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I'm a shameless neckbeard who has a knack for writing a LOT of smut. I have an Official Patreon page (Patreon.com/TheVClaw), and I also take commissions to help support myself as a freelance writer.


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I love it and do another one, please.

To the author - Wonderful! this is the best fic you've ever written Vclaw.
i'm really surprised there aren't more comments on this work

I forgot to leave a comment when I finished this the first time but this was a huge drop of awesome, and a huge release. Normally I only read a chapter a day of larger fics but I couldn't put this down. I'm not sure which ending I like more but I do know I loved it start to finishes.

So, any hope for a sequel to this?

If it gets enough positive feedback on FimFiction and Patreon. ;)

please make a sequal to this please

-dances in helped make the cover photo-

If you have any ideas for other quests, I'm all ears. ;)

Actually, this fact is very true. I really appreciate the additions you provided from the original version I made myself. Thank you very much for your contribution. :D

Yes the after the gang got the map they must travel the forest of the incubus they must fight the temptation of the king or become his personal sex slaves and many other creatures looking for slaves or food

That's definitely one way to go in regards to the quest. Of course, with a being as chaotic and creative as Discord taking control, it could honestly go in any direction readers want~

Also add any changlings like thorax as the king of incubus that gets spike and his brother gets Mac leaving discord to save the day

Mind if I add something if you did sequel?

Please don't hate me for this but I only come up with the idea when I thought of your other story Cruising

On the next game night, Spike, Big Mac, Discord decided to bring two more of their friends to play with.

(Now you can say no if you want.. but...)

It can be...

Gallus and Sandbar.

King Thorax and General Pharynx.

And...(again, you can say no)

Fingers crossed
Troy and Canvas?😳

And hopefully with good and bad choice like in this story.

I actually have considered adding other guys to join the three for future quests!

Some ideas I've collaborated with a friend included Braeburn, Sunburst, Star Tracker, and Zephyr Breeze. But I gotta say, your ideas all sound good too.

Thanks 😁 I was thinking about Sunburst and Zephyr Breeze too, but I figured it would be too much 🙂

Curious. This is the only story I've seen on this website so far that my e-reader states has DRM protection.

Sir McBigGun? Seems like an MST3K reference...

I believe your E-Reader is faulty then.

Would have liked to see Discord get used as well instead of just spectating.

hey man did some thinking on the sequal keeping the forest idea but instead incubus and the changlings there are timberwolves with if capture send to a hypnotic state to send towrds the shadow king or become part of the hive mind the game carrupted and wanting the players for it's master king sumbra

Some random idiot named Gavin yells in the distance: WHAT IS GAME NIGHT

Nice let's rock, now ROLL FOR INITIATIVE!

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