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This story is a sequel to Flurry Heart's Story: Elements Assemble!

Tirek, Cozy Glow and Chrysalis wake up to find that their stone statue has been broken and they have been set free. After narrowly escaping the Canterlot guards, they discover they have been asleep for over eight years and immediately start plotting revenge. While Chrysalis desires to rebuild her changeling army, Tirek is tired of Equestria and just wants to return to the Midnight Kingdom to confront Scorpan. Cozy is still angered with Discord, Celestia, and Luna and desires something else very personal. After a long argument, all three of them agree they can no longer continue their alliance and part ways.

This story takes place during the events of my earlier fanfiction "Elements Assemble" and is part of my series called Flurry Heart's Story.

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So this is how it started when they eventually broke free of their prison. Chrysalis just wanted to rebuild her army, still despising what the magic of friendship cost her before, and Tirek was tired of fighting anymore, just wanting to call it quits and hopefully return home, which left Cozy all alone to plot her revenge.

It's sad to think that the budding family unit they were developing into just dissolved when their more self-centered interests clashed, even if Cozy really did want them to be a family. Still, a nice bit of set-up, and it does have me interested to see where Chrysalis ended up after this parting.

This is definitely setting up for a lot of things, 2 stories of which we have already read, and one which has yet to come but will be epic nonetheless!

Just beyond the corner of the hedge was Tempest Shadow, the new captain of the royal guard, whom Princess Twilight Sparkle had appointed a few years prior. She was wearing her new silvery armor and a helmet with an extended bit for her broken horn to help regulate her magic when she wore it.

To be honest I would love seeing her as one of the royal guard for Twilight Sparkle including Flash Sentry and gallus but that is going to be in the future when Gallas becomes the royal guard

“To be fair, you guys weren’t really team players,” Cozy told them. “We probably would have won if we worked together more and actually behaved like friends. You know…the way Twilight and the others did?”

She's actually got a good point I mean if you look at that episode Frenemies they actually did an amazing job as a team

“Because…because you and Chrysalis are the only real family I’ve had in ages.”

Ohh dang that's kind of sweet?

Amazing how random fanfic writers could gave more character to Cozy Glow than the canon series ever did.

Okay so it looks like for the past few years the statue of the three villains finally broke out but I still wondering who let them out but anyway they cannot stay in Canterlot They will be captured if they stayed so they all ran into the everfree forest now that's thinking of a Revenge plot against the ponies and the creatures but before then it looks like Queen Chrysalis has a couple of changelings who did not accept thorax Authority join a rebellion against them so she left behind Tirek and cozy and it looks like things got worse that he also was leaving as well and basically turn himself in to Princess Twilight leaving cozy glow all by herself so she decided to steal the Alicorn Magic and plot her revenge against Princess Celestia and Luna and Discord and we already know how that worked out but anyway at least we got the chance to see them escaped and how it all started but it looks like somebody is gathering up the most dangerous My Little Pony villains either from the previous generation or the older ones and I wonder who Could That Be that would be another story that's was a pretty good can't wait to see how this will work out on the next story keep up the good work

Flash is still here though and he’s dating Sunset in this story.

Cozy may be naughty but at least she gets it!

Tirek finally shows his soft side.

Lol, I get that a lot. The finale was painful to realize the show is done, but i was bursting with ideas and I definitely wanted to do more with these three.

Oh... well then there goes my shipping again ( I still ship Twilight and Flash Sentry ) yes I know but I'm not a shame of it 😁

Well if anybody read the season 10 comic there was a cliff hanging ending where the three villains are breaking out from there a statue prison there was a possible ways they would do to make things harder for the heroes

Good to know that you showed what the trio did as they broke out. Sad to see that trio split but I hope they reunite and blast Discord the Worm of all his Chaos Magic for life. Also I don't know if Scorpan is really a great king like Celestia and Luna said he is. A painter can paint a masterpiece but a Forger can create a counterfeit.

Yup! I don't really acknowledge much from the comics, but at least we know they were going in that direction. I am half-interested in seeing where they go with that even though the comics are apparently done (and IDW i having problems so I think Hasbro properties are moving to another company for comics), but at the same time, I'd kind of like for them to just leave us hanging with that and our fanfics can make up for it. I think we all knew they weren't going to stay like that forever anyway.

I think they're cute too, but after seeing Flash start to ask Sunset out in LoE, I figured FlashSet makes a bit more sense.


If you're interested to see what Cozy does to Discord, I have another story that is finished called "Dream of Alicornication" that is up if you want to read it!

As for Scorpan, I've kind of already given away that he's a good king at the end of the first episode of my series as well as his bio card I uploaded to my Deviant Art, but we'll see him in action in a really epic story that I have coming up!

Yeah that's pretty much true and sometimes a lot of people attend to ignore the comics since they're not really Canon with the show which a lot of people calls it the alternate universe of the comic but there's still some possibilities

I guess that's a good point as well

This was very sad. I admit, the three of them bonding in the show and learning to work together was pretty entertaining. The thought of them all becoming like a family is sweet… in a very strange way.

But it seems like in the end their end goals are just too different for each other. We saw in the finale how they started to return to their in-fighting more than once. Maybe it is because they were running out of foes to face together or maybe it is just because the way they ended up wanting to do things wasn't what the other two had in mind. But either way, it shows they have a long way to go.

I have a feeling that after being set free, they'd be so miffed about their defeat and 8+ year long imprisonment that Chrysalis would not want to work with them anymore and would take the first chance she got to leave which was right when Scutellum showed up. Cozy wanted Tirek to stay with her of course because she still sees how they can use friendship to stick together and be stronger, but Tirek has just had it at this point and wants to try and get back to his homeland to deal with his brother, but not before admitting to Cozy that he saw them as a family this whole time too, he just didn't want to admit it.

The 1st thing; I know already because I read the whole thing.
And 2nd, I know you say Scorpan is a good king but after playing nearly Ace Attorney games; Sometimes One is not what they seem to be and 'the road to hell is paved in good intentions'.


I don't play Ace Attorney but Scorpan is not evil in this.

Awww.. that was both sweet and sad. And I love the added art. Are you the original artists because I love the legion of doom post-villainy art pieces I’ve seen<3
This really sounds like the next chapter of my own legion of doom fic but I haven’t been able to finish it, now I’m motivated
If there’s a sequel, I’d love to read it! Tirek mentioning Chrysalis and Cozy being like his family tugged at my heart strings.

Really good job on the exchanges, characterizations and future story set-up in this one-shot midquel. Especially appreciated the dialogue between Chrysalis, Tirek and Cozy with all three of them making good points before splitting up. And yeah, the nods to the earlier stories set later make a lot of sense, particularly to the most recent and with the foreshadowing to when it is finally Chrysalis's turn.

VERY definitely looking forward to the next story in this series.

Yup, I do all the art (aside from a few backgrounds) which is kind of a problem cuz it takes me forever to get a chapter ready if I haven't started the art yet. ^^;

Glad to hear I'm an inspiration! There is a sequel to this cuz I've written 5 more episodes that come after the first one and this short story takes place during the 8th chapter of the first one. If you're interested in reading them, you can start here: https://www.fimfiction.net/story/465425/flurry-hearts-story-elements-assemble So far there's only one story with Tirek and one with Cozy Glow, both of which reveal some dark and depressing details about their motives, especially Cozy's. Chrysalis's first episode has yet to come out, but it will be epic when it does!

Nice filler story, I like how it helps explain how the rift in the villains came about. Also love the images, especially that helmet you gave Tempest!

Very nice tie-in to the earlier Flurry Heart Story chapters here, kinda feel bad at them breaking up cause like a few have said the 3 of them became like family (of sorts) :fluttercry:

Also seems Chrysalis's turn gonna be action-packed when it comes up (especially with jackass general at the helm :twilightangry2:) looking forward to that! :rainbowdetermined2:

Tirek, Chrysalis, Cozy Glow... the deadly alliance and possibly... Family?

How do you make these pictures? I would like them

I do them in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop

I can't create pictures! Can you make one picture for me?

Please do NOT request free art from me on my FIMfiction page. This is not the place to be doing that.

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