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This is relevant to my interests.

Button Mash mom get a Deep tissue massage next?
Got to read this one the next time the mood strikes.

Despite the many clop-fics about them, Button and Cream are still gamers, through and through!

Whoa, damn! That was a strong statement if I ever saw one! I felt that through the screen! But I couldn't agree more! :coolphoto:

Damn... Sure one thing to solve the bedsheet mess by taking it where is makes less a mess with a lot more entertainment value.

Clop with damn fine story. Wholesome end :pinkiesad2:

I guess you'll just have to add it to your... Save Slot. :ajsmug:

Sorry, my brain’s being stupid for this. Is that gonna be the sequel’s title? Or are you saying you’re saving it to come back to it later? Or since you say my save slot, are you encouraging me to write my own sequel to it? Little doubtful of the last one.

This was a very sweet story, i loved it alot.
Was this a sorta Sequel to one of your previouse fics?


Was this a sorta Sequel to one of your previous fics?

... at least, I don't think so.

Spit take

Oh!🤞 we soon see how that idea was…conceived :trollestia:

Another fic with both Stellar/Sunburst and Cream Heart/Button. I’m starting to like it.

And Stellar is perfect as an instigator/influencer (not that kind).

Please sir, I’d like some more. Of both of these things.

Ahh, i see.
The reason is that i thought that is that the Game of Drones thing rememberd me of this fic https://www.fimfiction.net/story/408913/unplanned-parenthood but it didn't feel right.

I will almost certainly be writing the actual prequel to this,
with Stellar, Sunburst, and Luna.

That sounds amazing, i will for sure love to read that story.

"And besides, it's a harmless work of fiction," she assured him. "It's not an indication of the creator's character. And if any individual decides of their own free will to emulate the actions in the media that they choose to consume, that's entirely on them."


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