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I want nothing more than to bring a smile to your face with a light-hearted clopfic! If you want to bring a smile to mine, leave a comment!


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Buck yeah, Boop-O-Roops! :pinkiehappy:

So, is Jet Stream the artist's OC?

Is Jet Stream really the pony in the picture? He looks much younger than I thought.

OK. Sequel please!!?

That Apogee, the one getting her cute little cunt and ass filled.

more please i wanna see this become a series and for father and daughter have a foal together please make this happen

First sentence of the story description:

Jet Stream had a very touch week at Equestria's first annual aerospace conference in Canterlot.

Thank you, oh bard of Olympia!

This story is absolutely wonderful! You hit all of the best fetishes. Ill admit, I haven't read your other stuff yet because I found the synopses odd, but consider yourself added to the list.

A civilian contract how quaint .... military contracts are where it's at .... set up a appointment with the uep branches sell the idea to the generals sell the idea of quicker cargo delivery and troop transport especially from equestria to the crystal empire where main access is trains due to mountain range if i recall dont need military pegasi flying to everywhere getting tired before a sortie ... prove it works with the prototype he develops .... bamn harshwinny gets fired for funding a inferior project when it .....coincidentally .... comes out after a successful test that she funded a inferior project with tesla who received the funds by sleeping with her gets mysteriously leaked to a paper what a scandal. Delta vees ideas are proven as trash discrediting her future ideas man win win all around for jet stream.

Welp... Round two. FIGHT!

epilogue or a  Sequel is cool to me.cool story

You used the wrong word in the story's short description. Azimuth is the direction of a celestial object from the observer, expressed as the angular distance from the north or south point of the horizon to the point at which a vertical circle passing through the object intersects the horizon, while Perigee describes a celestial objects point where it's closest to the earth.

So these post numbers on derpibooru, how do they work? The search engine finds nothing. the filter is set to "everything" and I've tried bpth the post numbers and the artist name.

You're totally correct! The word I actually meant to use was 'zenith' but I awash in orbital terminology at the time and typed azimuth. Thanks for the catch!

*ksshhh* Canterlot, we have ignition. I repeat, we have ignition. Over. *ksshhh**:rainbowderp:

https://derpibooru.org/ 1589326

Try the formatting above but remove the space.

That number was chosen at complete random I swear.:scootangel:

Warning contains: incest, foalcon, anal, M/F, light belly bulging. If you're not a fan - look elsewhere.

At least you have the common courtesy to suggest we piss off and read something better. You get a star for not being a dickhead.

One of my biggest gripes is people who throw out a downvote because it's not to their tastes.

I've stopped myself from doing the same... Maybe I don't like diaper fetish or scat or some other kink, but the author did a great job writing it. I just need to click somewhere else.

It's just my opinion, but downvotes and negative drama type comments would be reserved for poor work.

If my writing is crappy because it's formulaic, has grammatical issues, poor characterization etc. I'll happily take my downvotes.

I get annoyed when I catch a downvotes because a reader thinks that Rainbow Dash is only a lesbian and would never fall in love with a human in an HiE story, or that there's some kinky stuff that I warned you about in the description.

Just click somewhere else! Plenty of stories on this site that you'll like! Save your blood pressure and mine the trouble! Sheesh!

Rant over.

Hey asshole; I didn't even give your story an upvote OR a downvote. I just left the comment. Screw you.

??? I was agreeing with you? Your original don't was on point, lol.


Just click somewhere else! Plenty of stories on this site that you'll like! Save your blood pressure and mine the trouble! Sheesh!

Probably could have worded this part better then, if you were agreeing with me. You may be able to write clopfics, but when it comes to 'agreeing' with people, you've sure as hell got a weird way of showing it, in addition to the weird taste in pornographic writing. My opinion, of course. Take it with a pinch of salt.

Also, could have sworn I blocked you. Guess the page changed before the command got through or something It was for the best the block didn't happen I suppose, or I wouldn't have seen the response. I apologize for the former hostility, as a man who is able to concede and show humility. I misunderstood the reply and leaped to conclusions far too quickly.

So does this mean we're going to be friends or enemies then? I'm okay whichever one we become, though I would prefer the former.

Twilight says.... Friends!:twilightsmile:

Sorry I was ranting at internet culture in general, as if you were sitting next to me at a bar sharing a beer... Was definitely not directed at you.

The people I was ranting about wouldn't bother to drop in and leave a comment, do I knew you hadn't downvoted me without cause!

I love that you focused in on the light backstory I provided!

I'm not sure how much of a sinister mastermind executive type Jet Stream is (artist Shino hasn't established that yet) otherwise he would definitely be using the strategies you've suggested.

As you can tell from the rest of the story though... Right now he's got even bigger issues than the lost contact.

I still haven't downvoted you like I would any other clopfic. Because unlike what happened in your story, you didn't fuck me over. I may not like clopfics a lot - though most of them make for great unintentional comedy reading material to laugh at - but I'll give yours a thumbs up because you weren't a twat like other people have been before towards my criticism. You're one of the good ones on my list.

Well done, mate. Pat yourself on the back and send me a video showing me that you did. You earned it. Now give me a hoof bump, yeah?

Pretty entertaining. Especially with the father-daughter interaction and the sex itself. My largest complaint is that the attempt to describe the daughter the first time. The full description of her is out of place, making it come across as awkward. It is also unnecessary, even excluding the pictures. Her eye color and freckles are mentioned in the story itself, and the same could have been done with her mane and tail color (such mentioning the blue and green color when talking about how her tail is in a bun), as well as her coat (such as when she is posing, or when Jet Stream grabs her plot or preens her feathers).

That's really good feedback! You actually totally busted me: the descriptions were shoe horned in late after the story was finished, so it doesn't surprise me that they feel a bit out of place. Sometimes I get a little too nervous that it's my job to create the mental picture for my readers before the action starts. You've given me some confidence to try things differently next time...

So, what did you think of my story ideas?

I know! I'm freaking blown away, my number one favorite artist not only liked my fic, he drew art of it! Can't wait until I can link that pic in above: he captured it perfectly...

By doing so he's also pretty much guaranteed there will be a sequel, lol!

I'm so energized to write right now!!!!!:pinkiecrazy:

Oh I definitely noticed he probably impregnated his daughter ... he should just show her the note to prove her mother's a bi**h who doesn't really care for her and pretty much just uses her to get back at jet. Plus it's only a crime if the daughter says who the father is..... or is incest even a punishable offense in your universe or just frowned upon.

Well... Now that there's gonna be a sequel, I have to keep some things under my hat!

Let's just say, maybe the law for Pegasi culture is a bit out of date and had some loopholes.

As to pregnancy, it's a coin flip as to whether the little birb ponyo Apogee was on birth control or not.:twilightsmile:

Hey, congrats on this story being Hot, Featured, etc.!

Right up until apogee's pregnancy tests come back positive and the child has suspiciously inbred genetics from sharing roughly 75% of it's genes with her father after accounting for a few mutations which could be side effects of inbreeding to boot. Even an abortion could raise quite a few questions and that's assuming she keeps her mouth shut and doesn't accidentally tip someone off.

Then there is always the counter argument that he had been working harshwinny over for a while and she had a moment of weakness after being sexually harassed by jet stream for a week straight. Or that his claims were unfounded and born of jelousy after she didn't pick him. Then she probably has plenty of political figures wsiting for a chance to bend the legendary tease over a bed spread and get some time in the hole she wouldn't give up.

cleary thare must be a part two here! I know i'd love it. this was good work, so going to read ya other fics!

Hmm the thing about birth control is that it's hormonal so it should also block estrus.
the best option to avoid pregnancy at this time is something like morning after pill.

That's 100% true in reality-land, and you wouldn't be off at all.

In magic horse land, I ascribe to the 'moon-tea' trope (I've seen it used in a couple of different fics). It's a brew that is supposed to have two effects:

-Reduce the debilitating symptoms of estrus (sweats, horniness, winking, lust)
-Prevent pregnancy by magically preventing an ovum from being released (instead of hormonally which would prevent all the other effects)

In the fics that use this trope the first effect seems to be hit or miss, particularly on younger mare's and fillies... But the second effect is reliable.

I like it because it will avoid the use of the morning after pill and any and all controversy that would go along with its use, which is better off not brought up in a light hearted clopfic (same goes with abortions, mental health problems of the filly, changed family dynamics, de facto rape, etc. that is the grim reality of non-fantasy incest).

Well, I may or may not have shared this fic in his Discord server XP

I love that you two are taking this tangent all the way!

I think Harshwhinny would be a tough mare to bring down. She's managed to survive and thrive in Canterlot, which is the harshest battleground for wheeler-dealers (equivalent to Washington DC).

In the end, she probably sensed that Jet Stream was putting on an act with her and chose the younger more manipulable Musk because she knew she could actually keep him wrapped around her hoof and subservient to her control, unlike Jet Stream who would drop her once he had the contract.

If Jet wanted to get back at her (which he probably doesn't, revenge is time-consuming and expensive to an executive), he'd probably do it through beating SpaceZed and Musk in the commercial space program. Maybe he does an end-around play where he goes direct to Luna/Celestia or the more scientifically minded Twilight. Perhaps he can sell the spaceplane program as a friendship initiative if he outsourced some of the fabrication to Griffinstone or Yakyakistan?

Maybe he ends up needing to seduce (or allow himself to be seduced) by Twilight over a business dinner... Being a princess is lonely after all - and incredibly intelligent stallions on her level are not easy to find.

With that clout he could fight back against Musk, and maybe even be able to turn away Harshwhinny's funding (they need the PR bump for her program when SpaceZed trails behind EquestriAero)... Unless she joins Jet Stream for a private 'business' discussion in his hotel room that is... Now Harshwhinny's the one begging, and Jet Stream's going to make her work for it....

Haha that was a fun little tangent!

HUGE thanks! The pic he sketched up and colored was awesome!

Thanks! I attribute my success 100% to Shino and Boop-a-Roops!

If there is defects at all .... gotta remember some purebred horses are mated with their sires for more desirable traits like endurance strength even glossy coats usually it takes a few generations of inbreeding for defects to show unless he's an inbreed himself. Two things about the second first I said the papers coincidentally found out *wink wink* papers get anonymous tips all the time second in the end even if it came to light he tried so what corporation's attempt to use sex appeal to win contracts ....it's why some attractive women have such a hard time in the corporate world because sometimes their put in the same situation but unwillingly instead of jet and tesla who willingly attempted to seduce harshwinny. Plus he failed to win the contract and didn't sleep with her in the end anyway which means he's guilty of nothing. Tesla did succeed and harshwinny backed a inferior contract ... that is if jet succeeds with a prototype that proves superior...... that's why their would be a scandal. She was offered a better product but went for a inferior item just for some sex.

A few words ... morning after tea .... muhahaha. Zecora won't say nothing she probably sells weird potions to royalty all the time after all.

The FBI defines this as a felony.

What Jet Stream did... Or my story?

Das ist gut!

I approve of this. I require a sequel.

You wrote a story involving the sexualization of a minor. Doesn't matter it's fiction, it's still considered Actual Child Porn.

That's true in the eyes of the law in the US.

I don't live in the US.

I also place a hugely different personal scale between fictionalized writing about cartoon horses where literally the only thing making it illegal is a 6 instead of an 8, and the actual sickening abhorrence that is real child abuse and child porn.

I respect your opinion, but I hope you recognize the same - there is a universe of difference.

I understand if you detest the genre/kink on this site, and that's why I try to place warnings.

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