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  • TDon't Open the Door
    After breaking her leg in the middle of the Everfree Forest, Applejack is forced to take shelter with Rainbow Dash in an abandoned cabin in the woods. Historically, this sort of thing has only ever ended well.
    Grimm · 14k words  ·  457  8 · 5.2k views
  • EAnd I Would Live in Stone
    Chrysalis and her co-conspirators are defeated, petrified in stone for their crimes. She's not very happy about it.
    Grimm · 3.7k words  ·  429  13 · 5.7k views
  • TCircles
    In the years since Luna returned from the moon, she’s always been quiet about the truth of her exile. Always keeping it to herself, hidden away. Keeping secrets. She never even told Celestia that something was up there with her.
    Grimm · 25k words  ·  404  13 · 3k views
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  • TThere's a Monster Under the Stairs
    Derpy's father says there's a monster in the basement. He says she must never go down there or it will gobble her up. She decides to investigate anyway.
    Grimm · 5k words  ·  229  8 · 1.9k views
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