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What is this story even *upvoted*



Okay. :twilightoops:

Okay 1: regardless of how arousing watching clones of shining armor going at it may be, this is clearly an unhealthy coping mechanism. Shining has passed. Cadence is clearly depressed and not dealing with loss in a healthy way. She needs to start down the 5 stages of grief. Or maybe she has and she can’t move on from stage 4 which is depression. When she stops using the clones as false images of her husband to keep him alive is when she can move on to stage 5 acceptance and start moving on with her semi immortal life. She’s the freaking princess of love for Luna’s sake and I’m sure Shining would understand her need of sex in her life but not like this. This is weird. And creepy. I’d love a follow up where she puts the clones back in the pool and starts therapy or something.

Haven't read it, but from the description it sounds more like she's stuck on stage 3 if anything. After all, if a clone of her husband is rutting her into the floor he's not dead, right?

Well, his penis certainly isn't dead. :duck:

I have no words.

Take my Fav and upvote.

Well, I mean prince consort and all. Isn't that the only part that matters to the position when push comes to shove?

Well I like the interesting idea but also how on she has to deal with the death of someone she loves but isn't immortal, but I'm gonna read it soon so should be good and hope you're all well

what if both Cadance and Shining Armor shared a King Sombra clone?

Huh? A porn fic that actually deals with the ramifications of unhealthy coping mechanisms for dealing with loss? Color me impressed.

Holy fuck just reading the description and I'm sold. I'LL TAKE YOUR ENTIRE STOCK

well this was a fund read can't wait for the sequel to this.

Hm how does she clones him if he is not there to be cloned? And... if they REALLY remember everything Shining does... in which way they are not Shining?

This need a sequel!

Oh, hey, Twiley!” said both of the Shining clones at the same time, who made sure to smile at her with friendly waves while continuing their double-team on Cadance.

Poor Twilight...

Do you know how heartbreaking it is to dedicate yourself to a single stallion as the Princess of Love, only to realize too late that he can never be immortal like we are?!

To be fair, she really should had seen that coming.

Flurry Heart shuddered badly, and turned her attention towards Cadance to avoid seeing the clones’ lustful gazes at each other. “Mom, you could’ve just given them video games or something!”
“I tried to do that, but the extension cords wouldn’t reach down here,” she noted with a shrug. “Besides, neither of them are complaining~”

That makes sense.
But it's probably still disturbing for poor Flurry.
Twilight should check whether one of Zecora's offspring has any Unsee Potions in stock.

Maybe Cadance should have just turned to Chrysalis instead.
That would have been a little less awkward for everyone involved.

Or hooked up with Chrysalis

I just remembered another story with a similar concept:

TGee, Tempest, Why Are You So Tall?
Twilight's been meaning to ask.
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