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I'm a shameless neckbeard who has a knack for writing a LOT of smut. I have an Official Patreon page (Patreon.com/TheVClaw), and I also take commissions to help support myself as a freelance writer.

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Oh boy, 1 am!

*Unzips Dick*

uwu good

wahooo thats 2 of my ideas that wer made stories back to back

Also applicable.

Discord are u joking? Big Mac loves daddies. I’m surprised V hasn’t paired him with u yet.

You known you can add in discord also turned every mares into stallions for more gayness fun.

But then you wouldn't be able to use the adultery angle, because anypony who was already happily married would stay that way.

Awesome story!

and.........Canvas and Troy! Hope for more stories when they are in it.

Hope for some more in the future

Well this was a fun read, I was surprised to see Pokey Pierce in this too but it was fun, I did really like seeing Cranky getting a moment too with Mac.

If only Cranky wasn’t there... especially with all the old man details :c

Hey, older guys need some lovin' too~ 😉

If this doesn’t get Discord killed, I don’t know what will.

Then again, if Discord were to have a funeral, I bet these will be his pallbearers:

Side note: I'm not gonna lie, Troy and Canvas in a threeway was incredibly hot.

He then looked back at the readers of this story to add with a shrug, “I mean, given how none of them can go to conventions this year, it’s not like they couldn’t afford it nowadays~”

nope just nope

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