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This inspired by another story? Because I remember reading one a good while back with a very similar premise which also had a sequel that never finished.

As the author themselves says in the fore word, inspired by Royal Duties:

I've been reading around for stress relief. I saw a story I liked but I thought a major logical point was missed. What is going to happen when you take a complete novice and give them high level magic and standing heat at the same time? I set myself a limit of 1 chapter and 10k words because I don't want to divert myself too much from my main universe. Then it started having conceptual offspring. I have no idea when but I really want to do an accurate equine birth and foal rearing story. In case you haven't guessed, I hate over anthropomorphizing.

This was a wonderful take on that story. The way you conceptualised the use of magic was interesting and refreshing. Thought being the will and focus while difficulty defined in the ease or frustration the user has in pulling it off while not having it over analysed/written. She wants it to be and so it just happens. No need to show the glow of magic as many of us do. Thank you for sharing this.

When I can get my brain to engage, I sometimes have ideas. Playing with the magic has been fun, it's a shiny new toy with great potential. But how would somepony that had grown up immersed in it think? When I walk, I don't go "lift foot, advance foot, lower foot, shift balance, lift other foot . . . ." I go "walk toward door . . ." My mind has subconscious short cuts that take care of the details so my conscious mind can worry about other things like doorknobs. Magic use should be the same.

And that is an excellent way to look at it.

Well, diabetic... Big oof energy goes out to Cady in Jack. But with what she wrote in that diary kind of serves her right. You know, maybe Cady should have done more to understand the world and life she so rudely barged into. But hey, if she want to trade immortality for a single sugar rush then that is her problem. At least Jack in Cady adjusted better to the world. Also Jack will be pleased that he can have all the sweets he want now.

Small confession: It also saved Jack from having to decide if he wanted to give everything up for a possibly crazy demigoddess that might be curable or might be murderous. That would have put me way over the one chapter ten thousand word limit.

Aye. Hope dat suggar was worth it. xD

In the works. Some RL distractions are slowing me down but I am not stopping.

I sure hope you'll write a sequel to this exqusite story, good sir. And hope there'll be cute moments with foals, hot moments with Shining and plot moments, for example, whereabouts of Chrysalis and explanation of original Cadence's mental descent, and what was the yellow goop she expelled alond with Shiny's sperm post coitum.
And maybe she's still alive in some form and can be helped with her mental issues. Maybe she became ghost? Or have been reborn as human baby with her soul and memories? Or something.

Thank you for the compliments. There is one sequel rapidly approaching and at least one more in sight, but I don't know if I'll get all that in just two short stories.

This was a great story i loved it. Now i'm curious will you make a sequel involving Flurry Heart like the author your work pays homage to or will you make a sequel that differs from it? Either way this story has grear potential to spin off at least 2 more sequel or spin offs. I look forward to what you choose to do with this great story

The first sequel is near and will explain most of that. The second sequel will involve the birth and is farther down the road. To be fair, I've got to give John Sampson some time too.

Cool. I look forward to your next sequel then.

I'll admit that I was sceptical about this story at first, but decided to give it a go. I'm glad that I did. I enjoyed it greatly thank you.

I'm sorry, I missed a part of your question that I could answer. I can only plead an excessive number of stupid pills in my life lately.

what was the yellow goop she expelled alond with Shiny's sperm post coitum

Stallions have a spectacularly long urethra so there is a gland right next to their prostate that generates a slick gel after their prostate is done. It serves to push all the sperm out of his urethra so that none is wasted. When that gland fails to function, a stallion will walk around dribbling sperm for a minute or more post coitus.

I'll give you a bonus for patience: there is a meeting with Chrysalis coming and this Cadance is going to more mad and less afraid.

Yay, can't wait!
And thanks for answer! I thought it's some changeling mind-affecting poison, STD or something.

Loved this and can't wait to see what's next :twilightsmile:

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