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No one tells a story like you do.

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Wow, you're a really good author. Perfect characterizations, perfect chemistry, perfect...flow. Really great job.

Outstanding job so far! This was written very well, and I look forward to reading more chapters in the future. :twilightsmile:

This was well done and in character too. Nice job.

Is this finished??? Please for the love of all that is holy say it is unfinished! :fluttercry:

first thought before reading i will add comment afterwards maybe:does anyone else notice how much he looks like daring do or did he dye his hair? i probably spark so many ideas with this but i think he might be her father...daring do's i mean

TAM you are a wonderful writer my friend.

So we have our first QuibbleX Dash fic...

Now, how long until the inevitable (and awaited) Quibble X Dash X Daring Do Threesome fic?

I now love QuibbleDash. So cute! Rainbow was also a lot less annoying in the episode with Quibble, which made it an honestly good RD episode. This was a good fic, too. Sooo...how about a QuibbleDaringDash threesome fic? I mean, I'm sure Rainbow wants to show Quibble even MORE ways Daring is awesome.:rainbowlaugh:

Nicely done :)

Holy crow. Did not expect that twist!

That... Was not expected at all on my part, and now I feel dumb for not expecting it. :derpyderp2:

Best clop read in a long time(͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Back at it again hopes theres more :trollestia:

I'm very amused by this. And you keep adding to it, too!

It's not every day that you get to have sex with a celebrity.

I've been looking at the comments. Isn't this story complete?

this was a good read. keep it up

"Never underestimate the power of shipping.

Amen to that Daring:raritywink: Great cute story :pinkiehappy:

Ahhh this chapter gives me the warm fuzzies !! :twilightsmile:

Well this was an unexpected but pleasant surprise.

I'm glad you enjoyed it! This turned out to be my most popular story so far and I just wanted to show my appreciation to everyone for all the support.

Great closing chapter, and so fitting too

Okay, I admit, I normally don't like stories which are basically porn, but this had some really great wit to it, and good character exchanges and banter, which I always like in any form of written story.

Huh, I really liked the chemistry between Rainbow and Quibble, but doing Do might be too extreme.

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