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I'm a shameless neckbeard who has a knack for writing a LOT of smut. I have an Official Patreon page (Patreon.com/TheVClaw), and I also take commissions to help support myself as a freelance writer.


This story is a sequel to Brushed Away 3: Hearts Entwined

Note: This is my Official 100th Story on FimFiction, and is dedicated to all of my fans and followers from over the years. So many great things have happened since joining this site, and I wrote this post-series sequel as a token of my appreciation.
Also, I want to give some special thanks to my proofreader Double R. Forrest, and to Not Quite Equine for creating the cover page. If you want to show your support to the artist, check out their KoFi link here: https://ko-fi.com/skulljooce)

Even though several years have passed since their wedding, Canvas and Troius Clawston's lives were just as content as it was when they first eloped. Troy was still a highly-successful singer and theater actor, who had managed to make a name for himself as one of the few gryphons performing on Bridleway. Meanwhile, Canvas was still regarded as one of Equestria's most proficient artists, and was even able to expand his work to more than one studio. In fact, Troy and Canvas were able to invest in a second home in Manehattan, even though Ponyville always remained their true hometown.

But while Troy was up in Manehattan to rehearse for an upcoming show, Canvas was busy adjusting to Ponyville by himself following Princess Twilight's departure. Or at least, that was what Canvas was expecting to do when he went to Sugar Cube Corner one particular morning; but instead, the artist was thrown into a life-changing quest the moment he found his Cutie Mark glowing for an unexpected summoning...

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[SPOILER WARNING: This story is set after the events of Season 9, Episodes 24 and 25. Because of that, there are mentions of various things that would require watching the whole season for context. Reader Discretion is Advised.]

After the massive climactic end to the Legion of Doom, Discord knew that his well-intentioned actions had to be rectified in a big way. And since he was directly involved in some of Equestria's most recent events, he already knew who to apologize to first: The Crystal Empire's leaders - Princess Cadance, and Prince Consort Shining Armor.

Even though the couple were already aware of Discord's contributions -- more specifically, how he was the one who revived King Sombra to attack their Empire months prior -- the two were willing to hear him out after he made a formal request for a counsel. Fortunately for them, the remorseful draconequus came prepared with a sincere apology, as well as a couple of thoughtful gifts for the Crystal Empire.
Unfortunately for Shining and Cadance, one of those gifts may have not been nearly as considerate as either of them would've preferred.

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[Note: This chapter is based on the events of MLP's recent 200th episode, and was written less than two days after the episode premiered.]

It's been less than a month since the unexpected return (and near domination) of King Sombra upon the Crystal Empire, as well as Ponyville and Canterlot. Even though the treacherous foe had been vanquished once more, and Equestria was still safe and sound, Twilight Sparkle was happy to see that the Royal Sisters were already looking into increasing the security measures around their castle. And since the pony assigned to strengthening their defenses was one of Equestria's most skilled unicorns in protection magic -- Prince Consort and Head of the Royal Guard, Shining Armor -- it seemed only fitting to have the Princess of Magic herself test his security measures with the aid of her friends.

Spike and the six Elements seemed more than eager to test their skills against Twilight's brother, but one of them appeared to be less worried about Shining's capabilities than she should have. Is Twilight able to change Rainbow Dash's opinion about the stallion they saved on multiple occasions? Or is there more to Shining Armor's abilities and skills that haven't been seen by them just yet?

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This story is a sequel to An Impulsive Temptation

[Note: This story is M/M fluff between Shining Armor and King Sombra, which I happened to write up on a whim between other projects. Also, the cover page is a cropped piece from tejedora on Deviantart]

Several months had passed since Shining Armor, the Prince Consort of the Crystal Empire, began to bond with the very pony who was reviled by the crystal ponies for his sinister reign. The former King Sombra may have been stripped of his dark magic and tyrannical mindset, but his reformation within the castle walls was seen with little optimism by most. Regardless of that fact, the Ex-Tyrant couldn't help falling for the one stallion who was able to see past his mistakes. And likewise, Shining couldn't keep himself from reciprocating those feelings back, despite being married to the Princess of Love.

But much like his marriage, Shining knew that his resistance towards Sombra was depleting immensely as the months they spent together grew more passionate. And even with his attempts to keep a gap between the two halves of his double-life, the Prince knew that his lingering thoughts couldn't be separated so easily. So on the very rare day Shining had where he could spend an entire morning to himself, those thoughts turned into action as he tried to appreciate the time he had with his secret mate.

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Flash Magnus may have been born and raised in a completely different era, but he and the other Pillars have been able to adjust to modern Equestrian society with the help of the Elements of Harmony. In fact, Flash was able to make an especially strong friendship with Rainbow Dash, a fellow flier whose bravery and competitive spirit rivaled his own.

However, after spending a few months together as close friends, it seemed that Rainbow was wanting to take things a bit further than just friends. Even though the stallion was more than interested, he knew he couldn't reciprocate Dash's actions when she tried to make the first move. And when she tried to ask why, Flash found it hard to adequately explain his reason without hurting her, or making her judge him too poorly.

For you see, Flash Magnus had a rather significant reason for his resistance towards a possible relationship, even with someone as amazing as Rainbow Dash. While they have have been the same age (biologically speaking), Flash was raised in a much different era as the Element of Loyalty. Most of their differences in upbringing could be looked aside, but there was one big one he knew could be a deal-breaker. And despite how he felt about Rainbow, the soldier was worried how she would react if she learned the truth.

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The last time she tried to offer Fluttershy's brother a small job to get him back on his hooves, Rarity was rewarded with a trashed boutique and a dreadful cleaning bill for her cat. For most ponies, an encounter like that would lead them to tossing out Zephyr Breeze the instant he tried to come back for another shot.

However, due to his recently-acquired confidence, as well as his sister's approval of his new behavior, Rarity hesitantly decided to give him a second chance after he was fired from his most recent hairdressing job. After all, one of the most important foundations of friendship is forgiveness; plus, the fashionista was meaning to look for a stylist for an upcoming fashion show she was running.

However, a small snag may be enough to put both Rarity and Zephyr Breeze through a rather awkward loop. Since the mare can't exactly get a fair reference from Zephyr's previous employer, she would have to see his skills by example. But since all of her wigs were gone, that meant there was only way she could know how good of a hairdresser he was: By having him cut somepony's mane.

And Rarity was the only pony around.

[Note: This story is my entry for the Make Rarity Not Garbage contest, hosted by the Barcast group.

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Rainbow Blitz can be described as many different things; a talented flyer and Wonderbolt, a highly-esteemed Element of Harmony, a carefree prankster. But most of all, Blitz puts his Loyalty and friendships above all else.

So after an accidental mishap while performing a unique Wonderbolt stunt, Rainbow Blitz knew he had to make things up after injuring Elusive's dance partner before an upcoming competition. So, the stunt-pony promised that he would find the best dancer around to take the mare's place, and help Elusive win the trophy he wanted for years.

However, what he didn't expect was how Elusive decided to cash in that promise. Instead of just finding another mare on such short notice, the fashion pony had his sights set on someone different to take the place as his dancing partner:

Rainbow Blitz

(Note: This is a M/M story that centers on BlitzLusive shipping - AKA, R63 Raridash. Special thanks to DynaPony for proofreading)

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Big Macintosh and Caramel are asked to come to the Ponyville Schoolhouse one day to discuss a picture book that Apple Bloom made for a class project. The story is about how her big brother Mac, and her Uncle Cara, are both secret agents. On the surface, the story itself seems innocent enough. But when Cheerilee asks the two to read what's inside, the couple get a lot more than they expected...

Huge nod to HoodwinkedTales for providing the cover. If you want to check out more of her work or ask about commissions, check out her DeviantArt account here.

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[NOTE: This is a Rumble/Spike ship. Also, both characters are aged up for this story]

Thunderlane wanted to be happy that his little brother found someone. He really did.

Ever since Rumble hit puberty, the Pegasus wanted him to find a special somepony to make him happy. And when his brother wanted him to meet who he was dating, Thunderlane was planning to be cool and courteous like a big brother should.

Unfortunately, that sorta went out the window when he saw that Rumble was with his old foalhood friend, Spike. And since Spike was still at his "baby" size, Thunderlane was more than a little uneasy about their relationship.

Major thanks to Dragonman461 for proofreading.

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After attending the Dragon Lord Summons, Garble didn't think there was anything more humiliating than losing. Of course, his first order given to him by Dragon Lord Spike proved that wrong.

But that's almost over now. He's nearly back home, and almost finished with hugging every dragon in sight without being able to explain why. But right before he could reach his cave, he notices a certain sea serpent crying. Unfortunately for Garble, sea serpents are part dragon.

And as for Steven Magnet, his sad night is going to get a lot more exciting with a new guest...

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