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I'm a gay nutjob that writes whatever weird ideas come to his head. I like M/M ships, odd pairings, zombies, and drinking. I also hope to be a contestant on Survivor one day.


[Note, this story is set between Season 4 and 5, but is not related to the episode "The Lost Treasure of Griffonstone." This is an alternate take on the Gilda Redemption idea.]

After Twilight Sparkle's new castle was inducted, all of her friends and family were excited to throw a Castle-Warming Party as a celebration. However, after the party ended, Twilight's fellow Elements were surprised to see Gilda in town as well. Of course, that wasn't nearly as surprising as finding out she had a marefriend.

A marefriend who's supposed to be married to Princess Twilight Sparkle's Father.

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“Oh, hey Applejack. What are those?”

...I'm sorry, first thing that came to mind.

As for the first chapter, mainly the last scene. I look forward to more. :pinkiehappy:

And, as per usual, Twilight's mum is cheating on her husband and doesn't even feel bad about it. :applecry:

I dunno what Twilight's father did to the fandom to deserve this like half the time but... at least it looks like this is going to actually treat it with some gravitas, rather than that she is justified and he's a loser.

The lack of a sad, dark, or tragedy tag makes me think He'll be okay with this.



I mean I liked "The Lost Treasure of Griffonstone" a bunch, but this is... Different. Very different.

This is going to give Twilight's seizures seizures....

Do you mean... that somehow Twilight's father is okay with this, or that the writer is?

In the words of Rainbow Dash: What the buck was that!

The former. It's odd, but I've heard of relationships where one party sleeps frequently with another while the one left out is fully aware and okay with it. Perhaps they're just in a really open relationship as they have grown bored of each other in the sack.
There was this one couple I remember that stated to be in true love, but the wife thought the husband was lacking in the good genetics department and wouldn't let him finish inside during sex. When they were ready to have children, she found a man she thought would give her beautiful children and, with the consent of the husband, got pregnant with him. Summed up, love is weird.
Maybe Night Light is such a doormat...? Or maybe he has no idea and is going to be heart broken.

Could be they are both sleeping with Gilda but to make things a bit more exciting act like they don't know. If not, I do hope they at least give us a reason as to WHY she is cheating. Mainly because it is Night Light who cheated first before Velvet goes to do her thing in retaliation.

Murder = completely absent

Lesbian Adultery = sure, why not?

Maybe they have an open marriage

See, I would be more inclined to believe that if it wasn't for the fact that Velvet was trying so hard to get rid of Night.



Like poor Night Light. :applecry:

I'm still rather interested in the story though

Well... This is different... Interesting...

I like where this is going and the concept is quite an interesting one. So I'm looking forward to whatever comes next.


If this goes grim dark with Night knocking up Twilight or molested his son or is an abuser of any sort...


Well, shoot. There goes my surprise twist. :trollestia:

The pairing is intriguing, and I liked Unfamiliar Patterns, but from the comments, I am really not sure if this might not turn out really depressing/disturbing...


For goodness sake Dash. Regarding the story itself, I'm also hoping this gets a bit less melancholy as it goes on. Maybe Night Light ends up having the hots for Gilda or something? I dunno. Hopefully just something to lighten the mood.


Yeeesss.... Gilda, Night Light, Velvet romantic triad!!!!

Okay, so triads are a thing I like...


Not that kind of triad!

*Calls up Hong Kong gangsters* "They know too much..."

“Twilight, your Mom is a lesbian!”

God Dammit Rainbow Dash!

... Ago today, the town of Ponyville was reduced to a massive crater by the Princess of Friendship. To this day, no pony understands what caused Princess Twilight Sparkle to undergo such a dramatic rage-shift and the Princess herself has repeatly declined comment. However, she is often heard muttering muttering "My mother is NOT into mares." This has only led to numerous theories on...
-Exerpt from Canterlot Times "One Year Annviersy of Ponyville Destruction"

Right in front of Twilight and Spike why don't cha?

Did it ever occur to them that maybe they need some proof before approaching Twilight with such an accusation about her mom? I mean I know they're all best friends and would never lie to Twilight about something serious like this but would anyone else believe something like that without evidence?

*shrugs* Might not even matter anyway. Without a Sad/Tragedy tag, this fic is likely to end with Night Light getting a threeway with his wife and Gilda.

:ajbemused: Damn it, Rainbow! I thought we said we were gonna do this slowly?!

“Twilight, your Mom is a lesbian!”

and a whore

Comment posted by The Silver Shroud deleted Oct 26th, 2015

It's not a twist, it is one of only 2 starting scenarios that made any sense. And the conclusion is obvious given the route you chose of the 2.

:rainbowderp: .... Huh... Okay, I did not see that coming.

Now if you excuse me, I'm gonna track this thing...

You know, I was all ready to hate this for breaking up one of the few established married straight couples in the show.

Good on ya. This is a nice little twist, and one that I have actually seen before. Not for very long, as I just met them at a unit function once while stationed in Kansas. My friend's parents had a similar setup: both were bi, but with heavy leanings to the same sex, and wanted a "traditional household," so they boinked a few times, had some kids, and had an "understanding."

So, this is funny and cute, and ripe for silly drama. Also, Spike calling Twilight Velvet "Mom" fits my headcanon perfectly. Can't wait to see what else you throw out there. :twilightsmile:

Looks like I was partially right with a guess I made. a while back. Granted I said maybe they were both sleeping with Gilda, but that still requires Night Light Knowing

You know there was a manga sorta similiar concept to this. It was about a lesbian who after reavaling to her dad that she was gay that he revealed that he and her mother were gay as well but good friends and had just agreed since they wanted a child that they might as well get married while still having pychical relationships.

6571279 Can you send me a link to it?

6571278 maybe her father is sleeping with prince blueblood.

6571317 We do not need that mental image.


And then... and then that ending is great. It's what would only be logical from here out, really.

At least no one knows about Spike 'quality time' with the CMC.

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