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I want nothing more than to bring a smile to your face with a light-hearted clopfic! If you want to bring a smile to mine, leave a comment!

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This is getting featured

Great Job! I really like your Apojet story, after your last one I wanted to know what was going on with the two younge fillies.:twilightblush:

Damn! A 10,000 word clopfic side story!? How much better can this get!? :pinkiehappy:

Dizzy seems like a cute young mare, and it makes sense that she's developed feelings for the filly that's always been by her side. I just hope she can loosen up a bit around Apogee after this, even if Apogee doesn't entirely share the same feelings towards Diz.

i loved this it was awesome diz was a hot image in my head when reading this. btw if u are looking for someone to spellcheck your fics i wouldn't mind doing so after all i love these fics! ps keep up the good work man im impressed as usual.

"I can't !" Diz groaned in frustration, throwing her hooves up in frustration, launching the pillow she was clutching across the room as she growled, her face a mask of annoyance.


Very nice indeed! :pinkiehappy:

How did you manage to make a pseudo lap-dance scene _cute_? Color me impressed.

Apogee smut is always welcome in any size, but 10k words is just that much more awesome!

Special thanks to the SpacePonyos crew and the blossoming inspiration therein!

8613179 Let’s get the ball rolling

Shining Armor model, Twilight Sparkle approved. I thought there was something about these stories in which incest was considered wrong and there'd be some ancient tribal rites to sweep it under the rug. I figured the premise was they'd have to fight for their forbidden love. At this point I'm pretty sure everyone in Equestria is magically inbred if even Book-Queen's in on it. Hell, give us Celestia railing Luna against a wall while you're at it.

... Please?

That was cute, sweet, and I'm so glad Diz was receiving. That's what made it sweet. Now, hopefully if you continue along this, both girls really realise what's up between them.
I stumbled across this series, and I'm enjoying every word of it.

Apogee sighed, picking up the remote control. "I'm gonna change the channel, this year's finale was the worst. The bad-guy potato gets converted to the good guy team over the course of a freakin' song in the last 3 minutes! Talk about rushed!" She started switching channels as she muttered, "I bet they end up making him the main character of the next season, too."

Oh boy, I see some opinions may be seeping through.

I liked this a lot.
I would still like to hear about Daisy and her brother though.

I was just joking! I'll actually a huge glimmer fan!

... Still, her conversion was pretty quick.

I wish you did a Spike x harem story.

Or a Spike x Chrysalis story. NO rape mind you, or mindcontrol.

Or maybe SPike x princesses or Zecora.

Any of those stories would be good.

A shame that Dizzy and Sidewinder was a thing that couldn't work and ended so suddenly. I wonder what will happen if Sidewinder comes back once back again. Hopefully, things end well with Dizzy in this awkward gathering for a threesome.

XD I'm just yanking your chain!

this still isn't foalcon :(

And in the cover art, there is ass.

Loved this story, Jet Stream really missed out tho, hope to see more works on Daisy

It's been defined to be me as anything under 18.

There isn't really a term for ephebofoalcon or jailbaitfillycon.

Would rather overwarn than underwarn, hope you understand!

Thanks for your kind words of support!

I bear no ill will to those folks though, everyone has different views and I understand where they are coming from.

The disclaimer also makes me feel a little better... The last thing I want to do is antagonize anyone.

It's featureless though.

If you went to Equestria and all ponies were that way... What a tragedy that would be.

He was there for her during her estrus, but had to go back to university.

I'm not saying that's over, but it was always a side-shot.

I'm not super into spike, his character seems pretty straightforward to me, unless the conditions are perfect, I don't see a spike fic anytime soon...

Never know though, an insane pic could come out and change everything.

Still got mouths though... There's that at least.


Still got mouths though... There's that at least.

My man. :rainbowlaugh:

Apogee and Daisy Cutter were both eating lunch, nestled in comfortably in their favorite spot amongst the stacks of engineering and science texts and bookshelves at their school's library,.

A period has to be there and a coma can't be sharing.

The first photo hasn't loaded into the chapter.

Little streaks of tears had stained her facial fur, she'd obviously just been crying. The smaller mare
sniffled, blinking away tears from her eyes. ]

Random enter between 'smaller mare' and 'sniffled,'.

"We should bothhave been bouncing on his stallionhood right about now."

Forgot the space between both and have.

impressive . Apogee tried to ignore the mewling,

There is a period that has space.

so Apogee was dfeeling the pressure,

Feeling has a d in it. lol

of all times... she might never get another chance to draw her out of her shell!

The s in she needs to be capitalized.

The beautiful pastof heaven

Space in between past of and a period at the end of heaven.

Other than those corrections and the photo, I really enjoyed the fic. If you ever need an editor, let me know. :raritywink:



if you want to warn, say: "warning: they're under 18"

Clops, dude, you've outdone yourself. I love your stories, but I have to say that this is the best one I've read from you so far!

Everything went so well for Diz, she also almost expressed her feelings before she pretty much passed out. Poor thing. Well, better luck next time :rainbowlaugh:

Seeing Apogee's reaction to everything was pretty amusing, it was all just so overwhelming for her that she lost herself in the moment.
She truly is incredibly oblivious though.

And how Jet caught them... good luck explaining that away :rainbowlaugh:
Then again, he'd probably understand. Though I can see the hilarity (for us) that would ensue if Apogee got all enthusiastic and started telling her dad about every detail and how awesome it was.

And Dizzy's last comment... yep, dinner. Absolutely. Nothing else happened at all. Nope. Please ignore the scent and what everything looks like.

Also also, that song. You sure know how to make the nostalgia train hit, I have a sudden urge to re-play NFS Underground.

You know what has to happen next, Cfic. We know this fic leads to dinner and Apogee has after-dinner plans. :raritystarry:

Somebody once theorized that a pony's genitals only appear when the pony wishes them to. :derpytongue2:

These just keep on coming, I love it!

Comment posted by Sunny Starscout deleted Dec 23rd, 2017

I'm amazed one clop story has so many side stories and sequels already.

Great as always! Can never get enough apogee.
One thing for future reference though, silicon is an element that grows in crystals and is used to make computer chips. Silicone is the rubbery plastic used for dildos and medical implants. A lot of people get the two mixed up:twilightsheepish:

Thanks! I'll try to get those edits in!

Hey Tank,

Thanks so much for taking the time to point these out!!! Just corrected them!

Would love to have you help edit, or hang out with the creative team, lemme know if you wanna join our discord!

This Apogee Fanfiction has really taken off. Not only do the characters have interesting backstorys but the occasional clop that comes with it is also great. Thanks to both you @ClopFicsInTheComments & @Shinonsfw

of a silver dollar, an

They have dollars in this Equestria?

I really becoming a big fan of this young mare and your writing!
Great job!:moustache:

Diz looked up from her book, blushing as she watched her friend began to bounce to the rhythm as the song started. "A-Apogee?"

[0px × 0px]

Diz felt her body begin to warm as she watched her giggling friend's rump... and that was even before the song really got going.

The picture doesn't work anymore.

B-but they didn't kiss!

O-of course not! I-it was just two filliy friends helpin' each other!



I usually reserve myself from the clop. However this magnificent piece of Literotica takes the cake...or should I say Dizzy's cake. :ajsmug: ? Anyways just wanted to thank you my acquaintance for it. The fact that Gee is so ok with telling her friend everything from little comments to incestuous secrets gives the idea that she doesn't mind the sex. Diz however quickly scrambles to do the first thing any teenage couple would do after some love making if they heard their parents. Again, great piece of work. I wouldn't mind seeing a bonus part of some stupid thing like "Yeah Dad, me and Diz FUACKED! Cause you couldn't make it tonight. All she wanted was some big fat horse dick in her, and I had to provide! So from now on I'm lesbian, say goodbye go this sweet ass!". Wow, listen to me, making a horribly chapter with even worse dialogue. Just like most movies in the US these days.

Keep up the work ya genius.

Wow! Thank you!

TBH, I reallllly.... REALLY want to do the follow up chapter - just need to find some plausible way to get Jet and Diz to do the horizontal snuggle that isn't too far fetched!

Isn't "Daisy Cutter" a cloquial term for a particularly environmentally unfriendly person? Usually exploitive CEOs? Does this mean we might see a dramatic story about how DC basically ends up destroying the planet's ecosystem and apogee will be the one to save pony kind from extinction via space colonization? I wish I had the time and skill to write that story. Maybe even just a one off clop fic where DC and Ap are mature, adult mares meeting up after several tense years to try and get past old greviences on one of many Dyson (Apogee?) swarm colony stations?

Also follow up idea would basically be apogee following original plan tho, right? Maybe something about the cooler just not working (even if it isn't necessarily true) and Diz needing some serious relief so apogee calls upon the only one she knows that might help her best friend in this dire situation (even if technically she knows of other options)

Interesting! I have heard of that usage for Daisy cutter. I named her after the bomb. All of Daisy's family is named after munitions

As to what happens next: Apogee had originally planned for a menage a trois, which may or may not be under the works currently.

I would highly enjoy reading something you would about the pair in the future! Sounds like you have interesting ideas!

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