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Mostly harmless.

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To the feature box where you belong, little story.

I really enjoyed this. Good stuff mate 😀

Thats a very nice story, I really like to read storys with the pov of side and background ponies, interacting with the mane six ^^

I loved the narrative. Really well done. Oh twily she is so cute even doing those things.:twilightsmile:

As always, your emotion and prose are fantastic! I love how immersed you make things feel and keep some artistry even in the middle of sex.

slowly, somehow, somewhere, there will be a grimm story about shinning armour shrunk down, passed around, and had fun with

Yes. It F**KING. Does.


This story feels a lot like chapter one of a domestic drama where the secrecy, guilt about their affair, and Twilight and Shining Armor's lust for each other comes to a head before reaching some kind of resolution. I'd like to read the rest of that story.

I’ve always been confused by those that don’t consider oral sex to be sex. It’s literally what it’s called. But aside from that minor pet peeve of mine, I’ve very much enjoyed this. Wasn’t expecting to find something so nicely written, at least not after the story I was looking at a moment before this one, which I had to quite less than halfway through. I couldn’t even manage to get myself to continue for the sake of finding amusement in the mistakes.

But I digress! I’ll definitely be looking into your others works.

Thank you! I always try and put at least a little bit more into my sex stories than just "Pony X bangs Pony Y and it's super hot and stuff", although mostly just because I don't find that style of story much fun to write anymore.

u wish

I think there's definitely a difference between oral and what we normally consider 'sex', although not enough of one to make Shining's actions not cheating. He knows that too, it's just his excuse to make himself feel better about it. It doesn't really work.

Wow. This...this is one of the best stories I've ever read with this subject. You truly captured all the emotions, the false reasonings, and the guilt...overborne by lust. I loved Shiny's point of view, and I can relate to his struggles.

But in the end, it wasn't a struggle, was it? He knew what they were going to do the moment he set hoof in the house.

This reminds me of the time I was involved with a married woman. I knew it was wrong, and I told myself over and over on the way to her house ( she'd invited me over at 11 o'clock at night, so I knew why she'd done so ) nothing was going to happen, I'm just going over to talk, nothing more. Even when I started to undress, I kept saying, out loud, "this is crazy, we shouldn't be doing this..." but we did. And many times after that. I hated myself, but it felt too good to stop. Eventually, we did, and we didn't part as friends, either.

I haven't thought about that woman in twenty years. This story brought all those emotions and memories back.

Eh, it doesn't count when it's family.

It doesn't count as incest as long as you say, "No Chromo."

Eh, Cadance probably realized and just secretly likes being cucked.

*searches for the inevitable Shakespearicles comment*

And he was. Of course he was. Had she not seen him staring, seen him admiring her flanks and trying ashamedly not to catch her eye during dinner? Of course he’d been waiting for this, for her. For her touch, for her smile, for the way she looked at him as she so effortlessly excited him, as he magic stroked him in all the right ways, as he strained and shuddered in her grip. Magic always felt so good – that slight tingle accompanying every caress – and Twilight had always been so good at it. Cadance had tried, too, more than a few times, but it had never felt like this. Had never gotten him as excited as Twilight could.

as he magic stroked him in all the right ways,

Honestly, I don't like guilt trips. Happy sex is the best sex.

Haha. Despite being tagged as drama, this felt quite like a comedy in some parts. Nice fic.

Ah, gotta love Derpibooru's reverse search feature.

Don't need no source links. :derpytongue2:

I always link to the source images when I can. If you hover over the story image there's a button that takes you to it.

Huh. Today I learned that that little 'Source' link in the bottom left isn't always there, and when it is, actually links to the original. :rainbowderp:

Welp, thanks for clueing me in!

This is like me and my weirder (darker) fetishes.

My conscience doesn't like them one bit, but my hormones do, and so my mind either erases them from thought or makes excuses.

You mean to say, in all the time Twilight and Shining have been doing this; neither of their parents have woken up in the middle of the night and having left their room, seen the light under Twilight's door, gone up to and opened the door to tell Twilight she'd better go to sleep...and found Shining's penis in full hard glory stimulated by Twilight's magic while she masturbates? That's bad enough, but finding Shining mouthfucking her is ten times worse.

Twilight masturbates Shining's erect penis with her magic while she masturbates; and in all this time, Shining has not, or has been invited to, pleasure her to orgasm with cunnilingus? It just seems unbalanced to me.

Ehhh, this whole thing is most likely Cadance's... fault? Not the right word, but still. No way in Tartarus Lady 'Awaken Your Hidden Desires' wouldn't know about something like this, happening to someone in her close proximity. So, she's either fine with him destroying his psyche with the toxic mix of denial/guilt/lust, or, she isn't but doesn't want to step in unless he himself asks for help, as an object lesson about honesty, perhaps. Either way, a dick move, and not in a fun way.

i have to assume as the princess of love that means all forms which include carnal love. There's no way she wouldn't know about her husband's feelings for his sister if there's love involved. Maybe Cadance gets off on it which is why she doesn't stop it. Not going to kink shame her for weird fetishes.


That's fair, but it could result in Shining getting all sorts of neuroses and other unhealthy mental stuff. Here's hoping she won't let it get this far.

#Darth Lite

"Would you two just fuck, already!?"

Oh shit, wassup Shakespearicles?

“Good book?” he asked.

“I don’t read bad books.”

GOOD FIC! Ohhh fuuuck this fic's pacing is so. good
Every sentence of prose is a vivid brushstroke painting the most precisely intentful picture
It's like watching a movie where every single shot's exact camera angle and lens was chosen to be perfect for that shot

Thank you.

Another flare of magic, another turn of the page. She always did this. Always feigned disinterest, always feigned normalcy.

That is my fetish

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