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A pony with too much time on his hooves and too much plot to work with, in more ways than one. Porn Pope (TM). Also on FA!


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Not bad. Hope we can get some Spike/Gabby bits in the future

Hot damn, you've done it again! Loved everything about this piece! :heart:

Thank you very much! I felt this was a pairing long overdue by me. It was fun to write!

This is a damn good story; take it from one of its reviewers.

Rarity coming to terms with her feeling s for SPike is an always welcome present, Spike is an incredibly understanding centerfold of the piece, and the clop's red-hot.

This story comes Vis-A-Vis approved.

Spike really has no luck in relationships, does he. First he gets with a stuck up priss who manipulates him into a state of devotion, then said devotion I prevents him from having stable relationships. Culminating in him returning to the horrible woman he started with, the same woman who threw him away with the ease of a wetrag to have a 'fun' life full of booze, sex and indulgence.

Sometimes I think this Fandom hates spike on purpose and I'm the only one who's not in on some invisible joke.

:raritystarry: SPIKEY ? OH MY - I've GAINED TEN POUNDS!
:moustache: Is it baby phat to muscle?
:facehoof: No it's a fat baby!
:moustache::raritywink: Like I said hard work gets you results!
:duck: With a mighty push that doctor's going to need a fashionable catchers mitt!
:moustache: Boom there it is!

Not bad at all Steel. I was wondering when you would do a Spike story. This is pretty good.

I really enjoyed this story. Though by far my favorite part is Twilight's comment at the end.

It felt like a fitting, humorous end to the piece altogether!

Yes very fitting. I could totally feel the relief and love Twilight has for her #1 assistant/'little brother' emanate from that line when I read it. That's not a simple thing for writers to do. You pulled it off flawlessly though.

If it's ok I would love to see an impregnation story involving Spike, Rarity, and Fluer. :twilightsmile:

It is a well known fact that doctors prescribe at least 200ml of fresh dragon sperm delivered intravaginally daily for all mares over 35.

Rarity must've missed that portion of the doctor's visit before this all happened. Shame, she'd have been much healthier much quicker if she had!

Yeah, I get that feeling too. Spike deserves better... A lot better.

Ok..... First of let me just say "It's about time" I read this dang thing.
I saw it the day it came out but it was just in passing and I've been SUPER busy since then.
But from the title and description alone i knew this one was going to be juicy.
Juicy in story telling and juicy in the clop.

And just like Spike and Rarity... IT WAS WORTH THE WAIT!

First off, all of chapter one was un freaking believable.
I love how you really managed to make Spike seem just always there for Rarity, always wanting to be by her side.
The fact that even though (lets be fair) she screwed up... he forgave her.
The emotions were raw and real and i got a little teary eyed.
Frankly i would have been satisfied had you just made Chapter one and left it at that.

But then.... hot diggety damn Chapter 2.
(Not to be stereotypical and i'm not trying to be judgy)
But i had a feeling from your overall demeanor that you knew how to right red hot deliciousness.
And you did not disappoint,

And perfectly encapsulated by that line from Princess Supreme at the end.
This was one hell of a story to begin with and now i'm invested and intrigued to read more of your works from both the past and the future (assuming you keep up with your amazing skill)

Anyway all in all Steel Quill.
You are exceptionally talented.
And even though you might not know or care about me.
You can from henceforth consider me a HUGE fan :)

It's always nice to hear someone enjoyed my works, whether it's recent creations or my older material. I always welcome commentary. This story was a bit of a fuss to do at first, because I needed to strike the right balance between gradual sexual tension and raw emotional storytelling. I feel like I did alright in that regard. Thank you for taking the time to read it and to comment. Keep an eye out for future stories! :twilightsmile:


Might do a more detailed review later. For now, have this.


I always welcome reviews/critiques!

I loved this in ways I cannot properly express in words... Really thanks for this! I wished you'd wrote more sparity. I really like your style!

Thank you so much! It means a lot to me for the artist who inspired the story to enjoy it so much. Keep up your wonderful artwork; it could bring about even more!

Holy shit.

I hate Rarity. I've always found everything about her personality to be utterly obnoxious, and I genuinely cannot recall reading a story with Rarity as a main character and coming off of it feeling anything more than lukewarm.

That means you, my friend, have made LewdChapter history.

Everything about this setup, from the gentle lead in to the reveal of their relationship, to the banter and dialogue between the pair, to the romance and smut, all executed damn near flawlessly. I liked the older, wiser versions of these two, and I really loved the sort of role reversal; Rarity being the stammering, lovestruck goon while Spike is the cool, confident hottie. Seriously, what an absolute hunk. I've never been more jealous of a woman than I am of Rarity.

I can't think of any real complaint, aside from a few extremely minor spelling or grammar flubs. Oh, and I didn't read this sooner, that's a complaint.

I asked for a muscle story, you gave me a goddamn muscle masterpiece. I absolutely adored this story.

Thank you for your participation in Muscle Mania 2020! We here on the judge's council wish you the best of luck!

Thank you so much! It really does make me happy to hear you enjoyed it so much. I'm still humbled that you all were willing to let it be a part of the contest. I can't wait to hear the final results!

That was fucking hot. Rarity deserves some physical loving like that. Let her have a beast of a man to herself.

This was amazing.

One of my absolute favourites. I hope you do more with Spike and Rarity in the future.

A very worthwhile story that was a joy to read through. Well constructed and presented.

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