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I'm a shameless neckbeard who has a knack for writing a LOT of smut. I have an Official Patreon page (Patreon.com/TheVClaw), and I also take commissions to help support myself as a freelance writer.


Everypony at the Ponyville Schoolhouse was excited for Show and Tell, but nopony seemed more eager to show something for it than Scootaloo. When she brought her item up to the front, it was a Daring Do story written by her mentor Rainbow Dash. And since it was still in the works, the filly wanted her class to get a sneak peek at one of the chapters.

Of course, maybe Scootaloo should've asked Rainbow Dash for permission first.

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Rainbow get a safe and have Twilight do an anti-theft spell! Immediately!

Ha! Great story. Really like it. Gave it an up vote

I have a feeling since Scoots read that story and Silver Spoon had that 'rocket' there won't be anymore show and tells

Speaking of cheese and crackers have you seen zootopia? Also secret toy rocket ship do not work well to kill a zombie. Except in the anime Panty and Stocking with garterbelt.


This was a great read. The comedy is gold.

Yeah, that went exactly where I thought it would go.


I would love If a k to find it, and asked for a full 20 chapters made by 4 months or something. After all that third hand of auizutl(hate spelling that) could be VERY useful. :trollestia:

Oh god.

I imagine for some young colts that was the best show and tell ever.

Should remove the sex tag as Im not sure this goes descriptive enough to warrent it and it is likely to make people think this is smut.

Rainbow really needs to keep her fanfiction in a safer place...

And then Silver Spoon pulled out a wonderfully assembled model Rocket Ship.

Poor Cheerilee, this just is not her day. I am surprised Sweetie did say something like "This sounds like one of my sister's...'mature novelets' as she call thems" and maybe cause Scoot to say "Pff, Raindow Dawn's way too cool for Rarity's 'boremance' novel's." But not a bad oneshot.

“D-don’t tell your parents about that! I… I gotta go! And don’t do drugs!”

Pffft, this was a good laugh. :rainbowlaugh:

Good writing as always V.

The last scene brought THIS up...

Wonderfully done! Your comedic timing was spot-on.

Wow...That was probably the worst show and tell for Cheerilee ever.

I bet some of the students know Silver Spoon's mom doesn't have a "secret toy rocket ship" and need the bathroom even MORE now...:facehoof:

XD this had me laughing so hard

Happy Feature Box! Great story.

Something similar to this happened at one of my schools. Once, and only once. Anyway, nice story!

I wouldn't normally comment on something like this but it was funny. I read part of that story in an accent too. It was hilarious.

By now, Sweetie Belle had her eyes narrowed in suspicion, having sworn she read something like that in one of Rarity’s weird books.

I'm really glad I'm not the only one who has it headcanoned that Rarity reads really trashy romance novels.

“D-don’t tell your parents about that! I… I gotta go! And don’t do drugs!”

Rainbow Dash the role model kids deserve.

But seriously the only real problems I had were a few of the wording choices early on and the fact that Rainbow Dash seemed to exit and leave mid-paragraph in a rushed kind of manner. But once the story was in the real meat of it it was pretty funny.

This was good, I enjoyed this. The bit of astronomy at the end was enjoyable

This fic was out of this world.

I mean, uh, this fic was vibrating.

Mares and gentlecolts... HAVE YOU ALL EVER HEARD OF A SAFE??!!!:pinkiegasp::facehoof:

Very funny, good story.:ajsmug:

Something...something...."oh my..."

No, it's descriptive enough for it to get a sex tag. Also, I don't think people are going to mistake this for smut as this isn't rated mature.

I don't think Cheerilee is being paid enough for this...:facehoof:

Still, made me smile.

i haven't read it yet but i can tell from the intro it's going to be cringe worthy

I wonder how long Cheerilie was listening before she stopped scootaloo:trollestia:

and why can't I upvote it more than once?

:twilightoops: That poor teacher
:unsuresweetie: Cheerilee I'm next. . . .
:raritystarry::moustache: Sweetie Belle????
:applecry: Sure ain't no Equestria Geographic that I ever seen. . . .Mac? Fluttershy?
:yay::eeyup: !!!!!
:moustache::raritywink: that was close. . . .:facehoof:

7012175 Your avatar raises up even more questions.

Poor Cheerilee probably hadn't expected that when she clocked in that morning. :trollestia:

I'm not a big fan of the use of descriptors to indicated characters rather than their given names. I honestly don't see a reason for that. If they have a name you should really be using it whenever you need to indicate their actions or statements. Other than that, though, there's nothing I find particularly objectionable. More than that, it was quite fun. A good read overall. :raritywink:

Seems like Rainbow Dash is writing for the wrong demographic.

Her story brings all the boys to the yard, but only just a few girls? Probably needs more editing.


Oh, don't worry. The following chapter features Dr. Caballeron in a position similar to Daring Do~.

Two guys? You absolute madman, that's double the cooties! Why would a filly ever want to read that?


Well, if that's your mindset, I guess you shouldn't read some of my other fics.

This story done the things that do this stuff and it done did doed it properly. Congrats

This was amazing! I was laughing so hard!

:rainbowlaugh: Those poor, innocent schoolfoals.

Never leave your fanfiction out when impressionable youth are around

Great read after the introduction. I honestly only skimmed the first paragraphs since they seemed to only delay the story. After that, it was a barrel of laughs and intrigued grins. I'm guessing that Cheerilee mentioned the kumquat just to teach Dash a lesson since Scoot was stopped before that part.

Thanks for the story!

Just a few typos, btw:
"they way they were sprawled out"
"she didn’t look up form her hoof"

Don't do drugs!

Couple young colts goin to be walking funny the rest of the day.

the next parent/teacher conference is going to be fun! :rainbowlaugh:

“Ahuizotl shook his head as his smile became more… lustful?” Scootaloo wasn’t sure what that word was, but she merely shrugged and kept going. “He then put the knife against the front of her shirt, and slashed it downard to rip it down the middle. ‘Oh no,’ he hissed with a lick of his glistening fangs. ‘I’m going to make you moan…’”

OH TEH NOES!!! He's gonna torture her!

Before she could protest, Daring gasped as she felt Ahuizotl’s long and slick tongue start to drag up the inside of her thigh.


“Okay!” The chipper filly with a grey coat hopped out of her chair while holding a paper bag in her mouth. Cheerilee picked up her broom and dustpan to start picking up the coffee mug shards still on the floor. When Silver Spoon got to the front of the class, she waited for the ponies to stop clapping before bringing out her item. “For my Show and Tell, I decided to bring my Mommy’s secret toy rocket ship!”

Skyyyyyyyyyy rockets in flight! Afternoon delight!!!

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