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I'm a shameless neckbeard who has a knack for writing a LOT of smut. I have an Official Patreon page (Patreon.com/TheVClaw), and I also take commissions to help support myself as a freelance writer.


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Comment posted by krieg gaurdsman deleted Apr 30th, 2017

YOU MADE A SEQUEL #LMFAO :rainbowlaugh: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Edit: LOL that ending

This chapter is rather neat! :pinkiesmile: The build-up to the clop was well done in my opinion. Just as well as the clop. The humor at the end only improved this whole chapter more. It's rather interesting and makes me already wonder how this will continue! :yay:

Also kind of funny, considering I also published a dragon slut story today. This time with Twilight. Rather neat timing. :rainbowlaugh:

This was a pretty good sequel to the first story.:twilightsmile: The question now is what happens next. A continuance maybe? Fingers are crossed.


Well, this story is incomplete...

Awesome!! I hope to enjoy it soon. :)

Gotta say I loved the seduction scene with spike cutting loose and seducing the therapist. A very hot visual scene was crafted by your words. I'll be awaiting further chapters of this as they come out.:yay:

Spike should have Big Mac next

Certainly a neat chapter! :yay:

I can imagine Twilight going with the therapy idea, but also monitoring Spike closely. Of course I doubt Twilight would simply let him slip away and do what he wants even with the clean bill of his mental health. Heck, I imagine her to monitor him even more now considering she knows that he has planned with this mental health confirmed. But then again, did Twilight make a promise to give him more freedom after it? I mean there was this promise with Rainbow and Rarity after all and it wasn't mentioned wether Twilight was into that promise or not. Well, even if she would be forced to give him more free space she still would observe him in secret I imagine. So with other words, Spike is going to have some trouble to get some juicy vitamin D.

In any case it seems interesting and I'm wondering how he might overcome Twilight in the future chapters! :pinkiesmile:

Well, Twilight might end up regretting surveiling SlutSpike when he's out on the prowl. Especially if he realizes she's doing it, and decides to give her a proper show... :duck:

suggested characters

Filthy Rich
reason: wifes a bitch who withholds sex for whatever reason. daddy play could b involved as hes an older stallion

reason: secretly gay

Carrot Cake
reason: free sapphire diamond cupcakes

doughnut joe
reason: old friend

Looking at your username, I'm kinda surprised you didn't suggest Spike getting something Big and Red in his mouth. :derpytongue2:


BigSpike has been done b4 though. i was suggesting new stuff.

This is just a random thought, but I kinda wondered what the conversation at the start would have been like if it were with different characters and Twilight was awake. Say it was just Applejack and Twilight. In fact, I can imagine the conversation would go something like this:
:twilightoops: How many?

:moustache: Eh... Fifty-six give or take.

:twilightangry2: Fifty-si... Fifty-SIX!!

:applejackconfused: Whoa nellie stand back! She's gonna blow!


:moustache: Hey, I was under that dragon greed thing at the time. Besides, I actually liked it.

:facehoof: Unbelievable... Spike, if that were remotely true, that would mean that you were a... a slut.

:ajbemused: Twi, how can ya say such a thin'? So the little guy lost his virginity ta an army of dragons. He ain't no slut.

:moustache: Thanks AJ.

:ajbemused: He is the slut. He's the grand Poobah of slutnum. He's single hoofenly the easiest dragon in this whole forest.

:twilightangry2: Applejack Jonagold Apple, you take that back.

:ajbemused: (Waving a hoof at Twilight) The slut is dead, (then towards Spike) long live the slut.


you've been binging Golden Girls on Hulu havent you?

8134302 Nah, just seen a clip of it that I thought for perfectly here.


ooh oh! Time Turner could be Filthy and Spoiled Rich's marriage counsilor!

8130287 Yeah, I'm quite happy how there has been quite the influx of dragon clopfics lately:raritystarry:. Next to tentacles, they are my favorite fetish! :pinkiehappy:

Wow. Well, we know how Rarity, Rainbow, and Twilight feel on the matter. Fluttershy, Applejack, and Pinkie Pie? Their reactions can be quite interesting. Especially, Applejack's.
:ajbemused:: If Spike's tailhole get anywhere near mah brother, I'm getting a branding iron and sealing it shut.


:ajbemused:: If Spike's tailhole get anywhere near mah brother, I'm getting a branding iron and sealing it shut.

:moustache: "What's the matter, AJ? You don't wanna share?~"

Spike. Slayer of Cockactrices, Champion of the Crystal Empire, and now, Cock-Guzzling Cum-Dumpster extraordinaire. So noble a soul, to give so much for his country!

As requested, terrible ideas for Spike's future escapades:

Spike crashes the grand final after-party of the winning team of Equestria's NFL equivalent, and fucks his way through the whole team. Offense, defense, special teams, the officials, the spirit squad ... all livestreamed by the commentators providing game-day coverage.

The first major diplomatic crisis for the new changeling kingdom is triggered by the revelation of Spike's contributions to their top secret research into alternative food sources. One demonstration of the ... energy efficiency of a Dragon-Greed-fuelled gangbang blows the project's cover due to the sudden mass purchase of industrial-grade juicers to squeeze the excess congealed lust out of the all the changeling 'test subjects'. How the volunteers got so bloated when all the fluids should have been flowing the other way? That's changeling physiology for you.

Spike has a horrifying epiphany: a large proportion of Equestria's population is female, and thus incapable of blowing hot loads in him. These poor souls are forever denied the soothing release of his hungering orifices. This travesty cannot stand!

Spike stars in a series of tender interludes where he helps frustrated, pent-up stallions from all walks of life exorcise their demons and sate the darkest cravings of their hearts in a non-judgmental, safe environment - a bodhisattva of the boudoir, helping them shuck the shackles of earthly shame.


Spike stars in a series of tender interludes where he helps frustrated, pent-up stallions from all walks of life exorcise their demons and sate the darkest cravings of their hearts in a non-judgmental, safe environment - a bodhisattva of the boudoir, helping them shuck the shackles of earthly shame.

THIS I would actually like to see.:twilightblush:

Sounds like AJ knows something of Big Mac's desires. :eeyup:

After looking around to make sure only Owlicious was present, Twilight floated out a flask from underneath her desk to add to her coffee.

This is where I have to stop. Twilight has to stoop to alcohol or potions in order to handle the stress of Spike's lifestyle. I think Celestia would rather have Twilight force more chores on Spike than have her become an alcoholic or worse.

That's a fun chapter! Certainly found his bound and gagged form rather sexy. Not to mention the permanent marker! :rainbowlaugh: So glad it is only the first half of the chapter and am thrilled for more! :yay:

Anyway, I think the Big Mac promise has some loopholes AJ overlooked. I mean what if Big Mac walks in right now to use his ass? Spike would be none the wiser! :trollestia: Besides if Big Mac would seek him out AJ can't really blame him seeing as it would be Big Mac's business.


I honestly thought it was a potion that would help her stalk Spike. :twilightsheepish: And I don't think Celestia would do that. I mean Celestia wouldn't simply measure the value of Twilight's wellbeing over Spike's. She would rather want Twilight to work out her problems.

8140506 You're right. Celestia would want Twilight to work out her problems... but with booze/potions? This is a time-bomb just waiting to explode. Celestia is going to have to intervene anyway because Twilight can't accept Spike's lifestyle.

Well Spike could get himself a room for himself. The possibility of him loudly verbalizing his raw and passionate fucking would get Twilight to set him up in his own room as to avoid her burying her head under a pillow as he gets plowed. I say this as I think he still sleeps in that little bed next to hers.:moustache:


My honest opinion is that Twilight needs to get laid. She would be less tense then! :trollestia:

Looks like Spike needs to take Twilight on a field trip! :pinkiehappy:

Now, that I actually read the sex, all I have to say is that I really hope that Twilight doesn't see all the writing done on Spike. If she was having trouble coping before...

i'm honestly not sure how i'm supposed to feel about this, or for you, for that matter. the bizzareness of it all draws me in, but i'm not sure if i'll ever leave the same.

I wanted Twilight to see Spike with his new 'tattoos'. I wonder what other drastic measures Twilight will go to in order to not deal with Spike's new lifestyle. I'm just waiting for the eventual explosion between Twilight and Spike. I don't care about the sex at this point.

Great chapter! :pinkiesmile: Bodywriting as well as how he was glued to the wall by cum was humiliation and degradation at its finest! :yay:

Glad to hear you like it! Hopefully whatever I write next will be right up your alley. :duck:


Glad to hear you like it! Hopefully whatever I write next will be right up your alley. :duck:

Foreshadowing? :trollestia:

I'm absolutely loving these stories about spike being a slut! Keep up the great work, I'm eager to see what happens next! :rainbowkiss: :twilightsmile:

My favorite story rn. Keep up the good work man ;3

I would ask if you could add feet, but I don't see how you could.


Well, Spike does have feet, I guess. And just so you know, you're not the first person to have suggested that to me...

I do have a small idea for something more foot-based involving a particular canon character I haven't used yet...

Twilight! What the hell are you doing? Tell your friends to 'Shut the f:yay: up!' and send Spike into f:yay:ing detox. He is totally outta control.

What should've happened.

“Would you really wanna know if we did?” asked Applejack with a coy smirk.
Next time Applejack knew, she was soaring threw the sky, into space, and didn't stop until she crashed into the moon.


“And look! Lemon Zest is with them too! I tried to throw a suuuuuper nice party to make him feel better after he and Raspberry Mousse broke up, but it didn’t do anything but make him sadder. But now, he looks super happy next to Spike!”

Isn't Lemon Zest a female shadowbolt?

Neat chapter! I also find it interesting to see the Mane 6 react towards his changes and how the town changed in general with the stallions. :yay:

Though I can imagine conflict brewing. I mean sure, no stallion seems to object, but what about the female populace? About the mares? Are they disgusted by what he does? Are they jealous that dragon claims seemingly all the males in Ponyville? Lemon Zest's marefriend could be jealous and furious for example if she heard what her ex is up to with a drake. Of course some mares like the Mane 6 can also be accepting. The question is how is the ratio between disgusted, jealous, and acceptance under all these mares? Just a thought that came to mind. :pinkiesmile:


Lemon Zest's marefriend could be jealous and furious for example if she heard what her ex is up to with a drake.

Raspberry Mousse: "How DARE you go after Lemon Zest like that!? Have you no shame!?" :flutterrage:
Spike: "Apparently not as much as you, Miss 'I Never Swallowed My Coltfriend's Load'!" :moustache:
Raspberry Mousse: "YOU... YOU LITTLE..." :twilightangry2:
Spike: "Little what? Slut? Whore? I'm pretty sure any insult you have was already proudly written on me, but I'd love to hear you try to be creative."
Spike: "Also, I should remind you I also breathe fire, so it might not be good to try anything violent."

I really don't know if anyone had suggested this to you or not, but I had a bit of an idea of a clopfic that I think you can use in a story like this.

Basically, the idea is that a married couple (take your pick), while they have active sex lives in the bedroom, the wife is feeling rather guilty that her husband, a bisexual, has never gotten to experience the male aspect of his sexuality and decided to help him out. So she goes and finds Spike to ask him out for a favor. Later on, while the couple celebrates (name of occasion here), the wife lures her husband to their bedroom and, low and behold, there is Spike, all wrapped up in a bow as a present to her special somepony. While the husband is hesitant at first and feels like it's almost like cheating on her, the wife ensures him to not only okay with it, but encourages him to go ahead and experience it as well. (Note: you could have her watch, but that's up to you.) So Spike shows the husband the fun ways of gay sex (from oral to penetrated (and doubly optional) to being penetrated).

But like I said, it's only an idea.

Don't worry, I definitely plan to have a married stallion have some guilty fun with the slutty drake later on in the story~

And it's someone Spike knows very well

hm... the more I think about this story, the more I'm wondering what'll happen if 1) Discord finds out 2) there's a repeat of "A Dog and Pony Show" (or some other way to see the Diamond Dogs) 3) there's a futa spell 4) Spike actually uses his penis (I want to think portals/wormholes/whatever you call them) ... etc.

Well, to answer your questions...

1.) Discord would certainly be one to have some fun with a sluttified drake. Perhaps he could use his spells that bring inanimate objects to life so that Spike wouldn't be "alone" :rainbowlaugh:
2.) Believe me, I really, REALLY want to incorporate the Diamond Dogs soon~ Just wait for me to get a good setup for it.
3.) Personally, Futa is hands-down one of the biggest "No Homo" fetishes I can think of. I might love dicks, but I don't see the point of slapping them onto female characters. Plus, that fetish is really overdone on this site, and I'm sick of seeing it.
4.) This very well might come into play in the next chapter :moustache:


1.) LOL, so he'll always have a trustworthy companion, even if it's inside him while he's doing chores
2.) Plus, there's the potential problem of the "breeding bitch" seeing that they might already have a female to (forcibly) breed with at any time they want, OR that they might want to keep him for themselves, at least longer than their knots will keep him
3.) yeah, I can understand it being overdone on the site (and a lot of places, really) , but I can also understand why it's that popular: most people are more attracted to the female form than the male form, regardless of what equipment they're using, PLUS for a time, I was honestly thinking it COULD be therapeutically used by Twilight, or, because I got the vibe that she might be wanting to use it, by Rainbow... but the latter's probably just me
4.) then I shall wait with anticipation


Futa is used quite often. Though I was always fascinated by the autofellatio stories of futa. You know the ones where Futa Twilight sucks and deepthroats her own dick and fills her belly with some warm, sloshing cum? Of course Spike's cock probably is not tall enough for him to actually get down to suck on it himself, or is he flexible enough?

Just throwing out ideas in case you haven't heard about autofellatio before. There are only very few fics of it and I think all of them are futa.

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