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This was a good story. Good build up, great on everyone's character. And you did great with the clop.

Good story, it was entertaining, developing. and very moving,
not forgetting to mention all of the cloppy goodness!!!!!

Well done!!

Now that's a way for Fluttershy to face one of her greatest fears, and at the same time get herself a boyfriend (ok, a drakefriend, but same difference). And I do like Spike grows when he is in mating form, as opposed to his current baby dragon form. I love that idea---Spike's at mating age, but he's still a baby dragon.....until it's time to mate, where Spike will grow to what is comfortable for his mate.

Since Spike's mates happens to be ponies, like Fluttershy, Spike's able to adapt to the enviroment and grow to a roughly stallion-sized dragon in order to effectively rut his mate. Fluttershy's gonna be a very happy mare when all that's said and done.

Now we need when Spike and Fluttershy start dating together in public. I'm sure the other mares will have to wonder what happened between the two. The fascination is gonna be greatest with Twilight and Rarity. Rarity especially---I could just about see her talking to Fluttershy on their next spa appointment, and Fluttershy's gonna have a look that between "Yay!" and "I just found my special somedrake". And possibly a small bit of "Rarity, I'm so sorry that I took him from you" since it is Fluttershy.

All of these thumbs down in the comments section are from a troll/s who likely hate/s Spike. Anyway, I liked this story, and look forward to seeing more from the author.

I don't really like one-shot clop with lots of build up, but you made it work to the best of levels. :moustache:

Damn. This was GOOD. I am very impressed with this work.

“We can’t let him hurt the poor thing!” Fluttershy’s voice grew shrill. “Even if he is a huge, gigantic, terrible, enormous, teeth-gnashing, sharp scale-having, horn-wearing, smoke-snoring, could-eat-a-pony-in-one-bite, totally-all-grown-up dragon…”

“What are you talking about?”

Spike’s cheeks flushed red. “Er… They’re not… fighting…”

The extra blank space and Spike answering his own question makes me think you might've forgotten a line there. Probably something like Fluttershy saying "They're fighting; we need to stop them!" This was a really good story though. [+1]'d

This was about as intense as i.imgur.com/GJ4NZRb.gif

'Tis was magnificent my good sire. :moustache::yay::moustache::yay::moustache::yay::moustache::yay::moustache::yay:

3983646 :yay: "Now Rarity, don't be so j-jealous, you uhhmmm, you had your chance"

Damn, dragon musk is like a super horny love potion. Yes I know what aphrodisiac means, but damn it's like a aphrodisiac nuke here... :moustache::yay:

Ack! You're totally right, there's a line missing there. It's not the first time that's happened; it seems to be a problem sometimes when I upload from Google Docs. Thanks for catching it, I've fixed it now.

"Love Nuke": The new fragrance from Calvin Klein.

Damn Grimm, you always put such incredible description & emotion into your stories. There's so much to pull the reader in and never let go. You're quickly becoming my absolute favorite mature author on this site. Never stop doing this because you are awesome at it... and if you ever do a steamy shower sex scene, maybe with some TwiArmor, I may need to erect a shrine in your honor.:twilightblush:

Excellent story all around! :pinkiehappy:

Ermahgerd, if this goes where I think it's gonna go...


I don't know why, but it just plain irks me when people play Fluttershy off as totally naive. I mean, she's shy, but that doesn't mean she has to be an idiot. I've come to learn that shy people, often enough, are more gutterminded than anyone.

“We can’t let him hurt the poor thing!” Fluttershy’s voice grew shrill. “Even if he is a huge, gigantic, terrible, enormous, teeth-gnashing, sharp scale-having, horn-wearing, smoke-snoring, could-eat-a-pony-in-one-bite, totally-all-grown-up dragon…”

“What are you talking about?”

“Can’t you see they’re fighting!?”

Spike’s cheeks flushed red. “Er… They’re not… fighting…”

Fluttershy stared back at the scene before her. “Then what are they-” Her cheeks grew even redder than Spike’s. “Oh. Oh. Oh my.”

I don't even wanna' talk about the Spike thing. That's a battle I will lose so hard. Nonetheless, he's a fucking child. A baby. Comparatively, he's ten!

Fair enough, but I wouldn't say she's totally naive. The dragons are very aggressive in that scene (not to mention she's already terrified), and while she doesn't immediately jump to "they must be fucking", she's fully aware once Spike alludes to it. She's certainly not depicted as naive in later scenes, either.

As for Spike, he's been shown as old enough to have romantic feelings, at least. I think I write him slightly older anyway, but we see in the show that he can age to be a fully grown, adult dragon in a matter of days. Comparative ages aren't really feasible when their life cycle is that dramatic. I understand if it makes you uncomfortable, but I personally think Spike is more mature than most people give him credit for. He hatched when Twilight was a filly, after all; he's only a 'baby' because dragons live for bloody ages.

3985535 To each is own.

A ten year old dog is a very wise dog--a human not so much. Every race ages mentally with a direct correlation to physical growth.

I approve......even if you don't need it you will know slender likes this story

Good story i give you a awesome 8/10 :twilightsmile:


All good, I make a lotta mistakes in mine too~ Though I usually type it up in a word document then transfer it over to this site. It's cool because it gives you one last glance at it while you're copy+pasting the text and formatting it with italics, bold, horizontal rules, centers, and whatever else. Only problem is... well, as previously stated, you have to re-format any text effects using the site's commands.

:raritywink: And again, great story ♥

Aye, Word's useful for catching typos, but it's not so good for uploading here. I use italics a hell of a lot (probably too often, to be honest), and it's just not feasible to go through and redo every single one. Unfortunately that means random lines missing for some reason, but I usually catch them in time.

This seems like a not-so-subtle hint... I'm considering doing a fully-fledged sequel to 'Blindsided', where TwiArmor would be a real possibility, so maybe one day. :twilightsmile:

Well done.
Keep up the good work.

That was excellent. Well done. The real and loving passion is my make-or-break, and there was definitely enough love here. Good job, dear author.

What're you talking about... I'm totally subtle.:ajbemused:

This needs a sequel, or another story. I want more Spike rutting Shy from you. This is awesome!

Talk about rockin' out with your cock out. So Spike started jackin' it to Fluttershy while Fluttershy started jillin' it to the dragons making whoopie. It's like a chain reaction of stroke-offs, I'm expecting Big Mac to appear behind Spike.

I said speak your mind Jack, but jesus.....

What the hell did I just read?
And why was it so awesome?

Jeez, Spike has, like, no fuckin' shame whatsoever. He didn't even try to fight the aphrodisiac; he just whipped it out. :rainbowlaugh: He's just jackin' it in San Diego! :moustache:

Oh Spike. getting game with every mare these days


This was damn good.

First time I've seen a SpikeShy clopfic.

~Skeeter The Lurker

clop scene:
hardcore rutting
love at end

Huh. I'd have never guessed I'd like a SpikeShy fic, but here it is. Bravo! :yay:

Pretty good. You wrote both Spike and Fluttershy very plausibly -- maybe you remembered that it was established in the very first episode that Fluttershy likes Spike? -- and built up to the actual sex very well. You also kept in mind that both of them would have inhibitions against doing this (for different reasons), and that made the story much more believable. I think Fluttershy is less sexually experienced than you write her (for the good reason that at that time in the first season she she was avoiding other ponies), but that's really anybody's guess.


Where have you been???:twilightoops:

There are quite a few FlutterSpike clops out there, as well as some that are within some of the Spike harems too. Just got to look for them.

---DanvilleBengal :raritywink:

BEST FLUTTERSPIKE CLOP I HAVE EVER READ! now this is how you write a clopfic! yes! goddam yes! :pinkiecrazy:


Yeah, but done well?

Like this one?

Not so much.

~Skeeter The Lurker


Well, it's true!

~Skeeter The Lurker

Yeap. Very well done. and I don't say that often. *WolfGrin*

I give it: :coolphoto::coolphoto::coolphoto::coolphoto::coolphoto:

Sweet, hot and AWESOME! Two kind souls letting there wild side go. I love it!:moustache::heart::yay:

Great Job!:trollestia:

Oh shit! Do I have to fuck a spider to get rid of my arachniphobia?!?

Holy shit that was good.

What i thought was going to be meaningless clop was actually very intricate. I love sensual, hate mindlessness. This was the combination of everything I love about these types of romantic stories. Thank you. :twilightsmile:

Fantastic read, looking forward to the little Purple and Pink Kirin that'll be running around in the near future. :heart: (Please write a sequel if you have it in you)

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