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I'm always busy, although I wish I weren't. Sorry. :(


Update! · 3:26am Feb 10th, 2020

Hey all!

I just want to immediately let everyone know that yes, I'm still writing the next chapter, and it should be out soon(tm). I've just been busy with work, and I don't want to rush things out. I want this to be written well on the first publish (so that includes proof reading and all that). I'm just a little stuck atm - not with the current part I'm writing, I'm just thinking about what comes next and if it'll be written in good taste. Haha, maybe I'm over thinking things.

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I hope everyone has been liking HBC so far. I've been a bit busy with work lately, so I didn't get to post both chapters in the same weekend.

I'm planning on doing one chapter a weekend, unless it's a multipart chapter or otherwise, from now on.

I'm planning on having a little prequel fic for the "First Date" story I wrote. I hope, to whomever is interested, it goes well. <3

Just wanted to let you all know. It will come out within a few weeks from now, depending how busy I am from working.

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