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That was really enjoyable and hot❤️

IncofidentSpike + BustyHootershy = Instant Classic.

It’s just too cute a pairing to ignore. I enjoyed writing it. It’s a fun dynamic!

This has HAND HOLDING?! What are you, INSANE?!

My degeneracy holds little boundaries.

This was beautiful. Fluttershy being a sweet girl to give a boy his first time would be great. Anybody would kill to be in Spike's place with her and they satisfied each other well. So fucking hot.

Not bad at all! Been waiting to see what you could do with Spike! Kinda curious if Rarity would act on knowing that Spike and Shy are getting busy.

This... is a gem. No other way to say it. I love the chemistry and interplay between these two! It's so cute but sensual at the same time!

Thank God! It's been far too long since someone has written any SpikexShy clop, let alone finishing one. I haven't favorited a story so quick in over a year.

Also, even though it's obviously just meant to be a gag at the end, I would love to actually see a sequal with Discord and Rarity. Even if just to see how you would go about tackling it. It wouldn't need to be, and probably shouldn't be, romantic in nature. It's just an incredibly rare pairing that has like one good story and it would be fun to see how you approach it.


Thank you all for your kind words! It really encourages me to see so many enjoying the story. :twilightsmile:

I really enjoyed this one, a wonderful story of two loving characters that go all thw way with eacj other and possibly realize their respective special somepony turn out to be each other. Sucks for Rarity and any other pony that saw Spike as just a kid--Fluttershy gonna have that glow that shows she got laid in a arousingly and completely satisfied matter with a dragon as a paramour, and she's not gonna be ableto hide that from anyone...and als that Spike's definitely a full fledged adult.

I wonder how the Crystal Ponies react that their Savior have scored the Element of Kindness as a marefriend? How about the other elements? The end of this hinted that Rarity is speechless, so I'm curious of the others...

Great story.
I really like the Flutterspike more than Sparity these days.
Good work.

I hope you make a clopfic with Filthy Rich and Applejack one day.

Have a nice day and be careful of the coronavirus.


You sick fuck.

Hand-holding? How lewd. At least it wasn't in public.

This was wholesome-sexy, the best kind of sexy!


I hope you make a clopfic with Filthy Rich and Applejack one day.

Ah, I see you're a man of culture as well :moustache:

Do I detected a sequel involving Rarity and Discord in the near future?

It took us as a fandom over a decade to reach this absolute peak degeneracy, from vore to diapers to ...this.
Hand-holding, size-difference-enabled wholesomeness.

I wouldn't mind if we stayed at this peak for a little longer

I have absolutely no idea! Though in all sincerity, the ending was done more for comedy than as a suggestion of a sequel. If anybody would get a sequel from this, it'd be like...Spike and Rarity mayhaps. I'm not sure. I don't plan things too far ahead honestly.

I'd enjoy a sequel of Spike having fun with Rarity. But if there's any of the Mane 6 that deserve their own fun after this fic, Applejack should get with a guy and prove her skills in bed.

Perhaps. But for now, I've no real plans beyond something loose for Halloween. I've mentioned it on my blog, but I'll say so here too: I don't plan to put anything out again until around or on Halloween. So this one will be my last story for a short spell until then.

As long as we get the girls in nice costumes.

Aw, but that's boring. Sparity is like the basic bitch equivalent of MLP ships. It's more fun to mix things up a little.

Not to fret now! I’m always open to interesting pairings. It’s just a matter of finding a story that works.

10 outta fuckin' 10 you magnificent bastard!

While there have been a few Sparity fics that I’ve liked, it kind of like the vanilla of ships. He likes her in the show so it’s easy to justify writing it. However I’ve always found Spike x other to be more interesting. Also depending on how Rarity reacts, more entertaining. Fluttershy x Spike is one of my favourite ships for sure though.

This is some top quality smut right there! Handholding leading to loving consensual sex. That is my fetish.:rainbowderp:

Could take a crack that the rare shipping that is the Spike x Zecora or Spike x Tempest branch of fics. Not enough of those.

Mmm lovely and love the cover art a wonderful choice

I can't press the like and fav enough! Fantastic job on the writing, and the pairing!:pinkiehappy:

not only making eye contact, but going as far as holding hands before marriage?!? Truly will the debauchery never cease?

Zecora deserves some loving. Then again, there's a lot of nice characters that do.

Very nice, and hot. And don't worry, I'll play the meme for you:

Loved it! But a part of me kinda wants to see the reaction of the others and where it goes lol.

These two are actually make one of the cutest pairs in all of Spike's shipping. So adorable.

I kinda want to see everyone's reaction to their status now.

GOD, this is wholesome. And hot.

Yep... That was Fantastic.. A Master Piece.

It just bothers me the comparisons with Rarity here as raritys number one fan
Like... Were them really necessary?:duck:

Haha! Now, now, that's not disregarding Rarity's values! If anything, here, Spike is working at trying to bolster Shy's feelings. Trust me: Spike still keeps Rarity in that very special place in his heart. This story plays out more towards the idea that he didn't just have Rarity having affection for him. I had a thought for a followup to this story where Rarity stakes her claim, and there were notes for the other girls too perhaps.

yeah... i even got an idea, of rarity finding them on it, and then she got all jealous of another mare but her to had stolen his virginity. It'd be a good chance for her to rush her feelings towards him in a manner. Since it looks like they're just like friends in thsi story, it could actually work...

Oh My... That end


“Me? Ahh, c’mon. I’m just...Twilight’s helper. Well, everypony’s helper.” He reasoned, only for Fluttershy to shake her head quickly to the negative, pink locks swaying with her movements.

Spike is just about the only reason Twilight made it as far as she had before Ponyville :twilightsmile:

Huh... a Raricord ship at the end.

I did not expect that, the Roundabout meme would've been perfect!

I’m surprised Rarity didn’t slap the taste out of Discord’s mouth as he made such a proposal.

But as for the story, that was definitely hot. Nice, sensual tenderness combined with almost wanton lust.

I had difficulty envisioning their first sexual position, but other than that this was very solidly written.

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