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I'm a shameless neckbeard who has a knack for writing a LOT of smut. I have an Official Patreon page (Patreon.com/TheVClaw), and I also take commissions to help support myself as a freelance writer.


It hadn't been too long since Equestria experienced its largest power-exchange to date, with Princesses Celestia and Luna stepping down to allow Twilight Sparkle to take the throne. A lot of crazy events may have transpired during that time, including the defeat of three of the nation's largest threats at once, but it didn't take long for Equestria to settle back to a period of calm, tranquil peace.

Unfortunately for the new ruling Princess, recent developments seemed to cause her Royal Assistant to have some issues that are difficult to explain. And after a lengthy argument which led to a blowout from the little dragon, Twilight was left feeling hopeless when Spike flew from the castle in tears.

Now it's up to their parents, Twilight Velvet and Night, to find Spike and get to the bottom of his problems. Will the Royal Assistant be able to open up to his adopted parents? And can the couple get through to Spike, and help him feel better about his insecurities?

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Okay that was a good slice of life little story. which are always very welcomed for my fave purple dragon! That little bit at the end there with Spike's *girl-friend* so to speak (good Zootopia nod BTW) was the icing on the cake! :rainbowlaugh:

Thanks for sharing! :twilightsmile:

Oh, my God. This is literally everything I have been wanting for a long time. It's so good, I just... I...



In all seriousness, this story was amazing. I have always wanted more fics that show Spike's relationship with Twilight Velvet and Night Light, his adopted parents. I mean, those two are pretty hardcore when you think about it. They raised an alicorn princess, the most powerful shield mage on the planet, and a adolescent dragon! There are precious few stories that deal with the "full" Sparkle family.

I loved the framing device of Spike wanting to be able to protect himself. That moment in the penultimate episode, where Chrysalis was about to tear his wings off, and he told Twilight to forget him and save Equestria was one of my favorite moments of the show. Little dude is so based. I even wrote a whole blog about a story showing what happened if it did happen. But it makes sense, given how Spike sees himself. IN both Dog & Pony Show and Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep, Spike styled himself the noble knight saving the day. My head canon is that has something to do with growing up with Shining Armor as a role model, but that's neither here nor there. And, as Velvet and Night say, he's a friggin' dragon! A terrifying beast of myth and lore whose ancestors struck fear into the hearts of ponies... but he's a chubby little whelp. And after seeing his friends and family in such peril, it's fairly obvious that he would want some training.

Your characterization of Velvet and Night is great. It's not quite what we saw in Once Upon A Zeppelin, with Velvet the loud risk taker and Night the quite one, but this still works great. I loved how they weren't perfect, you know? Like, the bickered a bit in the beginning, and even during their conversation, there were a few times where they weren't on the exact same page. Even a couple who have been married for so long aren't synced perfectly, and it showcases their different personalities and how they gel.

My hackles sort of rose on the little jab at Shining Armor always getting his butt kicked... but it's true. In the show, it's because it's The Twilight Show, and she almost always has to be the one who saves the day, even when she shouldn't (In Shadow Play it should have been Starlight who jumped into the Pony of Shadows first). But the way you framed it, not as an insult but a simple statement of fact, really lent itself to the tone of the story. And Night's blunt remark about "You think that makes you weak" was just the kind of tough love I'd expect from a dad. Also, the stuff about Spike seeing a therapist and cooking big meals, is that a reference to a story of yours?

I'm rambling now, so I'll stop before this is just me pointing out every single thing about the fic and writing a giant paragraph about it. To sum up, I utterly adored this story. Stories about Spike relating to his adoptive family are near and dear to my heart, as anyone who has read a story of mine can attest to. It was well written, emotional, uplifting, and just heartwarming. I'll be keeping an eye on you for more stuff like this in the future. 10/10 my good dude.

Stay awesome. :ajsmug:

Although what the fuck is up with Spike in the cover art where are his shoulders he looks like Crash Bandicoot

Fun read, I was nice to see a more defined relationship between Spike and The Sparkle Parents, to see you write something more heart warming drama then the usual stuff.

Twilight and Celestia are Spike's mothers. I do not like that you are ignoring the fact that TWILIGHT HATCHED HIM! And that canonically Celestia raised him till Twilight was older

The show sacrifices its own canon for the sake of selling a particular story line whenever it's convenient.

I'll never, as long as I live, understand why show staff was so violently opposed to Spike having a good relationship with his adoptive parents. There were multiple opportunities to develop it throughout the show's run, and yet, all we got was him getting snubbed in Once upon a Zeppelin and Velvet/Night Light getting snubbed in Father Knows Beast.

Then Episode 200 revealed that they refused to treat him as their son and he openly cries about it on screen, and then the show ends without the three of them having a single conversation or any closure whatsoever. (And this is all before you bring up how poorly his crush on Rarity was handled, but that's a story for another time.) It baffles me just how badly Spike was handled by the crew over the years.

Sorry for the rant, this was an amazing story and an example of how a show supposedly about friendship SHOULD have handled it!

Man, if only we could've gotten something like this after "Sparkle's Seven" finally answered the question of Spike and Twilight's relationship.

A real shame we never got something like this in the actual show. We need more stories like this.

To all those that disliked my previous comment. I am not saying that I dislike this story. I just dislike the idea that Twilight is not Spike's mother at least in some way.


If that's how you want to interpret it, fine. But there's no need to attack the author over it. I have a lot of problems with how the show handled Spike, but I'm not going to attack authors over it.

Also, The only canon where Celestia raises Spike is one of the comics. The rest of the comics imply a sibling relationship (Especially when Cadance is involved) and the show has implied a sibling relationship for years.

Sparkle's Seven sets the sibling relationship in stone. We now know that Spike considered Velvet & Night Light his parents and Twilight & Shining his siblings, and was very upset that they didn't see it the same way. Especially since Velvet & Night Light are shown in flashback leaving Spike out of the Sibling Supreme competition and pretty much treating him as "The Dragon"

I'm happy that Shining and Twilight reconciled on screen, but it leaves the bigger problem of why Velvet and Night Light behaved as they did & why Celestia didn't even question it. It would have been nice to have a proper Sparkle family episode where they have a heart to heart about it, but this would involve the crew giving Spike the time of day (And we can't have that) so it was left as a vague mess.

I tip my hat to you, my kind sir!

As said by the creators of show if the comics don't contradict Canon then it's considered canon throughout the whole series.
I'm not attacking the author when I say that Twilight is his mother. This is an established fact as she hatched him. There is precedence of children of similar ages to Twilight on that day giving birth and considering their own offspring as siblings. I'm not saying that the established relationship isn't that of siblings, just that the dynamic is more complicated when looking at the facts
Velvet and Night Night probably believe Twilight/Celestia to actually be Spike's mother since they do not see themselves as his parents as another commenter has pointed out. That hints that they may believe that the relationship between Spike and Twilight is more of a parent/child relationship instead of the established sibling relationship in their minds.

In addition I realized I was overly aggressive in what I said in my first comment but it is still established show cannon that by law at the very least Twilight Sparkle is a parental figure in Spike's life. I apologize to the author for my overly aggressive comment before but as I said before I do not like the fact that you do not acknowledge that Twilight Sparkle hatched Spike. But that could be just because you are writing a feel good story that deviates from Cannon, which I will respect. It is a good story I just do not like that people ignore established things in the show

In all fairness, in absence of the actual parents or other legal guardian of adult status, the eldest sibling is by default the parental figure, even though they're still just a sibling.

“Hmph~ That seems to be your go-to route when it comes to apologies.” Night Light patted Spike on the back, but shrugged with an accepting smile to his suggestion. “Hopefully you don’t overexert yourself like you did after Shining’s wedding.”

I dont understand, what happen after "A Canterlot Wedding"?

Awww, this was extremely cute. Always a fan of seeing the Sparkle parents and there’s not enough stories out there of them interacting with Spike.
Never liked the idea of Celestia being Spike’s mother as the dynamic in the show never really felt like that so I always prefers Twilight or her parents has his parental figure.
Great job as always my dude

True, but that's why it's a problem. He did have two parental figures in Velvet & Night Light. Sparkle's Seven confirmed that he was fully raised in the Sparkle household, but was never considered a part of the family for reasons unknown. This raised a whole lot of uncomfortable questions about why he was treated so poorly that sadly weren't answered.

Yeah, Hasbro chose to do Spike a serious disservice just for the sake of telling a particular story.

Sorry, I should've clarified that part as a small personal headcanon. Ever since I wrote What Could Have Been Lost, I had a lot of strong feelings about how Twilight's friends reacted to the aftermath of their actions at the Wedding Rehearsal. Spike would've likely felt the most guilty for leaving her at that moment, mostly because she easily could've been killed without any of them realizing it. Because of that, I tried to establish in that story how Spike went out of his way to be overly helpful, even pushing himself to exhaustion, during the first week after they returned to Ponyville. I also like to think that the Mane Six & Spike all attended group therapy following the wedding, just to make sure their friendships (and their bonds as elements) wouldn't be affected from that moment of betrayal.

This was a very good one-shot.

Well done V, your writing skill truly has no limits.

I thought Smolder was into Ocellus.

What good parents they are, helping Spike like that.

Very sweet story! I loved seeing Spike interact more with the couple that raised him, you did a great job!


IN both Dog & Pony Show and Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep, Spike styled himself the noble knight saving the day. My head canon is that has something to do with growing up with Shining Armor as a role model, but that's neither here nor there.

Good point. Also, his O&O character is a wise and respected sorcerer.

Little dude frikkin' loves his older siblings. And it warms my heart whenever that's brought out in stories.

Loved tis story about adoptive parents comforting their adoptive son!

I always thought it a shame that Smolder and Spike didn't get together or at least crush on each other.

Any chance you do a second chapter where it focuses on twilight and spike?

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