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Wow, great story, and the alternate endings just made it better. I loved all of them, it’s really hard to pick a favorite.

Overused dialoge is the JAM that this chapter needed so funny i nearly choked. Automatically goes into favorites

Rolled a five and got the best ending imo. The royal sisters endings are a nice little touch the celestia one is better one of the two also imo. The one is really nice and two is a hellova suggestive and hot. Still the 5 is the best my luck here is really good it seems.

Voted the Luna ending best because it's the one I rolled and her picture seemed the most appropriate for the situation.

When she cast the swapping teleport spell, the energy rippled through Equus’s thaumic field, looking for another great source of magical energy, like an asteroid falling in toward a gravity well. In most circumstances, this would have been Celestia, located only a few hundred miles away from Ponyville… or her sister, located in the same castle… In this particular instance, Luina[Luna] just so happened to be closer to Ponyville - the tower of the moon was located further south in the castle layout than the royal dais.

"It's a me! Luina! The less know sister of Cellario!"

I just finished reading the others endings (got a 3 kek) and I was curious for the others even if I expected the others Alicorns ... EXCEPT THAT I ALMOST SPIT OUT MY COFFEE WHEN I SAW THIS ONE :rainbowlaugh: I EXCPECTED A HAREM, OR CHRYSY OR FUCK EVEN DISCORD OR PIKIEPIEALICORN BUT NOT THIS ONE!
Fantastic story overall

This was definitely my favorite ending

This ending was the best, I like Celestia's dominant yet comforting attitude

This shouldn't be arousing. Why is it arousing.

Also, when is Shakespearicles coming? The sun will fail to rise – wait, that's a bad phrase for Equestria – Twilight will destroy a library before he skips Twicest.

He was going to paint her insides white.

Fill her with his fertile side.

He was going to cum in his little sister.

I beg for mercy!!!

I got this, but I would have really preferred 1.

One does not simply interrupt Twicest!

P.S. Those images at the start of each chapter are a nice touch.

Comment below as to what you think of the ending you rolled! Don't be salty if you didn't get the one you wanted!

I'm quite salty thank you very much!!!

Okay, that was half in jest, but I do wish that 1 would have been my "canon" ending. I tend to nitpick about small details like that. Why must you have said it to be so! :raritydespair:

Somewhat terrifying, Luna is. :moustache:

Oh wow...

Having forgotten about Flurry Heart, I was wondering what Ending 5 was for...

And I was pleasantly surprised. Next to Twicest, sudden Shining-Flurry incest is... unexpectedly hot, though it's probably your way of writing Flurry's reaction.

This would be my second favorite ending, after Twicest.

Oh my...

Celestia you naughty Goddess! Who knew! :trollestia:

I rolled a 4,

1 is the best, but the dice decided my cannon is 5.

You're sick, perverted individual. Please, do go on :pinkiecrazy:

Rolled a 4.

Ofc... nearest alicorn XD HA ... this is the kind of quality bs i love :)

It's just what we get for trusting the heart of the cards.

I was a little confused I thought you meant swapping Minds not Trading positions with each other.

Well, that's one way to end a hilarious clop story. On to the other ones!


There you are! I was wondering if you were gonna show up.

I was busy having a birthday.

You're finally here! I knew Twilight wouldn't destroy a library!!! :pinkiesmile:

This is such a completely contrived situation purely for the sake of porn, I love it.

this is canon? i approve

Well, it only took twenty six sided die, four thirteen sided custom made die, seven twenty sided die, and one one hundred sided die... now all the endings are my canon! THE MULTIVERSE IS AWESOME!

Lol, this is officially the only way I'll accept someone having more than one canon

“Princess Celestia… who would be in Ponyville.”

She'd be wondering what in Tartarus just happened; why she's suddenly in Ponyville for no explicable reason.

It didn’t even click that perhaps she should have asked the princess first.

Or performed a scan for other, closer, alicorns first. You never know, Cadence could be on her way to surprise you or Flurry Heart managed to teleport somewhere nearby or Luna might be ever so slightly closer.

Wait, Twilight disappeared right in front of Spike...let's hope Cadence's appearance doesn't scar him for life.

.... What is with my luck? I rolled a three.

Considering this is entirely Twilight's fault, for creating a useless spell that doesn't tell the user who she's swapping with or tell the recipient what's happening, I have a feeling the Crystal Empire will be going to war against Ponyville soon...

Her first crime: foalnapping the princess. Second crime: seducing the prince. Third crime: foalnapping the prince's daughter. Fourth crime: making the prince accidentally impregnate his own daughter. Major social faux pas: appearing indecently aroused wherever the daughter once was, potentially causing a riot.

Twilight's dead meat.

I was today years old when I learned that rolling a one means critical success.

Perfect Roll of the dice for me and awesome reaction by luna as always :rainbowlaugh:

great story all round 10\10

“It’s about seventeen inches long, maybe nine inches around.”

“Y-you measured!?” Twilight asked with a look of disbelief.

“I thought you liked science!”

“Seventeen and nine!?” Twilight blinked. “That’s l-like…one point nine times bigger then Flash Sentry.”

“Wait…. You measured!?”

“I like science!” Twilight groaned.

This was perfect

Yes! It's authorized and official!

This was honestly one of the funniest mid-sex interactions I've read in a clopfic.

I rolled a two, but my favourite has to be number five! :pinkiecrazy:

This is your canon ending, but you can read the other ones too.


....my canon ending was Luna, I was just checking the other chapters.

Favorite and my canon ending, life is good

“Maybe I could handle the danger better!”

“Than Celestia? ”

Probably? Celestia's answer to a problem is usually to deploy the tactical Twinuke.

I thought about this exact response actually.

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