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This is creative! Definitely into seeing more good work~

Well, interesting start. Hope it will continue this way.

Also, where did all the additional matter came (pun intended) for Rarity to cum so much? And why she hadn't died of dehydration long before Twi came (and pun intended again)?

Very creative indeed! I wonder what Discord has in store for the rest of them, and how they'll be affected.

Someone wrote something with a similar premise long ago but it didn't really take advantage of the creative freedom a Discord story allows like this one does; looks promising.

And hey author; no need to second guess yourself; just have fun writing!

Love the latex bugs, are we going to find anyone that didn't manage to get away from them?

I'm always down for villain Discord though I do hope he's a good sport if they manage to "win".

Thank you so much! I appreciate the support, something I definitely needed to hear! I just haven't had a lot of writing experience and sometimes it can be hard to tell if what makes sense to me will also be clear to the readers.

Sounds like a fun list of tags, excited to see it finished, also any idea who did the cover pic?

Thought for a second that the bugs Twi were facing were facehuggers, but yeah your description dashes that line of thought :twilightblush:

Great chapter! Look forward to more.

Thank you! The artist wanted to remain anonymous, friend of mine, they liked the idea but didn't want to be linked to this kind of smut lol.

Intriguing. Looking forward to seeing what else you do with the concept.

Loving this so much! Very creative traps, please keep on writing! <3

aww ok well thanks for the reply

you're in the updated section, but there doesn't seem to be a new chapter

Yes! Sorry about that, I had been trying to figure out a way to link the new chapter to an editor, when I realized it made it open to everyone I unpublished it. The second chapter should be out soon though! Sorry for the delay, I'm back to my manic phase so it won't be long!

How soon? You said it in summer, and now is winter.

looking forward to more and nice work on chapter:twilightsmile:

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