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Well... this was quite the nice story of awesome hot mare on mare kinky stuff. Wonderful execution of the consept my friend, i enjoyed it alot.

Side Note. I like the think that Flurry saw the entier thing & knows full well who the father really is, and as soon as she can talk, she will tell him.

To think my mother, teachers, church, random passerby, a couple of mail boxes, women, frightened men on toilets whose stalls ive barged into , police who helped me wash the stinging water from my eyes, and those nice orderlies with the funny candies and jackets that buckle in the back that make me hug myself told me I'd never accomplish anything in life...

Reach for the stars kids

I am so confused by those tags.

I'm glad you liked it!

"But Cadance, I'm straight."

"So is spaghetti until it gets wet."

That line never gets old.

Meh, just more lesbian infidelity. Not my cup of tea.

Excuse you, but this is
e x c e p t i o n a l
lesbian infidelity.

KMCA #11 · April 2nd · · 1 · Epilogue ·

Also, Fluttershy was there.

I tell you, it's the little touches.

Maybe so, but it's a dime a dozen to me. I'm much more interested in Shining Armor x Twilight Velvet stories. Especially when he replaces Night Light and takes the proper role of breeding that mare as he should.

Cheating slut Cadence is overdone. I'd love to see a cheating Cadence slut shamed and cucked herself because she's a loser.

It's designed to get wet though. It's a bs excuse.

Weird desire, but aight.

there are stories like that out there

Anyone who reads Shakespearicles stories has weird desires. Which I do read. This story is well written, and I upvoted it but it isn't what I was hoping.

Respect to you.

Well you might like Project CAFR a lot. It's quite good, but unfortunately unfinished. Anyways I think cheating slut Cadance is a classic and will never get old.

Dialogue got a little... Brazzers towards the end of the sex. Which is to say a bit forced.

Other than that? Fun little twist on the scenario, maestro.

God I love your work

My only complaint is that Shining Armor wasn't actually involved and then he wasn't told. Those types of secrets destroy families when they get out and Twilight has a hard time keeping secrets. Could you imagine it?

5 years later. Shining Armor: Wow Twily, our kids look so much alike!"

Twilight Sparkle: "Yup. It's almost like they have the same dad."

Shining Armor thinks about it. Cadence walks into the room and Shining blurts. "Did you cheat on me, Cadie?"

Cadence, stunned, replies. "Of course not... you're the only stallion for me..."

Shining Armor frowns and looks back at his sister's foal... Cadence gulps.

Anyways. Great work as always.

That final scene was perfect. :rainbowlaugh:

Also Fluttershy was there.

"Do you have any idea how long I've fantasized about this? How many times I've rubbed one out imagining how you'd look between my legs like this?"
Twilight couldn't talk with her mouth full.

What would Twilight say if she could?

"You'll learn as he did that your place, your purpose is to serve me. To please me. He can tell you first hoof how well I take care of mine." Twilight furrowed her eyes. "Your defiance only makes this hotter for me. But rest assured, by tomorrow, you'll be begging for me to let you put your tongue in my pussy!"

And the Twilight turned matters around by casting a spell to let her horn vibrate violently.
This caught Cadance off-guard, allowing Twilight to overwhelm her with pleasure, followed by her re-negotiating the deal.

"Say it! Say my name!" She pushed the hose inside herself.
"Please cum inside me Cadance!"

And the suddenly the door opens.
Shining: "Sorry Cady, I forgot-"
Twidance: "..."
Shining: "...Nevermind."
The door closes again.

Also, Fluttershy was there.

Good! I was worried for a moment...

I am altering the deal. Pray I do not alter it further!

Cadance just smiled softly. "I know, Twilight. I know... But I do . Just as much as I like stallions. And as surely as I love Shining. And had things been different, I might just as soon have married you ."

What's he's trying to say is he wants the whole set the family set. Got to catch them all

Hmm… I think I could buy the dommy Cadance thing better if it turned out that she was tapping into Twi’s latent fetish, if Twi responded very well to it, and it was just another instance of Cadance having an uncanny ability to please her lovers. As it is, though, she seems kind of dommy for no reason.

Also, lol, Twi should really have negotiated harder. I feel like an actual threesome with Shining could have been on the table. Maybe even a three-way poly marriage. She probably could have gotten a lot more out of Cadance if she’d been less “thirsty begging” and more “teasing Cadance with what she has to offer, but not letting Cadance seal the deal until she agrees to the deal on Twi’s terms”.

Oh, and at the point when Cadance was telling Twi to feel her love for Shining and Cadance was eating up that energy … at that point, I thought for sure that Cadance had been replaced by Chrysalis again.

Comment posted by Nova Sparkle deleted August 20th

Twilight’s just going to end up having me again

Cadance smiled. "Well, now... I have something that you want... to make a deal." She stood up and walked around behind their chairs. "Therefore, there must be something that you have... that I want ... to make a deal. And it just so happens that there is something that I want." Twilight felt Cadance's hoof on her shoulder. "Something that I have wanted for a very long time."

Cadance, you're too pink to be the Merovingian and you're not purple enough to be Circe.

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