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Quite well-written, Did spot one error.

>“Or maybe she’d just fucking them. It’s what I would do. Why sacrifice the hard-earned progress of my wonderful citizens if I could just open my legs—”

should be

>“Or maybe she’s just fucking them. It’s what I would do. Why sacrifice the hard-earned progress of my wonderful citizens if I could just open my legs—”

God damn, I fucking love a good transformation story, and this one already has the potential to be one of the GOAT. Starting out strong with the Twilight transformation. I can't wait to see what kind of kinky shit Shining Armor gets up to at the conference. Bring on more chapters!

Its always exciting to see a new story out from you. Off to a great start, can't wait to see what antics await.

Was wondering when you'd be back :)

This was definitely something different.

It was about halfway through that was like “this feels like an concordion story” then I look up and see it’s you lol.

Do find it weird that for Shining to see if Cadance is okay he’s gunna cheat on her. Shining’s really not the brightest.
Can’t wait to see how it all plays out

Eh, let me know when Shining finds out the hard way that Cadance IS fucking Wings.

You're amazing and they're all nuts and I love you. I cannnot wait for an unprepared dumb boy to be on the end of all the sexy, aggressive, fun sexism Caddy has to deal with.

I don't totally share your Twilight Shining obsession, but having Chrysalis so intensely, maliciously exploit it is a nice twist that breathes some new life into it.

Please don't keep me waiting too long for more.

Odd plan on his side. How he supposed to muster challenges in THAT disguise.

A good premise for a kidnapping story.

Really looking forward to see what happens next:pinkiehappy:

Every year, when the castle opens its doors to neighboring countries, Prince-consort Shining Armor has to watch as Princess Cadance lets diplomats and dignitaries flirt with her, get in her personal space, and generally treat her like a piece of meat. It's bad enough she can't do anything about it, but she won't even let him help.

So this year, Shining's got a plan—one that will have him working his own brand of diplomacy.

Oh finally, a story about Shining getting treated like a piece of meat instead. I can't wait for him to be addicted.

Twilight smiles a grin full of sharp, glimmering teeth. “Big brother—I was Mother Nightingale.”


It looks like Crew is locking her up again.

They're going to swap places aren't they.

I really dig the setup for this. Your stories are great at pushing my buttons. I hope Shining is about to get in way over his head. Looking forward to chapter 2!

I absolutely love how you write these characters.:heart:

This is really interesting, kept me enthralled from start to finish. Can't wait to see what happens next.

i like this set up and since i know who the changeling is. I'd laugh and cheer if we found out that when Shining got changed into Cadance that he finds out that he IS Cadance in all but mind. Meaning he is now really a She, and that she actually has fully functional female anatomy meaning she can enter Estrus or Heat Cycle and can be impregnated.

So i'd love it if later in the story he\she enters a heat cycle and accidentally let's her body overwhelm his mind and has sex and becomes pregnant because of it.

Dropping Thorax in there might be interesting.
The bug had to get his love from somewhere in the whilst empire.
And even if this plays in a later time, certain...arrangements might still stand~

Whom do you think will get up all in Cadance’s business next?

The obvious guess seem's to be one of Ambassador Wing's escorts, but I imagine he keeps them on a tight leash, perhaps literally. So in that case, I'm going to guess one of the other delegates, probably pulling "Cadance" aside for some last-minute "discussions" before the official conference. A kirin, perhaps? Given how effeminate their males are (I doubt Shining Armor has figured out their chevrons), one can imagine some extra misunderstandings being thrown "Cadance's" way when she realizes that the lady kirin coming on to her isn't a lady at all.

Oh hell yeah

I would love to see Thorax as well :rainbowkiss:

I kind of expected he'll fail to didge meeting her, but I din't expect this way :P

Imagine big reveal later :unsuresweetie:

If you thought pronouns were a challenge with regular lesbian horse fucking, how about when one or more of them is secretly a dude?

These are the boundaries we are here to break lol

probably would have been easier if you left shinings name the same in his internal monologue and only used cadence for when someone referred to him, disguised has her.

Never stop writing

It feels like her whole world has been turned upside-down in a matter of minutes.

Her wife’s natural magic encourages regular, polite, boring ponies to abandon all reason and politeness and personal space to start feeling her up, at least until they get used to it.

Their daughter has inherited that same magic, that same aura—and those same consequences.

That same daughter enjoys the attention, and is regularly cuddling with, making out with, and possibly even sleeping with strangers without any concern for the consequences.

Her wife takes care of their daughter’s intimate needs when they threaten to overwhelm her.

“Oh, hey, dear,” Cadance mutters, slipping into the nearest secret doorway. “Just thought you should know I’ve been going down on our daughter when she gets horny from all the strangers groping her.”

Worst of all—neither of them saw fit to tell her about any of this!

As fun and enjoyable the sex has been. The mystery in this story haves me totally hook.

Why doesn't Cadance tell Shining the truth about everything? He already knows about the constant sexual harassments and abuse she goes through every single time. So why bother keeping it all a secret from him. He’s already worried out of his mind about her, so whats the point.

No doubt she really doesn't want him to know how much she really wants to let others have their way with her. Thanks to Flurry we know that their love magic is a double-edge sword. Everyone wants to fuck her and she wants to fuck them.

She must be trying so hard to hold herself back and not betray Shining.

Also, what makes Shining so special? How come he’s not effected by her natural magic? Sure we seen other ponies who aren't, but they’re clearly holding back. So they're not immune to it like Shining is.

I’m looking forward to seeing all the truths come out.

I'd upvote this story a second time if I could.

Honestly, while your sex scenes are incredible, it's the subtle bits of worldbuilding and numerous unsolved plot hooks that really make this story stand out. Ember wants to be bred by a unicorn? Cadance has a lust aura that she has trouble controlling? Chrysalis is locked up in the basement for some reason? These make it seem like this is an entire world, one which we're just glimpsing a small part of, and that's even more seductive than Sugar and Spice.

Barely. :raritywink:

I think you did really well with this chapter, the way she slowly got corrupted through constant teasing is great. I really want to see where this goes.

A couple things you could have done with the mini skirt. Spice could have used it to clean up his member bit, though I do like that he pumped into Shiny's phony pretty pink plump puffy princess pussy while he still had cum and spit on it.

Jokes aside it was enough of an interesting detail to be intriguing.

Sugar and Spice made for a great addition to the story. Everypony loves sexy, seductive twins, right? You did a great job on the back and forth chatter with those two.
I’m really interested to find out where the real Cadence has got to during all this. She’s a busy mare, she must be up to something important!
This is another very nice chapter. Please keep working on the story. And also include a hot breeding scene, please and thank you. :)

You just don't stop surprising. You did Cadance cheating on Shining, now you did Shining in a sense cheating on himself. This is fascinating and I hope to read more.

You probably did not intend this, but it would be hilarious if Wing left the siblings with an order to distract Cadance while he does something nefarious, but due to Shining's involvement the real Cadance caught him.

And yes, you should have done more with Spice's skirt. Maybe in a later chapter?

WE WANT MORE:pinkiehappy:

Drat i was hoping Shining wouldn't turn back and after that scene with him and Cadance still swapped that Shining got pregnant and couldn't change back til after the birth. It would've been an amusing prank Crysalis pulls on Shining

This is amazing, you're the absolute best. I want to fawn over this with so many words — there's all these moments that are perfectly executed, sharp beats of dominance laid on top of each other. Characters being complete idiots and loveable and cute. Dirty, filthy talking about the best of things. And I'm speechless. I wish I could find even an ounce of your talent to tell you how well you did, but this rambling is the best I've got.

Thank you for writing, everything is great.

This was great. Again you pull your story in unexpected, but completely reasonable directions. I wonder if the note at the end is a hint at something the reader should recognize or just a funny addition.

Also, did you forget to mark the story as complete?

I did forget! Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Definitely more.

Maybe something involving Chrysalis being "motivated" to practice her art on all three of them, getting Twilight into the mix, and a Dragonlands arc?

Incredible job on this, really.

I see your point, but this wasn't really a prank story. I think that would give everything a real 180. Sorry!

This was rad, always love the stories that explore these two’s dynamic and his one is no exception. Having them explore each other’s bodies, helping them both to understand one another was a joy to read. Brilliant work

But…. Come onnnn did you have to stop it there

Ok thnx but i hope you write another story where Shining as Cadance and vice versa for Cadance where Shining does end up pregnant as Cadance. I find those stories so fun to read as i am a fan of Role Reversal stories.

Wow, really had fun reading these last two chapters.
I do feel like I've got cold water splashed over me now that I'm done reading. Liked the twist that both characters did what they thought the other wanted to do; cadance screwing diplomats and shining throwing them in the dungeon.

I know that honest communication between characters is the bane of stories like this one, but part of me can't help but be a bit upset at how indignant Cadance (the real Cadance) was when she confronted her husband in this chapter. I mean, this all started because she apparently never told Shining Armor, "Honey, I have a lust-inducing aura. It causes ponies to become extremely attracted to me and forget their inhibitions when they're in my presence, but I've learned to live with it and never once been unfaithful to you. Also, our daughter has the same thing."

Oh, and "Also, Ambassador Crimson Wing has a domination aura, which I'm able to resist but I'm afraid you won't be able to."

I mean, Shining Armor (the real Shining Armor) was right to call out a lack of trust here. Yes, he went behind his wife's back [insert sex position joke here], but that's what happens when you know someone you trust isn't being honest with you. He might not have realized that Cadance was withholding information, but he was quite clearly registering a mismatch between what she was assuring him of (that she wasn't being objectified) and what he perceived (that she was), and wasn't getting a satisfactory answer when he informed her of that. While the two of them might have had their "love conquers all" moment near the end, the rest of it doesn't seem like a healthy marriage (especially since Goldenrod knows about Cadance's aura, so it's not like she needed to keep it a secret or anything).

Also, yeah, throwing a diplomat in jail? That's really going to come back to bite the Crystal Empire later on.

Oh, and the sex scenes were hot, too!

I couldn't have said it better myself. All this could have been easily solved. If Cadance had just explained everything to Shining from the beginning.

Cadance sighs. “Fuck. Okay. Look. Wing has an aura too. We don’t know why. Goldenrod thinks his mother was impregnated by a very powerful, magic-wielding drake. It’s subtle. It takes time. And it’s not like he can control your mind. But ponies bend to his will if he works them enough and they aren’t used to it. I am used to it. You are not. If I’d let you two in the same room there’s no telling what he would’ve done to you. And if you and I worked together, the end result would be both of us humiliated. Shiny, it’s not your fault. But your integrity is your weakness to ponies like him . . . he would have fucked you.” He snorts. “He did fuck you.”

“I don’t care. I could’ve helped! I could have protected you and your reputation. We’re supposed to talk to each other, Cadey. We’re supposed to trust each other!”

“Trust?” Shining slams his hoof down onto the table with a bang. “Then what is this?” he hollers. “What are these?!” He reaches for her wings and pulls.

This part always makes me mad at Cadance. She wants to argue about trust. When she herself never trusted Shining enough to tell him the truth about her aura. Which she been living with her whole life. That's bullcrap! No one can blame Shining for doing what he did. Because he was just worried for his wife but if Cadance had just told him and stop making pointless excuses. He wouldn't have gone through with his plan.

It really bugs me that she's willing to trust another pony with her secret (Goldenrod) but not her own damn husband! I mean seriously. There's no excuse for her to keep Shining in the dark like that. What the hell was she so afraid of?

And seeing that Shining now knows the truth. Whatever fears she had been shot down. Shining now fully understands the situation and would trusts his wife 100% and no longer worry about her and the two of them could open their bedroom doors for other ponies to have fun with in private.

Seriously, why is it always so hard for people to do something as simple as honestly talk and calmly explain things or just tell the truth. You can't predict how the recipient would react to the news. Cause it might not go the way you think it would and it just makes you look like a complete idiot.

Just tell him the truth Cadance! It's not that hard.

“Why didn’t you tell me that ponies are treating you like that?” Cadance asks. “I could’ve helped. At least with Wing—”

More like, why didn't she just tell you everything before and why she kept it all a secret from you for so long?

Cadance makes Shining confess things, twice in this story

1. “Why, Shining—are you jealous?”

“Well—” He doesn’t like lying to his wife, and she can usually tell. “Yeah.”

She tilts her head. “Jealous of what?” she asks, circling him slowly. “Do you wish you got to make demands of our tiny, precariously-perched Kingdom? Or do you like to say mean things to a Princess, and hurt her feelings? Maybe you want to grope me in public and get away with it?”

“He groped you?”

“Don’t change the subject, dear.”

“No, I’m jealous that he isn’t held back from speaking his mind, and . . . ”


“ . . . and I sometimes get the feeling you respect him more than me. Despite his behavior.”

2. “I know,” Cadance mutters.

Shining nuzzles her neck. “Did you really think I was sleeping around with Wing and the others for a bunch of rocks?”

“No!” Cadance exclaims. “I never did. I know you wouldn’t.”

“Then what—”

“I thought they were hurting you. Or using you. And that you thought you wouldn’t have a choice. I thought that you would suffer their appalling behavior in silence, so that our subjects can have better lives. I thought you would be too polite and accommodating towards ponies who don’t deserve you. And I thought—”

“Go on.”

“I thought you didn’t dislike it as much as you should.”

“You mean you thought I liked it. That I enjoyed it. Tell me. Did you enjoy them toying with you?”

Cadance nods once.

“I see.” Shining exhales.

Unless I’m missing something. She never explained why she kept everything a secret from Shining. Why keep him in the dark? Especially when she knew he was planning something. That clearly showed he didn't trust her enough.

Shining haves, a good excuse for doing his plan. But what's Cadance excuse for not telling him the truth from the start?

It was never about her cheating on him. Shining never suspect that she was. He was afraid she might get raped.

You guys are right. I think I screwed up the ending. It's easy to judge silly horror movies when the victim could've prevented everything by calling the police, but then here I go basically doing the same thing. Oh well.

I still love the story and the sex scenes were a lot of fun. But yeah, Cadance not telling Shining everything from the start. With absolutely no reason to do so. Is just as dumb as the stupid decisions people make in horror films.

Maaaaybe I just assume this was closer to your other works, and I'm not going to say Cadance was lying to Shining at the end, there, I feel like it fits her given character to have a toxic, superior ego to her poor little mortal husband. Who, also to her credit, is a complete idiot and makes terrible decisions. She could have avoided all this by communicating clearly with Shining from the start, but also she shouldn't have to. She's the ruler of the entire country, a literal god who understand how all her little ponies' hearts work, and just how to wind them to get them doing exactly what she wants and makes them happiest. Shining should know how to follow along~


She could have avoided all this by communicating clearly with Shining from the start, but also she shouldn't have to. She's the ruler of the entire country, a literal god who understand how all her little ponies' hearts work, and just how to wind them to get them doing exactly what she wants and makes them happiest. Shining should know how to follow along~

But she did told Goldenrod about her aura. So why tell him and not Shining? He would have understood. Just as he did at the end of the story.

Being a princess shouldn't matter! What would you say if she wasn't a princess? Just a normal, regular, mortal mare with a magical lust aura. Who chose not to be clear with her husband? More willing to tell a close friend her secret but not the guy she married.

Cadance haves no excuse. Especially since Shining straight up told her he was planning something. She could have told him everything right then and there but chose not to for some unexplained reason.

Sure, she was never being unfaithful to Shining. But she wasn't making things clear for him to understand. He was worried for her and after how upset and angry she was the last time she dealt with Crimson Wing. It only made him more worried that Crimson would succeed in actually raping his wife this time.

And it sure doesn't help that When he overhears others, like his guards. Talking about the things they saw happened to her without clarity, Chrysalis and Wing kept calling her a whore and saying she spread her legs for other nations leaders to get what she needs for her kingdom easier and Flurry (despite not knowing that Cadance was a fake) didn't at least called out on her mother behavior of actually eating her out. Instead of doing what they would normally do with the cooler. She could have said something after the sex. Since she was too horny to say before. But would have been great if she did.

And of course, Chrysalis lied to him about how she needed him to fuck her so she could obtain love to power up her magic.

Everyone in this story have been treating Shining badly and all because he is simply oblivious to what's going on when he’s not looking, keeping unnecessary secrets from with no explanation or reason.

But most of all he didn't fully trust his wife. That's his only real crime.

Well can you blame him. She wasn't making things easy him, when he voiced his worries for her. So, everyone is in on the situation in one form or the other. But Shining is purposely left out it and is just expected to just sit there and let his wife get molested and talk down too by everypony who comes in range of her and never need to know the reason why and if he ever she's the same thing happens to Flurry. He just needs to be the good father who lets it all happen and never speak up or questions why both his wife and daughter are constantly being molested by pony's day in and day out.

Like you said. He should just follow along and be happy with his life. No questions asked.

Poor Shining Armor. I feel sorry for you.

Is it sad to say that I’d like to see a sequel to this in the future:twilightblush:.

Oh man, now I want to see two Shinings double teaming Flurryheart. Does this story take place in the same universe as 'How to Discipline Your Little Sister', out of curiosity?

Eh, I wouldn't really worry about it too much. You're a good writer and people can get pretty emotionally invested in the actions and motivations of the characters you write. I certainly do. It's a good problem to have, I think.

Will there be any more chapters for this story or is it completely done?

It says "The End" and is marked as completed. Don't know what else to tell you. Are you asking if there will be a sequel? Maybe. I don't have any plans but it's not impossible. What sort of continuation are you imagining? What do you want to happen to the characters?

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