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I quite like TittySparkles. Consistent quality, and more self-aware and character-focused than a lot of the typical clop. - /mlp/

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Artist link :x ?

Already tagged the author in the description

She's simply irresisterble!

Behind every great man, is a woman rolling her eyes.

omg im so glad this uploaded x3 cant wait to see more of it x3

I know twi is young but I would think she would know a little bit about estris and sex

"I can do this, I'll apologize and then continue to search for the spell," he spoke to himself, in an attempt to bolster his confidence. "Just go in, apologize, and go out. Quick and easy; nothing can go wrong."

Oh, Shining... given the circumstances, everything can go wrong at this point...

Not to mention, Celestia wouldn't shelter her like that. Even disregarding that it would so obviously be a problem with nothing that could be called a benefit from a teacher's perspective, as a 1000+ year old being dealing with lives that exist as mere blips to her lifespan, she would be in no position to be coddling in anyway. She'd be purely objective, because her longevity would create an inevitable distance from her subjects.

Nice work on both chapters out so far

That feeling when you read what you think is the last available chapter but when you get to the bottom the next button is there waiting for you.
Thanks for the update, it''s right on time

He wouldn't have cared otherwise, but the idea of attending school for an extra year because he was short one credit wasn't something he didn't want to deal with.

This. Hit. H A R D.

Why do I get the feeling that Shining Armor just got played like a cheap kazoo?

I wish I could give this more than one upvote.

"How in Tartarus' name am I going to explain this mess?"

How to tell your parents things that may cause them to disown you:

Step 1: Tell your parents you need to pick up a few things from the store.

Step 2: Run like the fucking wind.

Step 3: Disown yourself for them so they don't have to.

Everything he had done, every precaution he tried to do; it all amounted to nothing in the end. Sure he managed to sate her intolerable heat cycle, yet it came at the cost of everything. His sister's virginity, her once innocent demeanor, and most importantly, her future. He felt defeated and pathetic at his lack of control, constantly wishing he wasn't so careless in the crucial moments near the end.

Ah, a good dose of post-nut clarity.

You have my empathy. :ajsleepy:

Usually, I'm not too keen on incest stories, but this was very well written.

I hold Velvet partially responsible for whatever happens past this point. True, Shining did things he shouldn't have, but she's the one who had knowledge of the necessary spell and kept it all to herself, even if unintentionally.

Seriously, what happened here is like leaving a babysitter in charge while simultaneously having no phone, and no emergency contact numbers in an easily accessible location.

Are you sure this story doesn't warrant a Dark tag?

I still blame Velvet for what happened. Also Night Light.

Parents: If you sister goes into heat and we're not here, lock yourself in your room and stay away from her!

Also parents: We're leaving you in charge of looking after your sister while we're gone on business for a few days, and you won't be able to contact us in case of an emergency!

It's not Velvet's fault that Shining decided to go poking around lol

Velvet, Night Light, and Celestia really. If the adults in the situation hadn't directly lied about simple facts the entire situation could have been trivially avoided. Celestia knows full well Twilight would believe anything she said, and went with the stork over any variation of "ask your parents". If she hadn't, Shining would have just been able to explain the risks himself and avoid the entire situation.

Great story, very hot action, and excellent writing.

The scent was thick in the air and for a few brief seconds he found it impossible to inhale through his nose and quickly started to breath through his mouth.

You forgot the "e" at the end of "breathe".

So a 14 year old who is already said to be rather small is having twins. This sounds like it’s going to be a pretty dangerous pregnancy.

F in the chat man.. :facehoof::trollestia:

“Oh shit” levels are pretty high not gonna lie

XD, man you really want to go out and fuck up twilight and shining lives XD, I wonder how this will pan out in the summer sun celebration XD, this could be an entire story you may or may not be writing, though it would be a shame if you didn't.

I wonder what Twilight's going through emotionally in all this. We know what Shining Armor feels, and to a lesser extent, what Night Light feels, and to an even lesser extent, that Velvet is expressing it outwardly with anger. What about our favorite purple nerd? And for that matter, what of Celestia?

Welp, all I can say is Celestia better be ready to accept her own heaping portion of this big ol' mint salad. Princess Swan and her Stork...

...but wait, is it her fault...or Starswirl's? Hmmm...?

oh boy nice work on the chapter

This is such a great story. xD

I wonder what Cadance would say?

Veltvet, Night Light, Celestia...

You three are to blame for this!

I’d honestly would sorta kinda like to see a follow up story from this as an AU where twilight got nicked by her brother at an early age. It would be an interesting twist.

Who knows if they even meet her yet this early in the past?

If it can be done safely, they'd pick abortion. More so for Twi's safety since she is super young to be carrying a single foal, let alone twins.

I do wonder, would it mean that they are raising 3 kids or just the twins? (the third one being Spike since he was mention on previous chapters)

The council has reviewed the statement and it has decided to a lot one singular yike

Still believe that parents are at fault tey didnt have any medicine and their best decision was to just lock himself in his room so very effective would not recommend 0/10

Now that what we called double trouble. But I guess their parent don't have to wait for their grandchild far too long now. XP

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