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Your stories are frequently mentioning Shining Armour's schlong lately, Twsited. Are you trying to subtlety come out of the closet or something? :twilightsmile:

In all seriousness, that was funny as hell, yet my boner is half-confused.

Also; this miiiight need a 'random' tag.

Believe it or not, I don't actually care too much about Shining. I don't hate him or anything, I'm indifferent towards him. It's just coincidence that this fic is coming out at the same time when Shining is telling his chapters of Five Score.

He's in this story because I need to use a married couple, of which there are very few. I suppose I could have done Mr and Mrs Cake, but as nice as Mrs. Cake is, I would much rather be Cadance :rainbowwild:

Oh yes. THIS should be a fun one.

I'll be watching this...

~Skeeter The Lurker

2721800 Everyone knows that Mrs. Cake's plump is supported by a glorious rump.

Like I said earlier Twisted, this is some pretty fun stuff. I will now sing and dance in appreciation.

*starts gyrating around in his swivel chair*
Doin' it, and doin' it, and doin' it well....
Doin' it, and doin' it, and doin' it well....

Mrs Cake is actually a very underrated pony. However, for a story about a romantic relationship, I have to give the edge to Love Butt.

Yes this is everything I could have wanted. Everything.


Comment posted by Thibi deleted Jun 16th, 2013

Just wait for the next few chapters :trollestia::pinkiehappy:

2729148 The only thing I'm capable of is high pitched squealing.

Your are CRAZY! This Story is CRAZY! And I like it CRAZY!

That's the reason, why I will watch this^^

So... hetero clop, with a cautious and reluctant protagonist, with transformation? I'm game.

Well, what do you know. I clicked on this story because it looked interesting, and you would never believe how surprised I was when I see Five Score Divided by Four in the "Other Stories" section

this... this is the ponified version of my favorite type of hentai. male lead gets turned into female and is fucked. you have me internet love. all of it. now the only love i have left is the love i give my boyfriend. you have the rest. thank you, and have a good night.

It would be creepy if that at the end of all of this that he knew she wasn't "Cadence".

Hey, this is just the prologue, hold off on the thanks until read the meaty part of the story :rainbowwild:

Knowing how the uncensored version of Two Score is, this certainly has promise. :raritywink:

Got the transformation out of the way - static transformation that's pretty interesting and very movie-like - and the mystery is set up.

I wonder if it's part of Cadance's plan to make our hero get so used to this body that he'll want to claim Cadance's body for himself (after telling Cadance how much of a horrible person she is for abandoning her husband and everyone else for this) so she can use that as an excuse to claim that "an evil human has taken over her body" and then out him as a bad guy, get severely punished, and she gets treated like a victim. Based on that possibility among many others, this may be why he "might" have a time limit to solve this mystery before he becomes 100% Cadance and before Cadance ruins his life to the point that he can't fix it even when he does get back to his own body.

Somehow I expect this to be a bet between Cadance and Celestia, that Cadance could not possibly destroy a random planet's society, infrastructure and nature starting from the position of an average citizen...

If he/she falls asleep, Luna could find out the truth.

Some people have really, really strange dreams it seems... :rainbowhuh: Wait, this was not a dream!; he's fucked... literally :pinkiecrazy:
I shall fave to see where this goes :yay::trollestia:

Oh, wow. I just randomly found this when looking at the latest clopfics, and it wasn't until after I read it that I noticed who wrote it. It seems that you have a gift for writing this kind of story.

jl\jkgr3e;fb;\lk4a;jktna;kl/5rkhg nfm, WHAAAAAAAAA?
^ My reaction after reading ^

The odd thing is that if you had to swap with a pony, Cadance is probably the best choice. You aren't one of the mane 6 who will be expected to save the world every other week. You don't have the Raise the Moon/Sun trial by fire that you end up with choosing Celly or Luna. You ARE an alicorn and ruler of the crystal empire. You have ready access to the mane 6 if you want to meet them. I mean if you sent a letter to twilight asking to spend some time with her friends as you really didn't get a good chance to meet them in a setting where there was not a world shattering or political diversion, she and they would almost certainly go along with it. A week with each of the mane 6 in turn could be nice. You get both wings and a horn. Magic and flight. The only potential minus is that you would have to service shining armor and if the new body wills at least he cares for you and from canon it seems like you wear the pants in the family.

At any rate the main thing I would be concerned about if your scenario happened to me is "No take-backsies." There is no way in tartarus that I would let Cadance have me say go through pregnancy and then send me back to whatever wreck my life would be with Cadance running it for a year.

This has me confused, but interested.

I usually don't like clopfic, but of course it would be you who would write one I like. Can't wait to see his reactions when he realizes it wasn't a dream.

Cool stuff.
Also, it's nice to read something that doesn't have editing errors all over the place. I've been reading too many stories with awful editing for the past few days. Anyways I'm excited to see more chapters from this.

Looks great so far. Can't wait for more.

A curiosity indeed...

We are most intrigued.


Be swift, be elegant, be majestic, be graceful, and strike thee hard with words of power, precision, and passion.

I have no idea what's going on but it is relevant to my interests

Oh this sounds very interesting, I can't wait to see him(her, now)...adapt.

Also it's not "teets" it's "teats", unless that's how the British spell it or something and I'm making an ass out of myself.

It's just a typo. The British still spell it "Teats."

Fixed it, thanks!

Oh, and new chapter in just a few minutes :twilightsmile:

You know if that was me I wouldn't just go to sleep twiddling my hooves with shinning's dick pressed against my backside until morning. Seems like you would want to waste no time going to Celestia to put a stop to Cadence's plans as soon as possible.... Although that's just me, you could do a lot worse than Shinning's dick.

Cliffhanger. D'oh! Still, very nice chapter.

"Genetalia" and "amature" should be "genitalia" and "amateur". You use "it's" when you should use "its"; "it's" is short for "it is"; "its" is the possessive form of "it" like how "his" is the possessive form of "him".


Yup, for once, someone has the balls to portray Cadance as an utter bitch. Shame that this poor fellow got caught in the crossfire, however... something tells me he's most likely going to cave in some manner in the near future. And I don't think Cadance is coming back either, even if Celestia and Luna find out, which I guess they will, at some point.

EDIT - My reasoning for Cadance NOT coming back is that it rather explicitly showed us that this was not a body swap. Each of em got new physical bodies, which means she's not just trying to 'ride out' the heat cycle and pregnancy. She's done checked out.

Part of me wants to see a happy ending, involving lots of sex and impregnation because that's my fetish.

The more malicious part of me however is curious if our protagonist will come to hate Shining Armor just as much. Or something else equally...tragic. :pinkiecrazy:

As a reader for the story and not for the clop, this is getting good.



The only major issue would be if you did something out of character for her and they thought you were a changeling imposter again... That could get dicey.

Thanks for the finds, not sure how those [it's] errors slipped past the proofreading. Anyway, I fixed them, cheers.


Or it could be written off as trauma from the same. Of course you could always submit to a changeling detection spell. You aren't one.

As for this chapter, with as nasty as Cadance is being shown to be, I would be worried about the pancakes. You never know if Shining has been pushed far enough to poison them. I mean he has been making special pancakes for Celestia knows how long and they aren't being cleared by the chef.

My mind silently adds ‘much, much later, as in never’.

But of course we can't let that happen now can we?

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