot), stories are bound to be similar in some ways, I don't think it's an issue at all. Can't way to read it tomorrow.

Ps: Also I just read the comments on Appel's Jackxie pic, I guess we both took inspiration from his series of great and powerful wincest.

Absolutely! Can't wait to share my version!

This was hot, love it. :pinkiehappy:

Yanno, armadillos are the only other animals besides humans to host the leprosy bacillus.

You, Shakespearicles and Clopficsinthecomments...
I just read all 3 Trixie x Jackpot fics in a row, you are all obsessed with impreg, I swear.

While all 3 were very good, and very similar in surprising ways, This one was the nut-bustiest of the 3.

Actually, I'm pretty sure the only species of armadillos that carry leprosy are in the US, and I'm from Latin America. SAFE!

Oh hi Zipps! Glad you liked this mess, I'm just sad I didn't release this on the same day as Shakespearicles and Clopficsinthecomments. Would have been glorious.

you are all obsessed with impreg, I swear

I mean... Impreg is the best thing ever and a fic without it is like a bowl of cereal without milk.

Hey dude, I just read your Fic on the Sparkle family. And I got a question. Would you consider releasing a sequel to that? Im curious how the "Training" Velvet gives that guy would go. Because it sounds hot. Especially if Nightlight were to assist Velvet in her training.

I toyed with the idea of doing a prequel to that story, for the time Shining "introduced" Cadance to the family tradition, but to be honest I just don't have the time to write that much anymore. I'm working on the "How to tame a changeling" story mostly, with a few one shots here and there. So, I might, but it'll take time.

Well good luck. I hope you do, but i wont rush you.

Hey armadillo, Do you have a Twitter, or discord, or anything?

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