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Coverart by Vavacung

A collection of stories featuring Spike falling in love with mares and other creature that are not Rarity.

Love 1. Un-EGG-Spected Surprise = Gabby have a surprise for Spike, Twilight, and their family.

Love 2. A Smoldering Hearthwarming = Spike invite Smolder to celebrate Hearthwarming with his family.

Love 3. Punch Dragon's Love = Spike unintentionally foil Chrysalis's plan for revenge.

Love 4. A Flurry Birthday Surprise = Flurry Heart and Spike have to deal with an uninvited guest.

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This was really great I can't wait to see more of the pairings for sure. The rest of the students will be great to see each of the females with Spike. And than spread out from there. I would honestly love to see you do the rest of the Mane 6 outside of Rarity and how they end up together with Spike. I could even see you going back and doing some epilogue chapters for some of the pairing.

"It look just like my egg except mine came with green spots. So who's the father?" ,wondered Spike as Gabby kisses his cheek. "You are silly."

I knew this was going to happen I just wanted to do this anyway.

I have more coming, I just post the first one so far.

Twilight Sparkle glare at Spike, "Spike please tell me you didn't have sex at the Castle of the Two Sisters."

No genius, we did it on your bed.~ :moustache::twilightoops:

The first one is an interesting idea, and I see potential, but could use some work. The biggest issue is the dialogue. Everything feels so stiff and unrealistic. It doesn't really sound like the way actual conversations would go.

I like the CMC's reaction to this.

Sweetybell is all like "What?" Confusedly
Applebloom is all "Wat?" shocked still
Scootallo is like "WAT?!" shocking squeal



Merry Christmas! I'm here to informs you that I've posted the 2nd chapter, A Smoldering Hearthwarming.

Oh man this was great, I really hope we get to see Spike with a story for each of the female young 6. Hell I could so see a follow up to this one for sure. I am still very much for seeing one of Spike and Moondancer or Spike and Twist. Yes I have a thing for nerdy girl types lol.

I haven't came up with a story idea yet but on the MLP wikia, they said that the Grand Galloping Gala occur on New Year's Eve.

Have him with the CMC that's the awesome way on GGG.

Merry (late) Christmas! Also its been forever, since this was updated. Worth the wait.

Great minds think a like, I actually had an idea for a Spike-Smolder fic centered around Hearth Warming, but also including the Feast of Five, the dragon 'celebration' at the same time as Hearth Warming... I still plan to do it, so 9366793, feel free to check it out when it's up.

Speaking of a dragon being the Cutie Mark Crusaders' special someone.........

Lol oh man that ending was too funny and made it all worth it

No, that was just Chrysalis trolling Spike. She may have turn over a new leave but she'll still have some bad girl in her.

I do have a CMC x Spike chapter, Three Mares Resolution, in the works but I have other chapter ahead of it.

Comment posted by Hirow deleted Jan 6th, 2019

I love how Spike acted like Pepe Le Pew during the 1st half of the chapter :rainbowlaugh:

It was a mixture of Pepe le Pew and Gomez Addams.

He the father/husband of the Addams Family which include various comics, movies, cartoons, and t.v. series. Him and his wife Morticia often engage in love speech similar to Pepe Le Pew. I drew inspiration from the two movies that came out in the 90s: The Addams Family and The Addams Family Value. Spike calling Chrysalis cicada mia is a parody of what Gomez Addams call his wife, cara mia.

Oooohhhhh.... I can't believe I forgot about him & the Adams family...

:twilightoops: (jaw hits the floor very hard) this........................ I can't think of anything to say on how I should react. ...... nothing......................

al leer esta cap. mi cariño de este shipping aumento mas... esperaba hallar algo un poco mas explicito si me entiendes no? pero no importa me gusto mucho

when reading this chap. my love of this shipping increased more ... I was hoping to find something a little more explicit if you understand me no? but it does not matter I like it a lot

:twilightoops: .......................... MEDEC!!!! I NEED YOU'RE BRAIN BLEACH!!!!! NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Okay, guess it's time for us to chew bubblegum and kick Sombra's ass, and I'm all out of bubblegum," shouted an excited Flurry Heart as she took to the sky.

They Live reference!

"Heh heh," impishly laughed Flurry Heart. "Then you should be glad that we just celebrated my 18th birthday today."

I know I read this line somewhere before, but I just can't place it

So we all know that nosebleeds caused by... that is impossible right?:ajbemused: Anime is harmful for everone.

Yes but in my view, Spike was adopted and raise by Twilight Velvet and Night Light. Twilight Sparkle was too young to raise him and Celestia was too busy ruling a country.

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