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A pony with too much time on his hooves and too much plot to work with, in more ways than one. Also on FA!


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That was insanely hot and kinky my friend thank you for this.

Thank you very much! I just wanted to contribute something for Halloween/Nightmare Night for folks :twilightsmile:

Hot as always. One thing though. It says:

Her new position had her on her back

Yet it then goes on to say:

so he could watch as his balls bounced off her chin.

If he's fucking her throat while she's on her back, shouldnt his balls be slapping against her nose? Unless he's doing some upside thing or Zecora pulled a Pinkie Pie and twisted her neck in a 180.

9264460 Whoops! I thought I fixed that. My bad! Thank you for pointing that out!

Possibly one of the best Zecora lewd stories i have ever read, she's very low on my list when it comes to stuff like this so i'd say job well done.

9264825 Thank you very much! I’ve kinda wanted to do Zecora for a little while, but I couldn’t figure out the right take to do until this came into my head.

If he'd straddled her shoulder it can happen, but then I doubt that deep throat would be possible. I guess that's leftover after editing

dit: Ooops, comments didn't update. Damn mobile browsers.

Restless spirits? :pinkiegasp: Who you're gonna call? Ghostfucker!

My my my I loved this story among many others you have done, I have got to say that your attention to detail with these as well as your style makes you one of my favorite authors on here ^^.

it's verbose time

it is of the hour in which we utilize the feature commonly known as downvote

Thank you very much! :twilightsmile:

Your no fun! You are suppose to tell me how bad I am for saying (down vote) and then block me. Are you new to the fandom?

It was a great story, although if I had of been writing it, I would have turned it into snuff porn.

For once, I will admit that this is better without snuff porn however.

Zecora reminds me of the Sorceress from Dragon's Crown in the cover art of this story.

9270740 I believe that was the artist's intent with the photo, aye. It was what inspired the story to begin with, actually, was this picture.

It's amazing what can end up producing an entire story isn't it? As for the picture, I think you're right. It looks really good actually.

This was great. Very well done.

This is so hot. This definitely needs a sequel. Maybe at a different holiday or with Zecora at a gloryhole.

This definitely deserves a sequel. Could there be?

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lol forget my previous comment, made the mistake of not reading the description

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