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dirty little secret

I tried so far… and got so hard… but in the end, it didn't even matter at all. (Direct Support)

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Very well done!

Thanks! ^.^ What's your favorite part?

I just realized that over half of the 'similar' stories fimfic lists for this one are mine, lol. Have I fallen into a pattern?

Am very excited to see where this can lead

It'll be up tomorrow ... though SubscribeStar supporters have had it for a while now!

It seems that you published this story fairly recently despite having written this well over two years ago. Why?

It only took me a little over 2 years to get around to writing Chapter 2!


The lists do prefer stories by the same author.

I liked the comparisons made to similar experiences with Cadence. Also the concept is a fun one. Plus the writing was just good quality overall.

Wow. Perfect. Wow.

Oh dear, this can’t be good. Can’t wait to see Twi take over Cadance a well

I'm placing my bet on the twist; Given the way Cadance is portrayed here, I predict she shape-shifted to mess with him. If I'm wrong, great. If I'm right, that's an excuse for her to force increasingly embarrassing situations on our intrepid hero.

If the spoiler were true then the tags would contain it (in a spoiler because it's a spoiler). Springing false advertising on the reader would be uncool.

I suspected as much...

We all know that's where it's going! ^.^

Heh, yeah ... I'm not going to do that much of a bait and switch on you guys!

I'm aware of the group, and I'm actually a member... But I thought this story wasn't a very good fit for it. Magic is involved in causing them to have sex, yes, but the magic isn't really involved in the sex any. So I didn't think it would be of much interest to people who wanted magical sex.

I've achieved perfection?


Well, I guess that's it folks. I can wrap this up and go home.

Unless this is set to be an anthology, and then the spoiler tags would be set up chapter by chapter, indicating that at some point in the near future, Cadance finds out about what's going on, casts a spell to transform herself into Twilight, and rides him like that because he feels bigger when she's smaller and tighter. Totally an option, but I don't think so because having it be actual incest is more likely to result in higher view counts. Rereading the story later drops off significantly more if an actual fetish is made into a facsimile of the same fetish. It's even possible that the author hasn't planned out every chapter yet, or that Cadance told Twilight where to find them and taught her how they work in order to satisfy her desire for a foalcon threesome. That'd be pretty hot.

More good


It's even possible that the author hasn't planned out every chapter yet

Me? Never!
Most of the time, I never publish a story until it's been completely written already, not just planned out. And even on the few times there were exceptions, I did already have a detailed plan.

(Just think of the horror! If I published chapters as soon as they were done, you'd be waiting more than 2 years between the chapters in this story!)

More good? That's unpossible! Somebody already told me Chapter 1 was perfect, so how can it be more good than perfect?

Oh my dear friend,
That’s the thing about perfection,
You think you found the best part of it only to find out that’s there’s so much moreto it!

Fun read. The obvious solution is just to get Twi a set of her own coupons. That wouldn't be a bad idea, right? Maybe a stocking stuffher for the holidays? :twilightblush:


And then Twilight discovers that the hex works on anypony you present a coupon to, not just Cadance and her brother...

Well, we can get both of those first to done at the same time!”

First two?

Damn ... now that's a particularly embarrassing typo!
I swear, my fingers just missed the w key! I know the difference between "to" and "two" -- I really do!

We're going two have too dock off to points from your review score :trollestia:

Which must be tested! For science! :twilightsheepish:


dock off to points from your review score

Me, accepting this harsh but fair judgement:

Always wished your stories were a little longer.

Stocking stuffher? Is that an innuendo or a typo?

We need more of this. A lot more of this. All the coupons need to be used!

And then Twilight discovers that the hex works on anypony you present a coupon to, not just Cadance and her brother...

Which she would absolutely try, because science. :twilightsmile:

It's a little longer now. ^.^


We need more of this. A lot more of this.

The spirit is willing, but they keyboard fingers are spongy and bruised.

Honestly, that would be a pretty fun story on its own.

Of course don't rush yourself. Take some time to heal and get some new ideas. But don't forget about this either


Would be shame if in the future, when Flurry was growing up, she 'accidentally' found one or two of these in Twilight's long forgotten stash. Of course she goes right to Twi to ask what these are for.

Seems odd to not key them but not at all out of character for the show for them to overlook basics.

Aside from that they're coupons so my thoughts go to purchase misunderstandings;
At doughnut joes: Yes I have this coupon here for a free frosted doughnut...

Hm... The free cream pie coupon could be useful at Sugarcube Corner...


The cover art alone is worth the read. Maximum cuteness.

Does she even know what the hex does? I don't think she was ever told. What if she just copies the spell without thinking about what it does? Oh geez, imagine if this Twilight was the type to hear Friends with Benefits, and because she's so socially stunted that she's literally studying friendship, she just thinks that's 'taking friendship to the next level' because of the word benefits, and flashes a coupon to Fluttershy as 'a way to break her out of her shell'. Worse yet, what would she wind up compelled to reveal to Princess Celestia and her court? It is the quiet ones that get up to the strangest shenanigans, after all.

When I saw that pic, I knew that had to be the one for this story!


what would she wind up compelled to reveal to Princess Celestia and her court?

Whatever it is that she's most embarrassed about.
For Fluttershy, I assume that would be a time she (slightly) raised her voice at one of her animals or something like that.
Actually, come to think of it, it might be this moment ... which, luckily for her, everypony already knows about.


I think in a more realistic terms that most ponies would know about things like hexes and curses and would be able to recognize them. Before signing their name on the dotted line.


Great choice!

I don't believe in hitting children but...

You probably don't believe in fucking children, either. And yet here we are...

Placing bets now, Twilight duplicated the coupons!

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